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Rainbow bridge Airport full-line type department store located in Old north area soon. We have a lot of good-quality products including Japanese product of company direct import.


From 10:00 to 21:30 (we do on regular holiday)

Event information

Wednesday, May 23 → Tuesday, June 5

Child clause Children's Wear, article sale
■The seventh-floor event hall
We have Children's Wear, article abundantly and, to child clause on June 1 (Children's Day), hold.

Thursday, June 7 → Tuesday, June 19

Kyushu, Okinawa product exhibition
■The seventh-floor event hall
It is holding by assortment of goods which is wide from food such as Shimabara somen, rice, Orion beer of Kumamoto, ramen of each place to industrial art objects such as Satsuma cut glass or Hakata doll.
In eat-in including pork bones ramen of Oita take, and can taste sky, Nagasaki Champon, Saga shishirianraisu.
As for the events such as the making of shooting society and long shot vinegared rice rolled in dried laver with each local mascot, Hakata doll painting experience, various on the weekend during exhibition period.

Wednesday, June 20 → Tuesday, July 3

Food size Thanksgiving Day
■The seventh-floor event hall
We provide confectionary such as chocolate or snack, various seasoning, mineral water, canned foods with special value.

Wednesday, June 6 → Tuesday, July 3

Lucky bag sale of the first anniversary of super city (supermarket) renewal
■Special event space under the ground on the first floor
In commemoration of the renewal first anniversary of the first-floor food supermarket under the ground, we offer approximately ten kinds of lucky bags every week for four weeks.

Access, the location

The location: Shanghai Changning District rainbow bridge road 1438 (deep red jewel road X 玛 *ro) in China

It is directly connected to ikarasukiro (Ely roux) station Exit 3 in subway Route 10 for approximately 20 minutes by rainbow bridge Airport.
You have subway Route 2 take from urahigashikuuko, and please change to Route 10 at Nanjing eastern province (naan gin Don roux) station.