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We explain basic matter on using Takashimaya homepage in the use of site.

Movement environment

You can use basically if it is the Internet and connected PC. But setting to "accept Cookie" (cookies) by browser of visitor, please as we include function using Cookie (cookies) for operability improvement of visitor on Takashimaya homepage.
In addition, we use coding communication technology called SSL when we exchange highly confidential information such as personal information or credit card number of visitor on Takashimaya homepage to have visitor enjoy shopping in peace. It is necessary to support this SSL to use Takashimaya homepage smoothly. Furthermore, let browser support JavaScript to have you enjoy Takashimaya homepage enough.

Reading environment

1.The correspondence OS
● Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8
○ MacOS after 10.7
2.Recommended browser
● Windows Internet Explorer after 8.0
● The Windows Firefox latest edition
● The Windows Safari latest edition
● The Windows Google Chrome latest edition
○ The Macintosh Safari latest edition
○ The Macintosh Firefox latest edition
○ The Macintosh Google Chrome latest edition

※All are limited to Japanese edition.
※Preview release or beta release are excluded.
※This site is designed so that it is worked by the browser mentioned above definitely.
※This site may not work other than the browser mentioned above definitely. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Reading environment may revise as needed.
※We may not display facebook definitely under some browser environment. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

On Takashimaya homepage, there is page to see using latest FLASH PLAYER in some pages.
※We can use Takashimaya homepage even if you do not use FLASH PLAYER. Downloading of FLASH PLAYER where is the latest than the following, please install one and thing of old version which are not installed in use.
Latest Flash Player is> from this

About link setting to Takashimaya homepage

  • ■About link setting to Takashimaya homepage, please inform of URL of origin of link to this by all means.
  • ■But, in the case of website where the following contents are included in, I decline link setting to Takashimaya homepage.
    • ●Contents which slander us and our business or product, service, and slander, and interfere, and hurt their our trust and right. It is participation or information to participate for act to violate various laws and ordinances including law, regulations, rule, and to be against public order and morals, social ethics.
    • ●When it is unidentified or uncertain link using frame and to be our contents by other methods.
    • ●When we use our logo and mark of each brand without permission.
  • ■In addition, as a general rule, please set in top page ( when we link to Takashimaya homepage and are set. Furthermore, you specify page title (in the case of top page "Takashimaya homepage") of linked page, and please make that it is link to Takashimaya homepage clear. I decline link setting causing misconception of information dispatch source. In addition, in the individual page of Takashimaya homepage, contents are changed without notice, and please note that you may delete.
  • ■As a general rule, link setting would like text link. When link setting using our logo and specific button is hoped for, please get our consent beforehand by all means. In addition, please note that you may ask for deletion of link setting for your site when we judge that your site is not equal to this link guidelines.
  • ■Reference


We shall not take any responsibility about integrity, accuracy, applicability, usefulness, currentness, certainty, movement characteristics, safety about data which data and others whom Takashimaya homepage provides register. In addition, we are not concerned about information, service, data included in each site linked to by Takashimaya homepage at all.


Information offering in Takashimaya homepage and copyright of image belong to Takashimaya or informant.
Across range of the personal personal use to fix for Copyright Act, we cannot perform reproduction, use, reproduction, distribution, forgery using information and image.

Governing law, jurisdiction

Governing law of this site assumes Japanese law. In addition, about dispute that occurred in conjunction with contents of this site between Takashimaya and user,
We assume Tokyo District Court first trial exclusive jurisdiction court.