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Period Wednesday, May 10 → Tuesday, June 6
During period, we present "Hello Kitty strap" to visitor who had you show screen of Takashimaya cosmetics Festival> or <Takashimaya beauty news> in the the first-floor cosmetics section <cosmetic counter> in <2,017 summer, the first 500 people.
※Specifically, ask sales floor person in charge. ※Product of handing over may be changed without notice. ※It becomes the end as soon as we disappear. ※It becomes one point of handing over per person.

Special Kits

Summer oneself polishing becomes fun!
To kit which is special in cosmetics and fragrance of popular brand.

"supurendida" sending praise to woman collection. It is with porch with mini-size (15 ml) to Eau De Parfum "Rose Rose" of flavor to express joy as love (the 100ml/ item on display).
Rose Eau De Parfum Takashimaya-limited set
18,684 yen <50 set limit> Takashimaya-limited
※[ratoriedeparufamu] handle at corner.
In latest "roduisseipyuaodotoware" (90 ml) and mobile size (10 ml) of "roduisseiodotoware", original porch, we color summer outing refreshingly.
Takashimaya-limited set
14,256 yen <30 set limit> Takashimaya-limited
※[ratoriedeparufamu] handle at corner.
Base liquid cosmetics (the item on display) and whitening that skin care 3STEP of [est] can experience ※akutibetosakyureta (the item on display) where is popular among 1 lotion, mini-size of emulsion to set.
[est] heavy bubble experience kit
10,260 yen <50 set limit>
Whitening ※1 aging care ※It is liquid cosmetics mini-size and cotton, set with porch for 2 crystal series (lotion, emulsion, the cream / item on display).
[Como ACE cosmetics]
Japanese parsley saju
Crystal pure gold set (unregulated drug) 14,904 yen <30 set limit> Takashimaya-limited
In "buraitoninguchajidorinku" clogged up with essence of the beauty tightly (cooling drinks /20ml *10 *2), we set mask.
12,960 yen <30 set limit>
Set of mini-size of lotion, emulsion which fixes texture to the booster makeup liquid (60 ml) item on display plumply, and has high humidity retention power.
Paradise call summer kit
4,968 yen <30 set limit> Osaka Takashimaya-limited
★Wednesday, May 10 release
Takashimaya-limited set with porch original to "ninaritchirekusutasurozuodetoware" drawing femininity with fascinating flavor (50 ml).
[Nina Ricci] rekusutasurozuodetoware
Takashimaya original 10,152 yen <30 set limit>
※[ratoriedeparufamu] handle at corner.
★Wednesday, May 10 release
By color like summer, we recommend to attendant of trip for everyday make. Basic set with four as set for powder teak eye shadow in total.
[Hakuho temple] set green in summer
18,360 yen <10 set limit>
Osaka Takashimaya-limited
★Wednesday, May 10 release
Medical whitening including the liquid cosmetics approximately one duty ※1 sheet mask
To (five pieces of *3 / unregulated drugs), we set original handkerchief. To person who wants to lay emphasis on UV care.
[be cure]
White clear dual blight mask
Increase in quantity pack 7,344 yen <20 set limit>
Osaka Takashimaya-limited
★Wednesday, May 10 release
To body cream (the item on display) of floral green flavor "ARA Rose Eau De Parfum" of extreme popularity, mini-size of fragrance and mini-candle include.
ararozusentiddobodikurimu Takashimaya-limited set 11,880 yen <30 set limit>
※[ratoriedeparufamu] handle at corner.
★Wednesday, May 10 release
It is with mask to *hadahoshitsunarifun "pitera TM" lotion (the item on display) with and cleansing, mini-size of face wash. In season to be worried about ultraviolet ray and sebum.
[SK II] coffret limited in facial treatment essence early summer
23,760 yen ※Limited number of release
★Wednesday, May 10 release
To oil cleansing gel (the item on display) which hard make and sunscreen drop quickly, cotton is set for two times of intensive care liquid cosmetics mini-size of keratin care liquid cosmetics.
Deep oil cleansing gel set 2,700 yen <100 set limit>
★Tuesday, May 16 release
It is deluxe set with mini-size of B.A skin care line and liquid cosmetics to "B.A protector" (the item on display). With original folding umbrella.
[POLA] B.A protector summer collection 2017 12,960 yen <100 set limit>
★Friday, May 19 release
Luxurious eye shadow palette which gathered 12 colors of attributive colors to one palette. In the finish which is gorgeous with rich color, and is rich.
[NARS] NARS ist low dead
Eye shadow palette 7,992 yen ※Limited number of release
★Friday, May 19 release
To new Eau De Parfum (100 ml) of deep, impressive flavor, we set mini-size (4.5 ml) of eau de toilette, shower gel.
[Dolce & Gabbana]
Light blue O in tense Eau De Parfum Takashimaya-limited set 14,148 yen <30 set limit> Takashimaya-limited
※[ratoriedeparufamu] handle at corner.
★Wednesday, May 24 release
It is face wash, whitening for visitor first arrival 30 people of purchase more than 16,740 yen including product tax of "peruruburanshirizu" you like ※You can purchase mini-size of 1 liquid cosmetics, UV base and original porch at tax-included 540 yen.
pe Lulu buran summer coffret 17,280 yen ~
※Kit of photograph is 17,280 yen.
★Thursday, June 1 release
With pretty hanger-on of pattern matching UV to presto powder (the item on display) that he/she keeps silky skin full of translucency while cutting.
[PAUL & JOE] sill keeping rest powder
(all two kinds of /SPF25, PA++) for each 5,400 yen ※Limited number of release
★Thursday, June 1 release

※1 whitening is to suppress generation of melanin, and to prevent stain, freckles. ※2 aging care is care depending on age.
※the number is limited,it may be sold out.
※Price displays for the total sum including consumption tax.
※Accessories without pricing are for coordinates.