Bag collection is fair in summer

  • ■Wednesday, May 17 → 30th Tuesday
  • ■Special event space (Handbags) on the second floor

We introduce trendy bucket type basket bag and Marchais basket bag that race flap looks cool, summer bag which is indispensable to summer fashions such as tote bag full of a feeling of handcraft which we knit willow on canvas body and put together.

Bucket type basket bag 9,612 yen
Tassel basket bag 11,880 yen belonging to
2WAY basket tote bag 10,584 yen

Bag collection is fair in summer

[PIKO] POP UP SHOP Hawaii Ann fair

  • ■Wednesday, May 17 → 30th Tuesday
  • ■Special event space on the ninth floor

Place ... Hawaii that feels nature.
Beautiful sea and colorful flower, magnificent nature. Hawaii that can enjoy meal and town walk including shopingu.
[PIKO] which catches inspiration from such nature and culture.
Including Hawaiian shirt, miscellaneous goods, sandals perform the handling, too.

Collaboration product with menefunemakku X PIKO comes up this time.
The oldest maker where menefunemakku is established in 1939, and makademiannattsukyandi exists.
As T-shirt that "menehune menefune" which is character is printed is development from adult to kids size, we can enjoy matching coordinates in family.

[stamp rally]
■The ninth-floor Children's Wear, Sports
"Look for menefune & PIKO" and hold stamp rally.
We give original sticker to visitor that complete assumed stamp.

[purchase present]
You want tumbler for visitor of purchase and lift original mount (coloring).
We write message and are recommended in present to important one.
How about in present of Father's Day?

[PIKO] POP UP SHOP Hawaii Ann fair

father's day
[porter flextime]

  • ■The second-floor Yoshida bag

It is shoulder bag of pakkaburutaipu which we can store compactly by folding.
We are superior in portability and play an active part in light weight in trip or the outdoor scene.

2WAY shoulder bag for each 11,880 yen 


[petibuddy] POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, May 24 → Tuesday, June 6
  • ■Femme Maison the seventh floor special event space

It is for a limited time and introduces dog wear (for small dog) which was particular about lady's wear which thinks about living with pet dog, and was designed and gentle specifications.

Horizontal stripe cut-and-sew 14,904 yen
Horizontal stripe DOG T-shirt 7,344 yen

It is this in detail petibuddy>>

[petibuddy] POP UP SHOP

[Bagnara (banyara)]

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

Key ring brand [Bagnara (banyara)] which was born as lucky charm which linked bond with important person in Italy Bologna.
We began reward card service to lift one point every 1,000 yen purchase to visitor of purchase more than tax-included 1,080 yen.
We let you do wonderful present at 20 points.

Present first "key ring dice"
※Present may be changed without notice.

[Bagnara (banyara)]

father's day

  • ■Homme Maison the sixth floor wardrobe (nightclothes)

jinhei of multi-wear which Japan is proud of.
It is popular relaxing wear which is immovable as both cool house coat of shijira texture material and item to wear to festival. Nice conservative estimate is set to present of Father's Day.

jinhei (belonging to round fan, BOX) 5,400 yen

※In fact, dough of familiar "shijira texture" is Japan's original material which was born by having got textile wet by mistake in the days of the Meiji Restoration in jinhei.


[atelier repetto] POP UP

  • ■Wednesday, May 10 → 23rd Tuesday
  • ■The second-floor Ladies' Shoes

[repetto] which reached the brand establishment 70th anniversary holds semi-order system [atelier repetto] of ballerina as plan for a limited time in anniversary.
I have you customize 5 popular models such as sand Rion kamiyu Bridget for preference from 250 colors of base color, grosgrain tape 120 colors of trimming, Shoo race 100 colors, heel 2-3 colors in [atelier repetto] and make "original repetto" only for visitor.
You can choose special print in commemoration of the 70th anniversary and exclusive print which you can order only in Tokyo District this time.
In addition, we take order of kids model newly.
At this opportunity, please experience the world of [atelier repetto].

From Lady's 59,400 yen
From kids 52,920 yen
From special print 57,240 yen

※Handing over is approximately three months later.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

[atelier repetto] POP UP

[surushii] Summer Handbags

  • ■Wednesday, May 10 → 23rd Tuesday
  • ■Special event space (Handbags) on the second floor

"Fair trade X eshikaru" where raffia designer Satomi Sekiya deals with surushii brand. Using good-quality raffia, high fashionability features bag which Philippine women knit one glance. With charm of signature and girl of producer where feeling reaches.

