[POLA] B.A lotion
■The first-floor cosmetics
POLA ages and cares ※We support woman in advanced technology represented by brand "B.A" and high hospitality.
We introduce product made up to one drop of drop carefully with care that fitted you.
Above all, B.A lotion matches with skin to be unified and aims at skin with a fresh and young feeling of tension and plump voluminous feel.
※Aging care is care appropriate for age.

B.A Lotion (120 ml in capacity) 21,600 yen
[HACCI 1912 (HACCI 1912)] Introduction of cleansing oil
■The first-floor Western confectionery under the ground
We select carefully and combine raw materials derived from more than 95% of plants with base with honey.
Cleansing oil which floats dirt on skin quickly kindly.
Skin of rough rise is moistened with moisture.
It is mellow flavor that increased original flavor to essential oil.

Cleansing oil (150 ml) 3,780 yen
[MiMC] Mine L'Arc-en-Ciel Lee me foundation
■The first-floor cosmetics
Creamy foundation which balanced cover power that let natural mineral powder melt into liquid cosmetics which concentrated ten kinds of nature beauty ingredients not to use one drop of water for either, and was high and high aging care effect. It is hard to strongly fall apart for water and sweat. Though is heavy, the surface is not sticky; with moisture.
※Aging care is care depending on age.

Mine L'Arc-en-Ciel Lee me foundation (all six colors) 7,020 yen (case set price)
[ACSEINE] Moi strike balance R
■The first-floor cosmetics
Melt away. Rise. Much fresher and younger.
Moisture continuation gel of comfortable usability.

Moi strike balance R (humidity retention gel)
50 g of 5,940 yen
90 g of 9,720 yen
[est] Long-lasting base
■The first-floor cosmetics
We are strong in makeup deterioration due to sweat, sebum and prepare skin smoothly and are the makeup groundwork to let you maintain the beautiful finish of foundation for a long term.

Long-lasting base SPF20, PA++ (25 ml) 4,536 yen
[est] SOFINA iP beautiful live power mousse
■The first-floor cosmetics
As for the roughness to be full of moisture, tension as if was totally reborn, and to be worried about as bald as an egg. It is base liquid cosmetics keeping condition of skin in good health.

SOFINA iP beautiful live power mousse (90 g) 5,400 yen
[Kanebo] In press Grand Muller foundation
■The first-floor cosmetics
Comfort of supreme bliss to overturn concept of makeup that does not paint skin, and becomes skin.

In press Grand Muller foundation SPF25, PA++ (all six colors of 30 g) 21,600 yen
[JILLSTUART] Mixed brush compact more colors
■The first-floor cosmetics
Find attributive color only today.
Teak color that "cute face" evolves every day.

Mixed brush compact more colors (all four kinds) 4,860 yen
[COSME DECORTE] Liposomal treatment liquid
■The first-floor cosmetics
At the moment, moisture overflows. Lotion of new dimension which skin comes across for the first time.

COSME DECORTE liposome treatment liquid (170 ml) 10,800 yen
[FANCL] Mild cleansing oil
■The first-floor cosmetics
Make last joke to drop surunto without rubbing even if we do not let power.

Mild cleansing oil (120 ml) 1,836 yen
[FANCL] Aging care facial cleansing cream
■The first-floor cosmetics
Bare; face wash of cream type that is fast, and soft and fluffy bubble easily rises.

Aging care facial cleansing cream (90 g) 1,512 yen
[POLA] B.A seramurebuappu
■The first-floor cosmetics
For fresh and young fresh skin impression.

B.A seramurebuappu (40 ml) 14,580 yen
[SHISEIDO] arutimyumpawaraijingukonsentoreto
■The first-floor cosmetics
We keep on following beauty.
Liquid cosmetics which draw you original beauty.

arutimyumpawaraijingukonsentoreto (50 ml) 12,960 yen
[PAUL & JOE] Eclat tongue gel foundation
■The first-floor cosmetics
Water gel foundation which is fresh and young, and grants skin full of translucency in veil of water.
We fit so that "foundation of water" comprised of approximately 80% of water system ingredients melts into skin and realize ideal skin which anyone envies.

Eclat tongue gel foundation (all five colors) 6,264 yen (set price)
[MiMC] Mineral Moi strike powder foundation
■The first-floor cosmetics
Foundation of 100% of mineral.
Mineral particle adjusts to sebum so that time passes and directs quiet feel of a material and feeling of luster.

Mineral Moi strike powder foundation (all four colors) 5,940 yen
[IPSA] The thyme R aqua
■The first-floor cosmetics
Medical lotion to save water, and to be crowded, and to lead to plump water touch skin.

The thyme R aqua (200 ml of unregulated drugs) 4,320 yen
[Estee Lauder] adobansunaitomaikurokurenjingubamu
■The first-floor cosmetics
New sense cleansing of bamutaipu which removes makeup while becoming emulsion.

adobansunaitomaikurokurenjingubamu (61 g) 7,020 yen
[Guerlain] Kiss kiss
■The first-floor cosmetics
We realize the sensual touch that melty texture harks back to French KISS in kurimii.
We give glory to lips with ideal cover power and bring the lustrous finish such as satin.

