[fumikoda] pop up shop

  • ■Wednesday, December 13 → 19th Tuesday
  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji

Ivory-colored total python handle which is refined as spring new color from shoulder bag "ARIANA" (Ariana) where we can store signature bag of FUMIKODA, PC using original material in is appearance.
We sell precedent display, order.
It is backing aboriginality of suede-like Deep Purple.

We incorporate fastener pocket and case which are convenient for cushion case of PC storing, accessory storing inside of bag.
We remove cover part and it is available as tote bag and can use cover for other shoulder bag "ARIANA" and clutch bag "TARA" series.

Bags of FUMIKODA are produced using high metal fittings of quality made in eco-friendly artificial leather and Japan developed by superior Japanese production engineering in the country by Japanese craftsman.
FUMIKODA suggests lifestyle in consideration for animal protection and global environment without compromising with quality.


[denim-style laboratory] LM POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, December 13 → 19th Tuesday
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor denim-style laboratory

Accessories brand, LM (elm) of "three-dimensional embroidery."
Broach that motif and character of pop impression are individual can enjoy coordinates still more by putting together.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

[denim-style laboratory] LM POP UP SHOP

[denim-style laboratory] Tu es mon TRÉSOR POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, December 13 → 19th Tuesday
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor denim-style laboratory

Tu es mon TRESOR (tuemontorezoa) which Manami Sahara launched in 2010.
We decorate standard items such as military coat or denim luxuriously and suggest luxury as arrival at daily life to concept with "clothes becoming treasure".

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

[designer visit event]
■Saturday, December 16, 17th Sunday every day from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00
Manami Sahara of designer comes to the store.
We take order of customized bag which can choose dough and parts you like.
It is recommended to Christmas present.
In addition, we always heard order of customized bag during POP UP SHOP period.
Handing over is plan of about the middle of January.

[denim-style laboratory] Tu es mon TRÉSOR POP UP SHOP

[arth lab] arth Cashmere Beanie

  • ■Wednesday, December 13 → 25th Monday
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor Contemporary Style

"Lightness" "heat retention" "humidity retention characteristics" of 100% of cashmere and comfortable feel. In color and hall garment (no sewing knitting) which are full of expressions, we introduce knit hat of outstanding performance in coming season.

arth Cashmere Beanie 17,280 yen

[unicorn] Christmas fair

  • ■Wednesday, December 13 → 25th Monday
  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

Spangles bag brand [unicorn tokyo] which one stitch of one stitch craftsman finished carefully comes up for a limited time!
For Christmas, we have including the latest design from all basic spangles bags to charm, porch which are most suitable for present a lot.
By bag of brilliant [unicorn tokyo], do you not make every day dazzling more?

[aniesubeboyaju] Christmas campaign period-limited shop

  • ■Wednesday, December 13 → 26th Tuesday
  • ■Special event space (Handbags) on the second floor

"It is belles fêtes!! message from agnis b. (on wonderful winter holiday!) It keeps item coloring holiday season and, with ", holds Christmas campaign.
It is abundantly lineup by series or party bag of shiny leather which is most suitable for holiday season in aniesubeboyaju.

[Mont Blanc] Calligraphy event

  • ■ Saturday, December 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • ■The third-floor Salon le Chic [Mont Blanc]

[Mont Blanc] original signature making & carved seal service
Do you not obtain only one signature in the world?

During period, we invite Caligula fur to store and make only one "original signature" in the world and carve a seal to Mont Blanc product which had you purchase.
[MONTBLANC] Then it is usually service accepting for tax-included 11,880 yen, but order CHARG becomes free only for the whole period. Please come to the store at this opportunity.

※We accept by reservation.
※We need time for original signature making of customer of one for about from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.
※Original signature may not carve a seal by model.
※Carved seal service becomes handing over approximately one month later.


※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

[Mont Blanc] Calligraphy event


  • ■From Friday, December 15
  • ■Homme Maison the fourth floor International Boutiques

It releases new work of "Y-3 SPRING / SUMMER 2018 COLLECTION".
A lot of items which we focused on ties with street culture again appear in this season.
Above all, footware renovates design boldly, and new range which utilized imagination of Yoji Yamamoto and superior technology of adidas is prepared.
Please drop in at this opportunity.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

[COACH] Womenʼs Footwear period limited sale

  • ■Wednesday, December 6 → 19th Tuesday
  • ■The second-floor Shoe maison

Limited store appears in Shinjuku Takashimaya during women shoes period of COACH. We perform ⽤ will of booties playing an active part with good-quality casual shoes in middle ⼼ in coming season.

