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Rainbow bridge Airport full-line department store which is located in Old north area soon. Approximately 1,000 square meters of Japanese halls are open. Establish EC store, more usefully!


From 10:00 to 21:30 (we do on regular holiday)

Event information

Saturday, December 2 → Sunday, December 10

Tableware exhibition coloring Japanese folkcraft exhibition - dining table <display spot sale>
■The fifth-floor Japanese hall
Japanese folkcraft which attracts attention from the world. We spotlight four prefectures of "Tochigi, Fukui, Mie, Saga" and suggest table coordinates with Japanese caliber. Please enjoy tableware playing new breath and beauty in tradition.

Saturday, December 2 → Sunday, December 10

Textile exhibition traditional on Japanese folkcraft exhibition - middle day <display>
■Japanese hall & art gallery on the fifth floor
We feature "1,000 years Soong Nishiki" of silk fabrics "Tsumugi Yuki" and China on behalf of Japan registered with "2010 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage". We introduce China and fusion of Japanese culture through textile.

Wednesday, December 6 → Monday, December 25

■Event space on the first floor
We establish Christmas market which we had from Christmas tree and ornament to music box, gift item such as stuffed toy abundantly.

Wednesday, December 6 → Monday, December 25

Christmas SALE
■The seventh-floor event hall
To one place attracted popular items to prepare from Ladies' Wear in men's wear, children's clothes, Christmas season including Beds & Linen.

Access, the location

The location: Shanghai Changning District rainbow bridge road 1438 (deep red jewel road X 玛 *ro) in China

It is directly connected to ikarasukiro (Ely roux) station Exit 3 in subway Route 10 for approximately 20 minutes by rainbow bridge Airport.
You have subway Route 2 take from urahigashikuuko, and please change to Route 10 at Nanjing eastern province (naan gin Don roux) station.