Kiss kiss (# 344 sexy Coral) 4,644 yen
[divan chinquapin] Rouge is perfect
■The first-floor cosmetics
To lips which are moistened by high treatment effect, and supply, and are beautiful plumply.
rippubamu which changes to pink color only for oneself by lick in response to pH.

Rouge perfect 4,968 yen
[shu uemura] Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutikurenjinguoiru
■The first-floor cosmetics
Cleansing oil of the shu uemura highest peak.

Al Tim 8 ∞ suburimubyutikurenjinguoiru
450 ml of 12,420 yen
150 ml of 4,752 yen
[POLA] B.A paudariibamufandeshon M
■The first-floor cosmetics
We adapt ourselves to with moisture and are finished softly.
Powdery foundation which wears profound luster.

B.A paudariibamufandeshon M (case set price) 14,580 yen
(SPF20/PA+++, all six colors)
[pasoapaso cosmetics] Shop for a limited time
■Wednesday, October 18 → Tuesday, November 7
■Special event space on the first floor
We introduce pasoapaso cosmetics which had item supporting beauty and health based on shin beauty of four "truth" "susumi" "deep" "sincerity" in shop for a limited time.
We offer event-limited advantageous set.
Besides, you can try sampling of nice green soup for beauty of beauty supplement of "cosmetics person" and swallows' nests, softshell turtle extract collagen combination.

Please drop in at limited shop during pasoapaso cosmetics period at this opportunity.

All extra essence deep effect cure period-limited special set 16,524 yen
[POLA] B.A Ceram pre-sly trick Mina
■The first-floor cosmetics
Feeling of life liquid cosmetics which aim at "external color" that we did lively which overflow.

B.A Ceram pre-sly trick Mina ([unregulated drug] 40 ml) 21,600 yen
[AYURA] Rhythm outlet rate
■The first-floor cosmetics
Liquid cosmetics, birth that let "you satisfied 91%" and work as skin monitor (the company investigation about ※ usability).

Rhythm outlet rate (40 ml) 8,640 yen
[sisley] Black Rose skin cream
■The first-floor cosmetics
Fresh and young D & night cream that black rose is fragrant.

Black Rose skin cream (50 ml) 20,520 yen
[PAUL & JOE] Liquid foundation
■The first-floor cosmetics
Liquid foundation which used 100% of orange flower water which was superior in humidity retention effect.

Liquid foundation (30 g) 4,860 yen
[Deer Mayuko] Refresh opening
■Friday, September 29
■The first-floor cosmetics
It is lifestyle suggestion type beauty brand that it is usable for a long time, and Waku Waku is particular from thought to want to make thing meeting with happy feeling to ingredient, usability, design, and pulled every day that wants to send thing thinking that I really want [Deer Mayuko].
From beauty items such as face care or body care to bath powder and hair care item, life miscellaneous goods including towel, we combine humidity retention ingredient "sericin" born of most products from cocoon and support "beauty of life thing".

During period until Tuesday, October 31, we give one bus milk to visitor of purchase more than tax-included 3,000 yen.

[Deer Mayuko] is this in detail>>
[Cle de Peau Bothe] Le Ceram n
■The first-floor cosmetics
Liquid cosmetics which let beauty wake by beauty ingredient which paid its attention to skin original power.
We send thing which skin buys selectively and fix to rich moisture and skin filled with brightness.

Le Ceram n (unregulated drug) 27,000 yen
[La Prairie] SC apusorufira
■The first-floor cosmetics
Tension that is glamourous on skin of adult. In commemoration of the caviar collection 30th anniversary, it is the volume of tension ※Cream of new idea called treatment was born.

※It is skin of plump feel of a material with moisture.

SC apusorufira (60 ml) 72,252 yen
[Cle de Peau Bothe] Le fonds do tongue
■The first-floor cosmetics
Foundation with deluxe texture such as skin care cream.

Le fonds do tongue 32,400 yen
(SPF20/PA++, all seven colors)


[HACCI 1912 (HACCI 1912)] Introduction of hair care
■The first-floor Western confectionery under the ground
The photograph left)
Red magical power takes care of damage.
"Red ingredients" such as deep, juicy zakuroya multiflora rose fruit, blueberry fruit are keywords. We protect hair which performed coloring with plentiful vitamin from damage and take care of discoloration.
We remove dirt in silicon-free clearly. It is flavor leaving deep, feminine lingering sound.

Perfume shampoo (240 ml) 3,456 yen

The photograph right)
To honey hair glossy gently….
Both visual and taste are cocktail with Shiroki jellyfish many sugar body in juicy mango fruit juice and mangosteen fruit.
To luster hair which takes care of cuticle, and is beautiful.

Perfume conditioner (240 g) 3,672 yen



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