<Deer bell> Handbags period limited sale

  • ■Wednesday, January 11 → 17th Tuesday
  • ■Special section in front of the second-floor central escalator

Bag brand characterized by design which garnished the entire surface with studs to canvas Thoth. <Deer bell> produces studs originally, and abundant color variations are attractive. Bag of various colors and studs X canvas of form having a feeling of mode adds accent to the clothing. Please see unique view of the world of <Deer bell> by all means.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Ceremony-style collection

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 24th Tuesday
  • ■Good shock place on the first floor

We suggest style that you can catch to the wide scene including spring ceremony and bridal guest in total coordinate from dress to bag accessories.

Ceremony-style talk show
■Afternoon of Saturday, January 21 1:00 - .3 ... (each time approximately 30 minutes)
Chief of Igin Corporation designer Kazue Ishii introduces the clothing appropriate for ceremony scene and coordinates of accessories, mix-and-match arrangement.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<boniku> POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 24th Tuesday
  • ■The third-floor Rose square

As well as four circle, we suggest business party wedding daily and coordinates in five scenes.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Blanche studio> POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 31st Tuesday
  • ■Central escalator side special section on the third floor

We had latest work, popularity constant seller work of handmade writer who had high quality.

★Exhibition brand
■Wednesday, January 18 → 24th Tuesday
Popular writer <shierudoparu> of cotton PEARL which is high style
Accessories to get close to from brass, leather, earthenware for a long time <Sono>
Colorful hand-knitted knit outfitting accessory <sunny place> others

■Wednesday, January 25 → 31st Tuesday
Including middle long earring which put various subject matters together <Juno Akco>
Accessories <dense (mitsu)> of pure tree of oak, zelkova, Maple
Chic adult fashion <la Frannery> of hand-knitted lace
By "tatters" "tear knitting" miscellaneous goods <string of the samisen play> of done rich Aya
One only accessories <bee> others using genuine flower

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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Osaka Store