Event meeting place schedule

  • ※Closing time varies according to event contents.

Uniform sale of Ladies' Wear summer

  • ■Wednesday, June 28 → Monday, July 3
  • ■The eleventh-floor event hall
    ※Thursday is held until 8:00 p.m. for .29 days on Wednesday, June 28. We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day until 8:30 p.m. on Sunday for .2 days on Friday, June 30, Saturday, July 1.

It is lineup in item of outstanding performance in summer!

The photograph left)
Dress 7,560 yen

The photograph right)
Blouse 5,400 yen
Underwear 5,400 yen

Wednesday, June 28 opening service
A lot of cut-and-sew 2,160 yen (30 limitation)
A lot of dresses 5,400 yen (20 limitation)

Saturday, July 1 .2 days Sunday
A lot of tunics 3,240 yen (every day 30 limitation)

[purchase present]

During period, we give eco-tote bag (with porch) to visitor of purchase, the first 300 people more than tax-included 5,400 yen.

Uniform sale of Ladies' Wear summer

Shinjuku Takashimaya Rose gift center

  • ■Thursday, June 8 → Tuesday, July 18
  • ■The eleventh-floor Rose gift center
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

Let's give thank you.
Even if words cannot usually do it, it is easy to sometimes convey in winter in the summer.
There is culture to be able to be pleased with together in any small "thank you".
Japan is country of present. Do you not enjoy that you give for more freedom more casually?
Gift offers article of just feeling a lot in summer, too and waits for midsummer gift.

1,300 points of all over Japan no delivery charge Rose gifts.

Midsummer gift purchase present
We let visitor of purchase, the first 20,000 people do Takashimaya original [Peck] air conditioner bag more than tax-included 10,000 yen with midsummer gift in "Rose gift center".
※One point becomes only for per person.
※The purchase of good bargain product for gift certificate others cash vouchers, home is inapplicable.
※It should be finished as soon as we disappear.

Rose gift center fun lottery
■Wednesday, June 21 → Tuesday, July 4
During period, we hand application ticket for one share by purchase every tax-included 10,000 yen in "Rose gift center". We give "Takashimaya gift card" by lottery from visitor who had you apply later.

Shinjuku Takashimaya Rose gift center

"The world of MINIATURE LIFE exhibition Tatsuya Tanaka choice"

  • ■Friday, September 1 → 12th Tuesday
  • ■Special event space on the eleventh floor
    ※We follow for business hours of Shinjuku Takashimaya. We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.
    ※Entrance is every day until 30 minutes before closing time.

Admission (tax-included): Free of charge lower than general 800 yen, university, high school student 600 yen, junior high student
Sponsorship: NHK Service Center

World exhibition of miniature photograph of miniature photographer, Tatsuya Tanaka.
We add associated corner of a series of NHK telenovel "hiyokko" title back.

Tatsuya Tanaka (it is shelf or stands) PROFILE
Miniature photographer. It was born in Kumamoto for 1,981 years.
We announce art "MINIATURE CALENDAR" which chose thing in daily life to different thing on the Internet with daily necessities and doll for diorama as motif from 2011.
Become popular including foreign countries, and is wide in the media such as magazine or TV; in topic. We are in charge of title back of consecutive telenovel "hiyokko" of NHK in 2017.

Message from Tatsuya Tanaka
We put daily necessities and miniature doll together and created the world of "choice" and announced every day in homepage and SNS.
You perform view on to one place exhibition of miniature photograph by book exhibition, and please enjoy with some real miniature works.

"The world of MINIATURE LIFE exhibition Tatsuya Tanaka choice"

The ninth Shinjuku classical music camera Expo (display, spot sale no charge for admission)

  • ■Wednesday, August 16 → 22nd Tuesday
  • ■The eleventh-floor event hall
    ※It is held day after day until 8:00 p.m. But we are closed at 4:00 p.m. on the last day until 8:30 p.m. on Saturday for .19 days on Friday, August 18.

In excellent article which ticked away history, the first silversalt camera, the digital plane.

Sponsorship: Camera dealer promotion society
The plan support: World photo press (thing magazine)

Talk show holding
■From afternoon of Saturday, August 19 1:00
Side silver dawn peak "classic camera and condition"
■From afternoon of Sunday, August 20 1:00
Takashi Ueno "film and digitally each charm"
※We may change performer and subject without notice.

★kakutamiho MOIMOI publication commemorative work display that there is near
★Digital single-lens reflex camera sensor cleaning corner establishment (Nikon Canon)
★Quick maintenance corner establishment
★Junk product corner establishment ■Saturday, August 19 .20 days Sunday

180,000 yen belonging to Toyo caph Rex 35 ora anastigmat 45mmF3.5

35 millimeters size side type twin-lens reflex camera only in the world that, besides, is unique that Togo temple of Toyohashi-shi, Aichi released in 1955.

