<evam eva> summer exhibition

  • ■Friday, June 16 → Sunday, July 2
  • ■The fifth-floor F zouk rosette

We wear cool nature material. We fan summer wind. We provide with container of cool glass. Please value living only by the season as nature. Clothes and petty people to spend summer comfortably line up.

★During period, we give original aroma mist to visitor of purchase more than tax-included 25,000 yen.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<kadenshia> design conference by jewelry designer

  • ■Saturday, June 24 → Sunday, July 2
  • ■The the first-floor Ladies' Accessories section <kadenshia>

Made-to-order reform & bridal jewelry brand <kadenshia>.
During period, jewelry designer, Sumida tomorrow or he accepts reform of your jewelry and consultation of full order jewelry.
In addition, we assess part-exchange of metal which is unnecessary for visitor of the use with semi-order full order with special price.
During period, we present meal ticket which visitor of making a promise can use more than tax-included 250,000 yen in Namba dining maison.

※Conference by jewelry designer needs advanced reservations. Please make a reservation by the day before preferred date.
■It is inquiry reservation: TEL (06)6632-9765 <directly>
※Part-exchange limits K18 to product with noble metal carved seal. Only purchase does not reach.
※Part-exchange amount of money should be the upper limit at processing price.
※Take identification cards such as driver's licenses.
※The use of meal ticket is limited to some stores of Namba dining maison.
※Specifically, ask sales floor person in charge.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Damiani> fair - men & Lady's collection ...

  • ■Wednesday, June 28 → Tuesday, July 11
  • ■The fifth-floor Rose square

We introduce many men's & Lady's collection commencing with new item of popular metropolitan collection in <Damiani>.

METROPOLITAN (metropolitan)
(in photograph)
Necklace (silver <some black mat coating> X black diamond) 42,120 yen
(among photographs)
Bracelet (silver <some black mat coating> X leather X black diamond) 39,960 yen
(photograph bottom)
Bracelet (silver <black mat coating> X steel X black diamond) 76,680 yen

★During period, we offer present to visitor of purchase.

<Samsonite> new Cosmo light campaign

  • ■Thursday, June 15 → Monday, July 31
  • ■The the fifth-floor Travel Items section

"Cosmo light" that further lightweighting just realized the durability by material made with patent technology series. Round unique form is attractive. <Samsonite> please realize lightest surprising lightness by your hand in history.

[an example of product]
From Cosmo light SPINNER55 (1.7 kg in weight) 61,560 yen

★During period, we present original porch to visitor of purchase, the first ten people with suitcase of Cosmo light.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Sapphire fair

  • ■Wednesday, July 12 → 25th Tuesday
  • ■The fifth-floor Rose square

Mainly on blue sapphire glittering like the summer sea, it is abundantly lineup with colorful sapphire including rare paparachiasafaia. We offer special offer of uniform price.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


  • ■Wednesday, June 14 → 30th Friday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fifth floor

JamJam fair ... "paradise of city" ...
We introduce decorative summer fashion accessory including basket bag which put large-sized accessories and different fabrics together.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


  • ■Wednesday, June 21 → 29th Thursday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fourth floor

We suggest "elegance that there is in casual clothes of adult" <Blvd McGREGOR>. For woman who can create casual trend, quality of oneself, we suggest daily arrival at fashion and brands original select goods.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<NUONE> Shop for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, June 21 → 29th Thursday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the fourth floor

"We do not sew pleasantly beautifully."
Ladies' Wear <NUONE (nuwan)> which kept technique of whole one innovative SHIMA hall garment to knit three-dimensionally alive to the maximum without seaming together, and was born. A feeling of fitting that we match with person wearing and prepared is even "solid kuchuru" and comfort that it should be said. Please experience comfort and beautiful silhouette.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<FRED> Information for 8 degrees 0 (eitodegurizero) bracelet

  • ■Jewel salon on the fifth floor

In line which is like sculpture, and is neat and clean and "8 degrees 0" (eitodegurizero) characterized by buckle such as lucky charm representing curve collection, medium model is appearance. Buckle is three colors of development of white gold, yellow gold, pink gold. It keeps type that diamond was set. You can enjoy even stack charge account with large model pairwise.

(in photograph) large model (K18WG X K18WG chain bracelet) 756,000 yen
(photograph bottom) medium model (K18YG semipavedaiyamondo X K18YG chain bracelet) 469,800 yen

<bush Ron> information for "serupamboemu" new item

  • ■Jewel salon on the fifth floor

mezonjuera <bush Ron> proud of the history of 160 years when we set up store in Paris Vendome open space first to. New item consisting of five colors of colorful stones appeared in icon collection "serubamboemu" which assumed snake which was love and symbol of the protection motif. Freedom adds variation that is rich in collection full of bold esprit, and possibility of coordinates of mixed & match opens more.

(from the photograph left)
Pendant (K18YG/ diamond) 1,004,400 yen
Pendant (K18YG/ citrine) 260,280 yen
Ring (K18YG/ lapis lazuli) 207,360 yen
Ring (K18YG/ diamond) 287,280 yen

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