Handbags 13,500 yen

[surushii] Summer Handbags

Summer collection by komusafea 

  • ■Friday, May 12 → 25th Thursday

We had new item of this summer abundantly.
In addition, during period, we offer various privileges in each shop and look forward to visit of visitor.

[komusa platinum] Shear check shirt 28,080 yen

[purchase present]
During period, you can participate in scratch card lottery every purchase of tax-included 16,200 yen in each shop.
※Number includes limit. Ask the details to sales floor person in charge.

[target sales floor]
Femme Maison the fifth floor: Gabardine K.T
Femme Maison the sixth floor: komusa platinum, komusa comfort, COMME CA DU MODE S,
Homme Maison the eighth floor: COMME ÇA MEN Platinum
The ninth-floor baby child: COMME CA FILLE platinum

Summer collection by komusafea

[Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban)] POP UP SHOP

  • ■Wednesday, April 26 → Tuesday, May 9
  • ■The second-floor swing is square

Popup shop of leading brand [Ray-Ban] of Sunglasses comes up for a limited time.
Concept of this season to reach the brand 80th anniversary "origin recurrence" and "music festival."
Including new model JA-JO, please try many Sunglasses enlivening feeling to summer at this opportunity.

Sunglasses 23,760 yen

[Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban)] POP UP SHOP

[gallery of rose] Preserved flower arrangement lesson "spring lease on compote"

  • ■Tuesday, May 23  11:00 a.m. -, 2:30 p.m. ... (the time required: for approximately two hours)
  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor special event space

We hold preserved flower arrangement lesson by Mr. Hanahiro chief Sandai River Junko.

Capacity: Each time ten people
Lesson costs: 11,880 yen (we include lesson costs, components of a flower arrangement costs)

It is inquiry application: Welcome zonal the fourth-floor [gallery of rose] direct TEL (03) 5361-1286

[gallery of rose] Preserved flower arrangement lesson "spring lease on compote"

[season style laboratory] WJKW period limited sale

  • ■Wednesday, April 26 → Tuesday, May 23
  • ■Femme Maison the fifth floor season style laboratory

"WJKW" which stopped brand in 2014 completely performs rib landing and revives.
Pre-debut collection ahead of full-scale development is developed next year in style laboratory in season from spring and summer.
Authentic, classic collection using original advanced jersey material.
We pursue beautility that is minimum that increased taste of the military.

Blouse 22,680 yen
Underwear 32,400 yen

During period, we give original tote bag to visitor of purchase.
※Number includes limit. It should be finished as soon as we disappear.

[season style laboratory] WJKW period-limited shop

[ekuseraunji] Personal styling

  • ■Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji

Stylist joins shopping after counseling and suggests fashion depending on request of visitor.
From three popular fashion stylists, you can appoint wanting stylist.

It is inquiry reservation: Femme Maison the fourth floor ekuseraunji direct communication TEL (03) 5361-1442

[service contents]

★Personal styling★
After counseling, stylist suggests fashion depending on request of visitor and coordinates.


★Personal styling★
・2.5h 40,000 yen (tax-excluded)
・3.5h 50,000 yen (tax-excluded)
After that in extension 1.0h 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)

[stylist introduction]

Taeko Nagatomo (NAGATOMO TAEKO)
We deal with styling of women's magazine, actress and business person. We are playing an active part as personal stylist.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling to draw individuality of visitor who adopted luxury elegance of adult more.

Kuniko Okabe (OKABE KUNIKO)
We deal with magazine and newscaster, styling of actress. We are playing an active part in talk show or seminar lecturer.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling that we valued individuality while standing on TPO and made use of charm of visitor in to the maximum.

Yoko Sakamoto (SAKAMOTO YOKO)
We are playing an active part mainly on women's magazine widely. Book "good-quality adult casual BOOK" is the Bible of adult generation.

☆Styling to be proud☆
Styling of adult woman who valued "clean feeling and quality of good-quality now" to convey "quality of oneself."

[ekuseraunji] Personal styling

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Socks

Panties moiety is tights becoming maternity specifications.
Prevention of static electricity processing finished.

Maternity tights 1,620 yen
※It is made in Japan.

[ass Teague] Maternity tights

[leg Lingerie]

  • ■The first-floor Ladies' Goods

New brand which keeps elegant design which was particular about having long legs thin vanity.
It features certain manufacturing made in design, Japan with sinter such as Import.

Pattern tights for each 3,024 yen

[leg Lingerie]

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