180,000 yen belonging to Mamiya C330 special serekushonsekoru S 80mmF2.8

Twin-lens reflex camera which Mamiya released as attributive quality for collectors in 1996. Special dish which metal part used lizard skin for leather part by gold finish, and concentrated ze;zei.

Zeiss icon supermarket label trio ter5cm F3 .5 58,000 yen belonging to

Bellows type folding camera for 35 millimeters which noble Zeiss Jena Corporation, Germany released in 1934.

98,000 yen belonging to fokutorendabessa R2C SC sukopa 25mmF4

Model that to acquire right of fokutorenda which is German well-established camera maker, and Japanese co-People's Republic of China Corporation released various classical models, but gives off conspicuousness in that.

38,000 yen belonging to Miranda Toad Venom Rex II auto Miranda 50mmF1.4

Model change version that we refined Time To Live photometry type exposure meter incorporation camera which Miranda that became the domestic first penta prism single-lens reflex camera began and made and Toad Venom Rex where it was and assumed type II.

Nikon reflex Niccole 2000mmF11 2,160,000 yen

It is telephoto lens having a longest focal length during long history of Nikon. In spite of super looking into the distance of 2,000 millimeters, we realized brightness of opening F-number by large-diameter reflection-style optical system.

158,000 yen belonging to New FD 50mmF1.4 of the 50th anniversary of Canon New F-1

Canon is production, limited model that they released with specifications special with flagship machine of the company in commemoration of the 50th anniversary at the time.

24-28mmF4 .5-6.2 15,800 yen of the 60th anniversary of Canon IXY gold belonging to

Limited gold model of IXY most popular in model using APS film which came up as new format with a flourish.

Pentax SMCP-A ★ 600mmF5.6 ED 240,000 yen

After lens mount method was changed from early screw mount to bayonet, it is unchangeable consistently, and, as for the single-lens reflex camera of Pentax with the long history, interchangeable lens has high universality, too.

58,000 belonging to wisteria film FP-1 purofeshonarufujinon 105mmF5.6

Camera for exclusive use of peel apartment-type instant film which was foldable, and was superior in portability.

158,000 yen belonging to Brooks - plow level Berri wide 100 supermarket angyuron 47mmF8

Medium camera for exclusive use of super wide-angle lens equipped with supaangyuron 47mm of Schneider Corporation.

260,000 yen belonging to fokutorendapurominento 6*9 copter yeah 10.5cm F4.5

6*9 size folding camera by fokutorenda known as original mechanism and high performance.

Leica Q sly trick mixture 28mmF1.7 ASPH. fu 540,000 yen

High quality digital camera which seems to be Leica quite which was proud of imaging element of 35mm full size while being compact digital camera which was not done of lens exchange

298,000 yen belonging to Deardroff 5*7 commercial ekuta 8.5inch F6.3

Product made in noble precise large size tree camera that production was started in United States Chicago in 1923 by La Verne Deardroff.

98,800 yen belonging to Nikon F3P motor drive MD-4 / Ai50mmF1.4S

We added Modify such as titanium exterior to F3 that Nikon was highest grade model at the time and produced to meet needs of the news spot.

31,800 yen belonging to Petri flextime 7 Petri 55mmF1.8

Because exposure meter light receiving department of pentapart resembles kontarekkusu of Zeiss called Bulls eye closely, Petri flextime 7 sold from 1966 through 1968 is famous.

45,800 yen belonging to Canon F-1 FD50mmF1.4 S.S.C.

Top model who pulls domestic camera with Nikon F series the single-lens reflex camera era later.

540,000 yen belonging to Leica A old Elmer 50mmF3.5

Type A that is oldest Leica cannot yet attach and detach lens for mass-produced airplanes; was rigid. Model that attached 50 millimeters of ELLE max at first, and released, but attached Elmer whom it produced, and was made with glass which Gates Corporation supplied without enough lenses by greater-than-expected sales in a hurry.

Leica standard nyuyo
780,000 yen belonging to kurenzu three

After World War II, it is German own country
ju of interval where is not equipped with the deno production system
In order to meet the pivot; NY rights are ho
We assembled using shuyobuhin

Low rye 35 gold 50 laps elapsed time
With sense tessa 40mmF3.5
86,400 yen

Medium ka including twin-lens reflex camera
Low that is noble family of Mera of Germany
kon which rye produced in 1967
pakutokamera low rye 35.
For long time more than 40 years afterward; love
Longevity model that has been done.

The ninth Shinjuku classical music camera Expo (display, spot sale no charge for admission)

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