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Net de summer festival

  • ■Saturday, July 21 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30
  • ■The first-floor JR Exit special event space
    ※By convenience, performer and holding time may be changed.

Net delivery event in China is held!
Popular person of net develops pleasant performance.
Do you not participate in live delivery for China?

We introduce Bon festival dance riyatemiyagenado, summer in Japan.
State of venue delivers to China live on the spot.
Even Japanese, Chinese, English are international content to be able to enjoy.

[list of performers]

Ladybeard (lady biard)
Cheerful presenter, "lovely core" performer

Woman's disguise performer from Australia.
International group idol who can speak five languages (English, Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, German) to perform professional wrestling, heavy metal singer, actor, stunt man, various activities including voice actor so far across border!
We emigrate to Japan at the end of 2013 and are working on entertainment all over the world based in Tokyo.
Which "we feel uplifted when we see" attracts many people by performance to overflow in unforgettable strong visual and energy if we see once saying "we are pretty though it is strange"!

Native place: Australia
Special ability: Look for taekwondo, kawaii thing

o* (Lin Wang)
Chinese emcee of multi-talent that Japanese, Chinese are proficient

Japanese and emcee of live delivery that is proficient with Chinese who are playing an active part in Chinese native place, Japan.
Host of company appears on reproduction drama of various advertisements and TV shows as talent from the start and plays an active part in the stage.

Native place: Shanghai, China
Hobby: Animation, movie viewing

Rui Kumae (RUI KUMAE)
Model, talent

Model, talent of Japan and China person of mixed parentage playing an active part in magazine, advertisement of Japan, TV world. Because was in Sichuan of China until 9 years old, is native with Chinese, Japanese. It is chosen as San-Ai swimsuit paradise image girl in 2017, and we appear on Nippon Television "PON!" as weather woman on Monday, and popularity rises! Offers of TV and radio program, magazine, CM flood in!
Native place: Sichuan of China
Special ability: Chinese, kung fu, asskicking hot dishes, animation, illustration

Set of boasters (Tengu-Ren)
Awa Folk Dance group which carries out a full-scale activity based in Koenji

It is Awa Folk Dance group with the history more than 50 years formed in 1965.
We spread full-scale Awa Folk Dance based in Koenji. We become sisters of peaceful ream of Tokushima in 1971 and develop activity with all over Japan and foreign countries expedition widely now.
Musical accompaniment with instruments a large number of people change tempo and melody into man dance with cool yukata with kimono of lemon yellow like a brick flexibly elegantly, and woman dance brightens Odoriko.
We continue dancing with feeling to want to send "smile and spirit" to many people through Awa Folk Dance

Chinese beautiful woman group of 3
Mugwort 芊芊 (eye Chan Chan) 2017 Miss Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Miss Tokyo Inst. of Tech. contest 2017 Grand Prix. Beginner for existing Tokyo Institute of Technology life science and technology graduate school.
Native place: Jiangxi, China
Height: 160cm
Hobby: Dishes, snorkeling, art
Special ability: Dance

Liu glume blue (Ryu in Japanese spaniel) 2016 Miss Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
The Miss Tokyo Inst. of Tech. contest 2016 Grand Prix.
Institute of existing Tokyo Institute of Technology Kogakuin Univ. second grader.
Native place: Jiangxi, China
Height: 162cm
Hobby: Trip, shooting, reading
Special ability: Dance

Fuyuko Ryu (Ryu ton) former idol
We make our debut as member of idol group in China.
We visit Japan in May, 2017 and are playing an active part now in Tokyo.
Native place: Hong Kong, China
Height: 158cm
Hobby: Song, dance, performance, photography

2018 Shinjuku Takashimaya swimming fashions

  • ■Wednesday, June 27 → Monday, August 13
  • ■Special event space on the eleventh floor
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

From popular reversible, natural up Bra to elegant dress, favorite of this summer is surely found.

From the photograph left)
[Loco Boutique]
Ticket linen stripe tank top bikini 22,356 yen
Ticket linen stripe bikini 19,548 yen

[Loco Boutique]
Coral 3.0 tank top bikini 18,900 yen

[San-ai Resort]
Cheer Leaf X Rib
Reversible shoulder bikini 17,280 yen

[San-ai Resort]
Mono graf
Three points of shoulder ribbon dresses set (9, 11) 24,840 yen

[San-ai Resort]
Three points of tank top bikini pareo set (9, 11) 21,600 yen

[purchase present]
During period, we let customer of purchase present by the first arrival more than tax-included 10,800 yen in swimming wear special event space on the eleventh floor.

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