[Jemmie store] Fair for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, August 30 → Tuesday, September 5
  • ■The second-floor swing is square

Glitter select brand which we loaded with feeling to "enjoy the life that glistened!" consisting of "me" of "gem" of meaning called "that gemme! (Jemmie) was studded with" jewels and "I".
We send popular bag and various decorations items for a limited time from gemme!store in center, Minamiaoyama of fashion.

Tote bag (Small) 9,720 yen
Charm 5,184 yen

[Jemmie store] Fair for a limited time

[KAKATOO (Kaka toe)] Autumn trendy bag fair

  • ■Wednesday, August 23 → 29th Tuesday
  • ■Special event space (Handbags) on the second floor

Shift to autumn at first from bag!
We had trend bag not to be able to take off this autumn including fur Marchais basket bag pretty light with and 2WAY bag with Fox charm which wanted to last right now a lot.

Basket bag 12,960 yen

Autumn trendy bag fair

[gallery of rose] Wedding collection

  • ■Wednesday, August 16 → Tuesday, September 12
  • ■Gallery of welcome zonal the fourth-floor rose

We had wedding bouquet of preserved flower, boo Tonya, ring pillow, welcome board.
Depending on preference, we take order.

[Claude perception Coe]
Round bouquet 43,200 yen 

[privilege of bridal member]
During period, we treat 5% warmly by the presentation of member card.

[gallery of rose] Wedding collection

[gallery of rose] Preserved flower arrangement lesson "autumn lease"

  • ■Tuesday, September 5 11:00 a.m. -, 2:30 p.m. ... (the time required: in each time for approximately two hours)
  • ■Special event space on the fourth floor

We hold preserved flower arrangement lesson by Mr. Hanahiro chief Sandai River Junko.

Capacity: Each time ten people
Lesson costs: 10,800 yen (we include lesson costs, components of a flower arrangement costs)
It is inquiry application: Welcome zonal the fourth-floor [gallery of rose] direct TEL (03) 5361-1286

[gallery of rose] Preserved flower arrangement lesson "autumn lease"

[AKIKO OGAWA.] Pattern order acceptance society for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, August 23 → Tuesday, September 5
  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji

Brand [AKIKO OGAWA.] feminine Elegance Style of popularity.
We take pattern order of Suits for a limited time.
You have you choose from abundant Import dough more than 100 kinds and domestic dough and can make Suits only for oneself with customization such as lining and button, handstitch.
Please use at this opportunity.

※Price varies according to material.
※Handing over is around six weeks.
※Specifically, ask sales floor person in charge.

[AKIKO OGAWA.] Pattern order acceptance society for a limited time

Charity goods limited sale of festival miffi of three prefectures of department store original Tohoku, Kumamoto

  • ■From Tuesday, August 1
  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods /9 floor Toys

We sell as stricken area reconstruction aid campaign of stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto earthquake and this North Kyushu heavy rain disaster in department stores of the whole country in 2017.

All four kinds of "charity goods of miffi" for each 300 yen
(Morioka, Iwate sansa dance / Fukushima, Fukushima straw sandal Festival / Sendai, Miyagi Star Festival Festival / Yamaga, Kumamoto garden lantern Festival)

We contribute earnings of miffy hand otsunago figure skating to the total amount, each stricken area of Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Kumamoto and stricken area of this North Kyushu heavy rain disaster.

[fonds Taine] Green forest campaign

  • ■Until Thursday, August 31
  • ■Femme Maison the sixth floor fonds Taine

Bring wig which became unnecessary or top piece to store. We present one piece of "green coupon" about one point of collection.
※Wig of other companies is OK, too! Even several points are OK.

As for up to 21,600 yen, fonds Taine wig is advantageous by the purchase by the "green coupon" use!
100 yen is utilized for environmental conservation about one point of purchase.

  ※A part of the purchase by the use is utilized by this campaign through "Tuvaluan forest" by each ground environmental conservation. Environmental conservation activity is carried out through program (administration: forest of Tuvalu) for the purpose of domestic conservation of nature.
In addition, through campaign this year, we support activity group according to area.
※It is "Kamakura landscape management society" in Kanto.

[fonds Taine] Green forest campaign

[ekuseraunji] Personal styling

  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji

Stylist joins shopping after counseling and suggests fashion depending on request of visitor.
From three popular fashion stylists, you can appoint wanting stylist.

It is inquiry reservation: Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji direct communication TEL (03) 5361-1442

[service contents]

★Personal styling★
After counseling, stylist suggests fashion depending on request of visitor and coordinates.


★Personal styling★
・2.5h 40,000 yen (tax-excluded)
・3.5h 50,000 yen (tax-excluded)
After that in extension 1.0h 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)

[stylist introduction]

Taeko Nagatomo (NAGATOMO TAEKO)
We deal with styling of women's magazine, actress and business person. We are playing an active part as personal stylist.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling to draw individuality of visitor who adopted luxury elegance of adult more.

Kuniko Okabe (OKABE KUNIKO)
We deal with magazine and newscaster, styling of actress. We are playing an active part in talk show or seminar lecturer.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling that we valued individuality while standing on TPO and made use of charm of visitor in to the maximum.

Yoko Sakamoto (SAKAMOTO YOKO)
We are playing an active part mainly on women's magazine widely. Book "good-quality adult casual BOOK" is the Bible of adult generation.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling of adult woman who valued "clean feeling and quality of good-quality now" to convey "quality of oneself."

[ekuseraunji] Personal styling

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Socks

Panties moiety is tights becoming maternity specifications.
Prevention of static electricity processing finished.

Maternity tights 1,620 yen
※It is made in Japan.

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

[leg Lingerie]

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

New brand which keeps elegant design which was particular about having long legs thin vanity.
It features certain manufacturing made in design, Japan with sinter such as Import.

Pattern tights for each 3,024 yen

[leg Lingerie]

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