<Samsonite> suitcase "arc"-limited color release & purchase campaign

  • ■Saturday, February 10 → 28th Wednesday
  • ■The the fifth-floor Travel Items section

Limitation-colored mat white comes up from "arc" in pursuit of easy packing series. It is functional, stylish suitcase equipped with cover and wheel which not only is easy to receive ratio with structure that we did at 2:8, but also absorbs shock of the body.

(photograph) "arc" (attributive color)
From SPPINER55 (kinaijikomi size /35 X 25 X height 55cm/35.5L) 46,440 yen
※All 3 size, all four colors

★During period, we present original travel pillow to customer of purchase, the first ten people with target product.
※For more details, please ask sales floor person in charge.

<hand plus by nail bar> white day Special Menu

  • ■Thursday, February 15 → Wednesday, March 14
  • ■My comfort salon on the fifth floor

To smooth finger-tip moist with humidity retention power of flavor and honey of refreshing citrus. It is set of key ring with hand care service shiningly. It is recommended as present to one that is important for white day.

"Hand treatment ticket and key ring" 4,320 yen

<Hirotaka (Hirotaka)> fair

  • ■Friday, February 16 → 25th Sunday
  • ■The third-floor Contemporary Elegance <DESIGNWORKS do coat>

Jewelry of <Hirotaka> made handmade product by craftsman in Japan. We open by word of mouth of editor, stylists of magazine, and style that edge which began in New York in 2010 worked for is popular. Beauty that is strange fantastically of the animals and plants shining in mysterious form that we found at intersection where the east and west wind come and go, tropical forest. Abstract in them; is urbane, and suggest jewelry-style that flat that trimmed is chic.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

2018 spring Takashimaya cosmetics festivals

  • ■Saturday, February 17 → Tuesday, March 13
  • ■The the first-floor cosmetics section
    ■The second-floor nails unique US
    ■The fourth-floor infeishasu / nail bar
    ■The fifth-floor makeup solution / hand plus by nail bar
    ■The seventh-floor CHIFURE Cosmetics

Seasonal cosmetics gather! Let alone the latest cosmetics of makeup and skin care,
Limited kit and events are varied, too!

Digital catalogue is this>>
(you can see from PC smartphone.)


  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■Good shock place on the first floor

<COLLEX> Fashion mainly on stylish relaxation wear to color life scene of "from this in" house appears at NEW line. Miscellaneous goods such as accessories and shoes, hat are fulfilling, too. We suggest new fashion for adult woman whom TPO spreads through by relaxation wear and coordinates of miscellaneous goods.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<FUYO HARUNA (cotton rose Haruna)> tableware collection of flower

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fourth floor

Person who saw, heart of person who used were born to tableware of - <FUYO HARUNA> which wanted few to feel at ease from thought to "want to send ease to home where there was many through tableware" by heart just describing the ease to feel at ease in picture when we looked at beautiful flower, pretty flower which bloomed on the roadside, and copying the picture into tableware. Flowers like love to describe of <FUYO HARUNA> color dining table kindly.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Reflect (Reflect)> Ceremony Style Collection 2018

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fourth floor

Glad day to realize graduation, admission, growth of child including the Seven-Five-Three Festival. We offered ceremony item which could spend day of such a fine weather with wonderful smile. Let alone the day of the ceremony, setup to be able to mix-and-match still usable & comes up.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Handmade Marchais period-limited shop

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fifth floor

We introduce with work full of individuality including original corsage & accessories brand <irodoru- (irodoru)> creating <Kazaru- Kazaru (kazarukazaru)> producing wide natural material including natural stone and fresh water PEARL lacquer and accessories which put 14-karat gold gold Fylde together and "we color heart" with various material and colors in concept.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<MARIMO*BAGS (lake ball bags)> shop for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fifth floor

Characterized by original motif which received inspiration from coloration that was warm by handwork full of a feeling of craft happily carefully and various things <MARIMO*BAGS>. Patchwork does leather of springlike color this time, and spring new item that horizontally long form about design is stylish introduces in hand-sewn stitch a lot.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<gurudeko ®> creators POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■My comfort salon special section on the fifth floor

We suggest accessories gorgeous shiningly using Swarovski which is good to spring wear.

