[atelier KEISUZUKI] Information for shop for a limited time

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 31st Tuesday
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor special event space

Order brand from Yokohama by designer KEISUZUKI.
Gentle curve like woman and dignified silhouette.
It unfolds mainly on simple, elegant dress & dress.

Suggestion of "annual wardrobe which you can like more."
Basic one that it is all directions "anytime as for when" that I want to closet and can rely on.
Centering on two silhouettes, we send wardrobe which is good to event and ceremony through the four seasons and business in custom order.

[atelier KEISUZUKI] Information for shop for a limited time

[ICB] Ceremony-style

  • ■Femme Maison the sixth floor Career Characters

You can use Suits with article which you made with material of pear home-woven goods which held luster in check for ceremony if you put accessories together.
Inside pocket where card case fits into on jacket is with.

<< Takashimaya, Hankyu Hanshin joint plan >>
Jacket 35,640 yen
Skirt 17,280 yen

[ICB] Ceremony-style

[DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING rose bush Kyo Kato] News of shop transference

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → Tuesday, February 14
  • ■Femme Maison the eighth floor special event space

DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING rose bush Kyo Kato] moves place with reopening.
Please come to the store with your friends.

※Specifically, visit to sales floor person in charge.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

[DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING rose bush Kyo Kato] News of shop transference

Adidas sale

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 26th Thursday
  • ■The first-floor the Main Square

[adidas] nine days when wear shoes goods of Lady's men are advantageous!

Example ... of ... product

Men's originals T-shirt 3,395 yen

[GAZELLE] Lady's originals shoes 7,553 yen

Men's batting jacket 5,233 yen

Wind jacket 4,045 yen with Lady's foods

■Wednesday, January 25 .26 Thursday
It is only for two days and holds "2BUY SALE!" where it is by more than 2 purchase more in 10% OFF in adidas sale meeting place.

Adidas sale

[Longchamp] Introduction of "rupuriajukyuiru" popular item!

  • ■The second-floor Handbags

It features original design which pattern that is leather can fold from color palette which we did lively.
It is prepared with mixed leather which put characteristic of lambskin and goat skin together.
It is bag matched with wide coordinates at light weight.

rupuriajukyuiru (25*23*16cm) 66,960 yen

[Longchamp] Introduction of "rupuriajukyuiru" popular item!

[the Tommy Bahamas] Limited product release of Honolulu cookies winter

  • ■Under sale
  • ■The Femme Maison the eighth floor Tommy Bahamas

Winter-limited chocolate dip series of Honolulu cookies releases!
New assortment including unique surfboard type and clutch bag type is prepared.
There is package of Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited with 27, too.

Shinjuku Takashimaya-limited assortment 4,100 yen (with 27)

Please thoroughly enjoy cookies which are good to gift on holiday.

[the Tommy Bahamas] Limited product release of Honolulu cookies winter

[ekuseraunji] Personal styling

  • ■From Tuesday, November 1
  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji

Stylist joins shopping after counseling and suggests fashion depending on request of visitor.
From three popular fashion stylists, you can appoint wanting stylist.

It is inquiry reservation: Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji direct communication TEL (03) 5361-1442

[service contents]

★Personal styling★
After counseling, stylist suggests fashion depending on request of visitor and coordinates.


★Personal styling★
・2.5h 40,000 yen (tax-excluded)
・3.5h 50,000 yen (tax-excluded)
After that in extension 1.0h 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)

[stylist introduction]

Taeko Nagatomo (NAGATOMO TAEKO)

We deal with styling of women's magazine, actress and business person. We are playing an active part as personal stylist.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling to draw individuality of visitor who adopted luxury elegance of adult more.

Kuniko Okabe (OKABE KUNIKO)

We deal with magazine and newscaster, styling of actress. We are playing an active part in talk show or seminar lecturer.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling that we valued individuality while standing on TPO and made use of charm of visitor in to the maximum.

Yoko Sakamoto (SAKAMOTO YOKO)

We are playing an active part mainly on women's magazine widely. Book "good-quality adult casual BOOK" is the Bible of adult generation.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling of adult woman who valued "clean feeling and quality of good-quality now" to convey "quality of oneself."

[ekuseraunji] Personal styling

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Socks

Panties moiety is tights becoming maternity specifications.
Prevention of static electricity processing finished.

Maternity tights 1,620 yen
※It is made in Japan.

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

[leg Lingerie]

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

New brand which keeps elegant design which was particular about having long legs thin vanity.
It features certain manufacturing made in design, Japan with sinter such as Import.

Pattern tights for each 3,024 yen

[leg Lingerie]

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