[Alexander do Paris] Introduction of bridal collection

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 6
  • ■The third-floor Salon le Chic

New item of 2018SS bridal collection attaches attractiveness that center of a flower which inlaid white base with florets of PEARL is refined.
During period, we give compact mirror to customer of purchase, the first ten people more than tax-included 25,000 yen.

From the photograph top)
Valletta 56,160 yen
Valletta 46,440 yen

※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

[nail bar] Purchase privilege

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 6 
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor Contemporary Style

During period, we let you can use when we have you do care more than tax-included 3,780 yen on the fifth floor [nail bar] [we paint with one nail manicure (ten)] or [paraffining (15 minutes)] customer who came in bridal salon (the first 100 people), Formal Wear salon (the first 15 people), Lingerie Salon (the first 15 people) do special treatment ticket.

※It becomes just on April 30, 2018 for validity of ticket.

Formal Wear purchase privilege

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 6 
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor Formal Wear

During period, we give "night B gel" to customer of purchase more than tax-included 32,400 yen in Femme Maison the fifth floor Formal Wear salon.

Lingerie Salon purchase privilege

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 6 
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor Lingerie Salon

During period, we give "Lingerie wash" to customer of purchase more than tax-included 10,800 yen in Femme Maison the fifth floor Lingerie Salon.

[gallery of rose] Wedding collection 

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 27
  • ■Gallery of the fourth floor of the welcome zone rose

We had wedding ball bouquet & boot near of preserved flower, ring pillow, welcome board. We take order depending on preference.

[privilege of member of bridal club]
During the period mentioned above, we treat 5% warmly by the presentation of member card.

Ball bouquet 64,800 yen

[Peggy Lana ground]

  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 13
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor Career Characters

"Refined color block coat coordinates"
Basic color coordinates to individualize calm coloration of color block coat more.
Underwear silhouette which a certain three-dimensional impression coat tightens silhouette, and looks from coat is tall nimbly and charms.

Flare York trench coat 22,680 yen
Dress 15,120 yen
Wide underwear 19,440 yen


  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 13
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor Contemporary Style / Femme Maison the sixth floor Large-Sized Wear

We suggest jacket-style of haori sense that can feel newness of a feeling of silhouette and length in spring various scenes.

Jacket 56,160 yen
Blouse 36,720 yen
Underwear 30,240 yen

[nitsu] POP UP SHOP 

  • ■Wednesday, February 28 → Tuesday, March 6
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor special event space (central escalator)

Modern kimono brand [niitu (nitsu)] by Niitsu brothers.
Using dough made in Japan, it becomes linear like kimono made.

Kimono parka 25,920 yen
Kimono G Jean 39,960 yen
Skirt 20,520 yen

Kimono trench 69,120 yen
Side pocket dress 25,920 yen

[gallery of rose] Preserved flower lesson "ball shape-based bouquet-style arrangement"

  • ■Tuesday, March 13 11:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m. (each time approximately two hours)
  • ■Special event space on the fourth floor 

We hold preserved flower arrangement lesson by Mr. Chief Hanahiro Junko Miyokawa.

Capacity: Each time ten people
Lesson costs: 10,800 yen (we include lesson costs, components of a flower arrangement costs)
Application, inquiry: Welcome zonal the fourth-floor [gallery of rose] direct TEL(03) 5361-1286

[baraka baracca] Debut!

  • ■Wednesday, February 28
  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor STYLE & EDIT

Brand [baraka baracca (rose hippopotamus lacquer)] which pursued good silhouette which was feminine in concept in daily elegance, upper feel of a material and comfort, beauty of cutting.
We draw beauty of woman of adult in edge which let you work moderately while being based on basic. (rose hippopotamus lacquer meaning: happiness X 2)

[baraka baracca] NEW OPEN


  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■Special event space (Handbags) on the second floor

Part of [ANTEPRIMA/MISTO] handles product for a limited time, too.
Please come to the store at this opportunity.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


  • ■Wednesday, February 21 → Tuesday, March 13
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor Career Characters

With jacket of large pocket with sense of fun and khaki blouse, we update coordinates of white basic tone in natural impression.

Jacket 35,640 yen
Blouse 24,840 yen
Skirt 21,600 yen

[UNTITLED] Small size fair

  • ■Saturday, February 24 → Monday, March 5
  • ■Femme Maison the sixth floor Career Characters

As it becomes this size development for a limited time, please come to the store.

Coat 38,880 yen
Pullover 15,120 yen
Underwear 20,520 yen

[ANYO (eenuwaio)] Fair for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, February 14 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■The second-floor Ladies' Shoes

Shoes brand [ANYO (eenuwaio)] which provides shoes which snuggled up to lifestyle of woman who is adult.
It is realization with good point of quality of making and material which focused on functionality to base by simple, universal design that modernity coexists when classic.
Please sense shoes that one step is konfotaburu where we stepped forward to bodily from concept to give glory to step.

[Eletha (ereza)] POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, February 14 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

Leather brand [Eletha] characterized by translucent simple design appears in concept in manufacturing "which snuggled up to" person to employ for a limited time.

We make use of delicate technique of Japanese craftsman and are the good-quality feel that was particular about usability such as sewing and clasp, fastener thoroughly.
Variety of colors is abundant, and beautiful color development to feel happy is attractive.

[Eletha] Do you not spend this spring of this pleasantly more beautifully in wallet?

[KENZO] Fair for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, February 14 → Tuesday, March 6
  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

We introduce leather item of founder Umbelto Leon of OPENING CEREMONY and [KENZO] which made Carrol rim creative director from 2012 for a limited time.
Please pay attention to brand which you regenerated youthfully by all means while inheriting charismatic energy of "KENZO" expressing humor, pleasure by color and print which are vivid for hint in design archive of the 1970s of designer Kenzo Takada.

Long wallet 23,760 yen
Clutch bag 17,280 yen

[blue label / black label crest bridge] Shop for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, February 14 → 27th Tuesday
  • ■The first-floor the Main Square

From blue label crest bridge of Lady's and black label crest bridge of men, we introduce spring collection in 2018.
We offered Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited product.


  • From Thursday, February 1
  • ■Homme Maison the fourth floor International Boutiques

It releases new work of "Y-3 SPRING / SUMMER 2018 COLLECTION" from Thursday, February 1.
A lot of items which used three stripe and logo boldly this season which we focused on ties with street culture again appear.
Please drop in at this opportunity.
We are waiting for visit.

[dear mayuko (Deer Mayuko)] Cream foundation & face powder

  • ■The first-floor cosmetics

Face powder to fix on "smooth silk skin" while cutting feeling of bare skin foundation and ultraviolet ray strongly at moment to fix texture by lick.
It is humidity retention ingredient "sericin" born from cocoon combination.

Cream foundation (ocher / light ocher, SPF32/PA+++) 4,320 yen
Face powder (natural / shear, SPF42/PA+++) 4,752 yen


[ass Teague] Maternity tights

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Socks

Panties moiety is tights becoming maternity specifications.
Prevention of static electricity processing finished.

Maternity tights 1,620 yen
※It is made in Japan.

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

[leg Lingerie]

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

New brand which elegant design which was particular about thin vanity, having long legs has equal.
It features certain manufacturing made in design, Japan with bloom such as Import.

Pattern tights for each 3,024 yen

[leg Lingerie]

shinjuku Store