It is broach 7,560 yen (in the photograph left)
(photograph top right corner) bag charm 12,420 yen
(the photograph lower right) broach 11,880 yen

<gurudeko ®> creators workshop

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■My comfort salon special section on the fifth floor

We hold workshop by popular lecturer of association of gurudeko.

■Every day from 10:30 a.m. to 0:30 p.m., from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00, 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
※The last day until 3:00 p.m.
■Entrance fee:
It is broach & earrings or pierced earring (in photograph): 9,720 yen
(the photograph lower left) ring: 8,640 yen /10, 800 yen (ring size: 9, 11, 13, 15.17)
(the photograph lower right) broach: 7,560 yen
■It is given priority to reservation
■Reservation, inquiry: TEL(06)6631-1101 <representative>

<PFE TAKASHI DEGUCHI> SHOP for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 28th Wednesday
  • ■The the first-floor Ladies' Accessories section <Bijou Lounge>

We produce jewelry of design which PEARL jewelry designer Takashi Deguchi born in Shima, Ise is novel, and is innovative. We lay out no nucleus poppy PEARL and baroque PEARL of various molding luxuriously and boldly. Man can acquire slightly sharp design which worked of edge, too. We suggest genderless PEARL jewelry which there is not elsewhere which we made use of having a practised eye and experience of designer whom we cultivated in the world of PEARL more than 20 years in.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 13
  • ■The third-floor Contemporary Elegance / STYLE & EDIT / Trend Closet
    ■The the second-floor Ladies' Shoes / Handbags section
    ■The the first-floor Ladies' Goods / Ladies' Accessories section

masukyurinsutairu of soft feel of texture and the effortless gentleness. Cool feminine style with cool feel of a material of Tyr and luster material to D with translucency. We introduce trendy style of this year quickly.

Digital catalogue is this>>
(you can see from PC smartphone.)

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Leilian> spring jacket styling fair

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 13
  • ■The fourth-floor Mrs. Elegance <Leilian>
    ■The fifth-floor Large-Sized Wear <Leilian plus house>

Jacket-style collection of haori sense that can feel newness of a feeling of silhouette and length from ceremony to works tile in spring various scenes. From <Leilian>, we send confidence product as jacket of the first place this year.

Jacket 56,160 yen
Blouse 36,720 yen
Underwear 30,240 yen
[, in all, precedent Takashimaya, Hankyu Hanshin]

★During period, we give stem Rose (preserved flower) of <Leilian> to customer of purchase more than tax-included 32,400 yen with target product. ※Number includes limit.

Spring jewelry collection

  • ■Wednesday, February 28 → Tuesday, March 27
  • ■Jewel salon on the fifth floor

Spring jewelry POP UP SHOP
■Wednesday, March 7 → 20th Tuesday
■The fifth-floor Rose square

Item for a limited time has jewelry which wore spring including colorful color stone and flower motif, too and introduces.

(from the photograph top)
Pendant (K18WG/ amethyst horse: 2.10ct, side stone: 0.05ct, tourmaline: 0.12ct in total, diamond 0.08ct in total) 237,600 yen
Ring (K18WG/ blue topaz horse: 3.66ct, side stone: 0.25ct, diamond in total: 0.14ct in total) 270,000 yen
Pendant (K18YG/ aquamarine 0.54ct, blue topaz 0.08ct, diamond in total: 0.01ct) 151,200 yen
Necklace (K18YG/ peridot horse: 1.14ct, side stone: peridot, tourmaline, diamond) 183,600 yen

<kuredoru> information for new item model

  • ■Friday, February 9 release
  • ■Takashimaya watch maison <SEIKO premium boutique> on the fifth floor

Design which was asymmetric, and set diamond to case of OVAL type where soft silhouette was beautiful, and assumed the moon motif. We match Roman numeral and blue needle with yellow lip pearl shell to dial and are timepiece patronizing femininity that had visibility and elegance.

"shiguno" woman watch (SS case & breath, 24.3 X 20.6mm/ quartz /3 atmospheric pressure waterproofing) 399,600 yen

Osaka Store
Osaka Store