Urban hiker (saddle / natural, suede) 48,600 yen

[nail bar] One coin service

  • ■Saturday, December 16
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor nail bar

In nail bar, we develop treatment using France where humidity retention-related high honey extract was fully combined with in this season to be worried about drying-born Bernard willow oak ale for a limited time.

We give one color of coating of manicure free with one coin (540 yen).

[Wacoal men] nendo X Hello Kitty collaboration fair

  • ■From Wednesday, November 29
  • ■Homme Maison the sixth floor wardrobe (Men's Underwear)

Design office [nendo] and [Hello Kitty] which Sato Oki leads are collaboration.
[Wacoal men] It is appearance as original collection.

Boxer underwear 4,104 yen

Room lever (warm long underpants) 5,184 yen

During period, we let customer of purchase do Wacoal original novelty more than tax-included 5,000 yen with Wacoal men product.
※As number includes limit, it should be finished as soon as we disappear.

Ⓒ1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S583464

[Wacoal men] NENDO X Hello Kitty collaboration fair

[four ever mark] Takashimaya precedence sale "Leon collaboration breath"

  • ■Until Sunday, December 31
  • ■Jewelry salon on the fourth floor

Bracelet which Chief Editor Leon participated from plan stage and was particular in detail and completed.
We have Bordeaux and guilt of LEON recommendation in color, and diamond of four ever mark to glitter to buckle part enters.

Bracelet 237,600 yen (K18WG, diamond horse about 0.18ctup)

[four ever mark] Takashimaya precedence sale "Leon collaboration breath"

[Tiffany] 2017 Christmas fair

  • ■The first-floor Tiffany

To to all important people and yourself. Do you not give for blue box of Tiffany with love?
From diamond jewelry to silver jewelry, leather and watch, new home & accessories collection, please choose the best Christmas gift in Tiffany boutique.
Christmas forever memorable in Tiffany blue box with all your thought.
We look forward to visit.

[COACH] HOLIDAY 2017 COACH Lucky chance

  • ■November 23 Thursday (holiday) → Monday, December 25
  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor international designers [COACH]

The world that featured the theme of nostalgic memory for holiday season of COACH in 2017. We have a lot of gift items dancing heart that expressed colorful, pleasant motif.

During period, we carry out lottery where wonderful gift is in COACH store.
Come to COACH store by all means.
※As number includes limit, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

2017 winter Shinjuku Takashimaya cosmetics festivals
[dear mayuko (Deer Mayuko)]

  • ■The first-floor Deer Mayuko

Face powder to fix on "smooth silk skin" while cutting feeling of bare skin foundation and ultraviolet ray strongly at moment to fix texture by lick.
It is humidity retention ingredient "sericin" born from cocoon combination.

Cream foundation (ocher / light ocher, SPF32/PA+++) 4,320 yen
Face powder (natural / shear, SPF42/PA+++) 4,752 yen


[Takeda brush] << Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited >> Christmas-limited set

  • ■From Thursday, November 9
  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

From [Takeda brush], Christmas set of Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited comes up!
It is set which was particular about quality of hair and usability by color reflecting the image of White Christmas.

Of course it is recommended to present to you which tried one year hard for Christmas gift.

<< Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited >>
Christmas-limited set 12,960 yen
... set contents ...
・Sliding portable teak & face brush
・Portable lip brush
・Eye shadow brush
・Eyebrow brush
・Screw brush

※You are in a limited quantity and arrive, and forgive on out of stock.

[Takeda brush] << Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited >> Christmas set

[chi suteyudio] Shop for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, October 25 → Tuesday, December 26
  • ■Salon le Chic special event space on the third floor

"kuchurudaun" which from Italy, down refinement factory founded in 1964 create.
With down wear that expressed flexibility by light car in the image of "ballerina", you can see material which is various from the best to long coat and various designs.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

[chi suteyudio] Shop for a limited time

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Socks

Panties moiety is tights becoming maternity specifications.
Prevention of static electricity processing finished.

Maternity tights 1,620 yen
※It is made in Japan.

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

[leg Lingerie]

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

New brand which elegant design which was particular about thin vanity, having long legs has equal.
It features certain manufacturing made in design, Japan with bloom such as Import.

Pattern tights for each 3,024 yen

[leg Lingerie]

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