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Rainbow bridge Airport full-line department store which is located in Old north area soon. Approximately 1,000 square meters of Japanese halls are open. Establish EC store, more usefully!


From 10:00 to 21:30 (we do on regular holiday)

We close a shop at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 15

Event information

Now being held → Tuesday, February 27

New Year Fashion SALE
■The seventh-floor event hall
We have product of winter of woman, gentleman, children's clothes widely and provide at special price.

Wednesday, January 31 → Wednesday, February 14

St.Valentine's Chocolate Boutique
■Event space on the first floor
We had popular chocolate and gift which were recommended to Valentine. We collected 15 chocolate brands this time from France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Japan. For the making of happy memory that is same as important person by all means!

The first Thursday, February 8 → Monday, February 12
The second Friday, February 16 → Tuesday, February 20

Getting out Takashimaya New Year lucky bag New Year's sale
■In all facilities
We serve with exceptional special price in popular item which Takashimaya selected.
Thursday, February 1 → On Monday, February 5, we carry out advance reservation sale in online shop. Chance of good bargain without passing over!

Access, the location

The location: Shanghai Changning District rainbow bridge road 1438 (deep red jewel road X 玛 *ro) in China

It is directly connected to ikarasukiro (Ely roux) station Exit 3 in subway Route 10 for approximately 20 minutes by rainbow bridge Airport.
You have subway Route 2 take from urahigashikuuko, and please change to Route 10 at Nanjing eastern province (naan gin Don roux) station.