Event meeting place schedule

  • ※Closing time varies according to event contents.

Semiannual Babies' & Children's Wear sale

  • ■Wednesday, March 29 → Monday, April 3
  • ■The eleventh-floor event hall
    ※It is held day after day until 8:00 p.m. But we are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day until 8:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31, Saturday, April 1.

Brand for kids loving joke flocks!

From the photograph left)
[mezzo piano] (brand sizes available: 90-140cm)
Stadium jumper 10,692 yen
Cut-and-sew 4,482 yen
Skirt 6,912 yen

[kladskap] (brand sizes available: 100-130cm)
Jacket 4,806 yen
Cut-and-sew 2,322 yen
Underwear 3,186 yen

[mezzo piano junior]
Skirt-style culottes are mobile; item which is good to attending school. Green T-shirt like spring is available for disassembly of collar. (brand sizes available: 140-165cm)

Cut-and-sew 4,644 yen
Culottes 6,912 yen

[pom ponette junior]
Disassembly of collar allows wind knit of layering. You can put on simple culottes in various scenes including outing and attending school. (brand sizes available: 130-165cm)

Blouse 6,372 yen
Culottes 6,372 yen

denachosu which casual wear which is comfortable with product made in Japan has abundant. (brand sizes available: 70-140cm)

Puff sleeve cut-and-sew 3,176 yen
Underwear 2,495 yen

OJICO which T-shirt of pattern that child including vehicle and animal loves has abundant. It is recommended to gift. (brand sizes available:, 80-160cm, Lady's, men's)

A lot of short sleeves, long sleeves T-shirts (80-160cm) 2,160 yen
Lady's men 3,024 yen

[net net]
Net net characterized by knit of colorful, happy design. We had item which became the leading role of coordinates. (brand sizes available: 90-130cm)

Boy cardigan 3,240 yen
Boy T-shirt 1,890 yen
Boy underwear 2,970 yen

It is jinhei of necessities for summer festival and summer event including fireworks.

jinheikakushu (size: 90-120cm) 2,916 yen

We offered casual item of outstanding performance at price that was good bargain by going to kindergarten, attending school.

From a lot of boy cut-and-sew 1,620 yen
From a lot of boy underwear 2,160 yen
From a lot of girl short pants 1,620 yen

※Photograph is an example.

Wednesday, March 29 opening service
Newborn baby organic cottonware set 10,800 yen
[jorikomuankuru] drawstring purse, mini-towel tissue case set 2,160 yen (50 limitation)

Offer today's on Thursday, March 30
A lot of girl folded neckpiece of haori dresses 7,344 yen (20 limitation)

Offer today's on Friday, March 31
A lot of man and woman child Children's Shoes (15-20cm) 1,080 yen (100 limitation in total)

Saturday, April 1 → Today's 3rd Monday offer
A lot of man and woman child Tops bottoms 1,080 yen (100 limitation in total)
A lot of man and woman child rucksack, boots 540 yen (for each 50 limitation)

[credit card members only of Takashimaya] card use campaign
■Wednesday, March 29 → Tuesday, April 4
Handing over place: Toys, kids club counter
During period, we let first arrival 200 people file clear more than zeikomigokei 10,000 yen by credit card of Takashimaya in sales floor targeted for event hall "Babies' & Children's Wear sale once in half a year" meeting place on the eleventh floor or the ninth-floor Babies' & Children's Wear floor (including outdoor kids product) in visitor, every day of purchase.
※Receipt adding up is possible on the day. Please show receipt.
※It is for the use by the credit settlement. (for combination with cash, gift certificate is excluded.)
※Specifically, ask sales floor person in charge.

Semiannual Babies' & Children's Wear sale

Publication "going to gas PEARL Tokyo for with Risa" is commemorative
World exhibition of picture book of Risa and gas PEARL

  • ■Wednesday, April 5 → 17th Monday
  • ■Special event space on the eleventh floor
    ※It is held day after day until 8:00 p.m. But we are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day until 8:30 p.m. on Saturday for Friday .15 days for .14 days on Saturday for .8 days on Friday, April 7.

Risa and gas PEARL are main characters of popular picture book series of birth in France.
40 titles are released so far in Japan, and total circulation amounts to approximately 2 million copies (as of February, 2017).
As memory exhibition of new book publication that assumed Tokyo the stage this time, to one place displays the valuable original picture of approximately 120 points.
Furthermore, pleasant event and special goods come up.

General 800 yen
University, high school student 600 yen
Free of charge lower than junior high student

[the walk-in]
From 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
※But Friday, April 7 .8 days Saturday .14 days Friday .15 days Saturday until 8:00 p.m. the last day 17th Monday until 5:30 p.m.

Sponsorship: NHK Service Center
Cooperation: Hachette Livre, Gallimard Jeunesse, bronze new company, Iwasaki Bookstore, Shogakukan, Japanese animation
Plan production: Office Shibuya, Sony Creative Products

Gas PEARL comes to the store with Risa.
We meet everybody of fan.
We can take a ceremonial photograph with gas PEARL with Risa. (free)
Rearranging ticket distribution: Every day, 10:00 a.m. ... on that day
Rearranging ticket distribution place: In front of special event space on the eleventh floor
※Rearranging ticket should be finished as soon as we disappear.
※Please bring camera for photography.
※Rearranging ticket should be one piece of limit because of set.
※We change event without notice or may be called off.

■Special event space on the eleventh floor
■Each 30 sets of times
■Wednesday, April 5 .8 days Saturday .9 days Sunday .15 days Saturday .16 days Sunday
■Every day 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. .3

[arrival present]
We let "world exhibition of picture book of Risa and gas PEARL" make original seal (article not for sale) visitor of arrival, the first 10,000 people one piece.
※It should be limit once per person.
※Pattern cannot be chosen.

We offer WEB coupon which 100 yen discounts to two people.
For more information:>>

World exhibition of picture book of Risa and gas PEARL

Aji Hyakusen for gourmet

  • ■Wednesday, March 22 → 27th Monday
  • ■The eleventh-floor event hall
    ※It is held day after day until 8:00 p.m. But we are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day until 8:30 p.m. on Saturday for .25 days on Friday, March 24.

It keeps good flavor selected carefully by popular store of various parts of Japan.
Please thoroughly enjoy various charm including new taste that came out of the traditional succession of storekeeper carrying the next generation.

Debut [one heart sushi Mitsuhiro] restaurant
※Restaurant orders order in the last at 5:00 p.m. on the last day 30 minutes of closing ago in opening, the last at 10:30 a.m. in every day.
It is discerning vinegared sushi rice using "Fuji vinegar" of Kyoto to rice which it does not use sugar to take story that "work" was given and cooked with soup stock of sum pumpkin.
"tatsumihishioyu" of Ehime enhances taste.
Wine that sommelier chooses to bring expanse of flavor more.
And attraction of this telepathy is surprised in bringing in brothers.

gishinsoden 10 kan pairing sushi grip 10 kan + wine five cups 8,070 yen
(we close one portion, sea bream, cuttlefish, vinegar oshi-zushi, uni, omelet of Matsumaezuke, Japanese tiger prawn, mackerel of Matsumaezuke, kinmedai of no tuna bonito, Spanish mackerel)
※Only in the case of sushi, it is 4,320 yen

Department store debuts [sand studio PANTON to overcome] and demonstrates
Specialty store of handmade pork cutlet sand.
Cutlet, sauce using barley Sangenton of smooth fleshy substance, harmony of bread are wonderful.

Thick-sliced roast and sand (one portion) 850 yen

Aji Hyakusen for gourmet

shinjuku Store