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Takashimaya e-mail magazine member terms

Article 1 <membership>

With member, we approve Takashimaya reward card member terms, and the enrollment of "Takashimaya reward card" (we assume reward card as follows) is proposed to Takashimaya Co., Ltd., Gifu Takashimaya, Yonago Takashimaya, Takasaki Takashimaya (we assume us collectively as follows) and says customer (we assume member as follows) whom we detected the enrollment in. Member is limited to customer 13 years or older. In addition, member shall have to register customer information by either method to set of each next issue.

  • (1) Method to register with tablet at store of Takashimaya
  • (2) Method to register in Web site of Takashimaya

Article 2 <fee>

Enrollment fee, annual convention costs are free.

Article 3 <member card>

  • (1) We issue one piece of reward card and, for one member, lend. Member decides to sign lent card promptly.
  • (2) Reward card is available only to members who signed reward card. In addition, proprietary rights of reward card belong to us, and transfer, loan to anyone other than the member concerned is not possible.
  • (3) In the case of impurity damage, loss or theft, member submits our predetermined notice, and we accept reissue of reward card, and please let me limit when I completed predetermined procedure. In the case of reissue of reward card, please bear reissue expense that we establish to member.

Article 4 <expiration date of membership>

  • (1) We do with to range that we established on expiration date of membership.
  • (2) With the loss of membership, we shall lose all privileges, rights based on these terms.

Use> of Article 5 <member card

  • (1) When member receives offer of the purchase of product and service using reward card in us, we shall have you show reward card.
  • (2) When there is not the presentation of reward card, all membership benefits including grant of point are not received.

Privilege> of Article 6 <member

  • 1.Point privilege
    1) Grant of point
    When we receive offer of the purchase of product which member shows reward card beforehand, and we established and service, we are given point to establish about the use to meet following (1), requirements of (2) separately. But following (3) removes "exclusion item of point privilege".
    (1) Handling store: Takashimaya Osaka store, Takashimaya Sakai store, Takashimaya Kyoto store, koshimaokurakuseiten, Takashimaya Nihonbashi shop, Takashimaya Yokohama shop, Takashimaya Konandai shop, Takashimaya Shinjuku shop, Takashimaya Senboku shop, Takashimaya Tamagawa shop, Takashimaya Tachikawa shop, Takashimaya Omiya shop, Takashimaya oak shop, Gifu Takashimaya, Yonago Takashimaya, Takasaki Takashimaya, Takashimaya foods maison Shin-Yokohama shop, Takashimaya foods maison otakano forest shop, Takashimaya-style maison prawns well-known store
    (2) Payment method: Payment by other companies credit card, electronic money that cash, Takashimaya gift certificate, gift certificate common throughout department stores of the whole country, department store gift certificate which we appoint, Takashimaya gift card, department store gift card, we handle.
    But the following payment should be exclusion.
    Payment by combination of Takashimaya card << gold >>, Takashimaya gold card, Takashimaya card, Takashimaya Saison card, credit card of other Takashimaya, credit sale (credit sale of foreign merchant) except credit card, product exchange ticket, various shopping tickets, point service shopping ticket, C.O.D., fair shopping card of friend, cash vouchers of published by other companies and various complimentary tickets.
    (3) Exclusion item of point privilege: There is not point privilege to thing to appoint in particular in gift certificates, various gift coupons (gift certificate for custom-made clothes, beer ticket, book card), various cash vouchers (various tickets, stamp, stamp), books, metal such as gold and silver platinum, box charges, processing, repair charges, load tool, the postage, various taxes, various down payment, tour costs, each handling store (we assume handling store as follows) of other our or (1) mentions mentioned above.
  • 2) Calculation of point
    (1) Basic point: When the amount of use every 1 product is more than 100 yen (tax-excluded), we give basic point that multiplied rate that we established every amount of use 100 yen (tax-excluded) of the product by.
    (2) Other points: We may give other points on account of us.
    (3) We put basic point and other points within savings period, and savings are possible, and there is not transferring to the next fiscal year.
  • 3) Savings period of point
    We do the last day of the enrollment moon last month with savings period of the first year in the next year from the day of the enrollment and, therefore, do one year from the next day on end day with savings period in each year during savings period after the second year.
  • 4) The use of point
    (1) 1,000 points of units can exchange point with "point service shopping ticket" of 1,000 yen equivalency sum in Takashimaya reward card counter of each handling store or point exchange, balance inquiry machine. In addition, in the case of exchange, take reward card by all means.
    (2) We cannot have you change point till registration of customer information is completed.
    (3) Exchange of point enables from grant daily allowance day.
    (4) When deadline for exchange of point is until the end of the month three months after the savings period end, we do.
    (5) Savings point that it was past deadline for exchange of point becomes extinct, and transferring to the next fiscal year does not do.
    (6) With other point services that we perform as for the point cannot add up.
  • 2.Other privileges
    Service that we limited toward the member whom we prepare for can use members.

Article 7 <prohibition of use of overlap with other discount systems>

Other discount systems cooperating conduct in us and point system in the case of the use with point privilege of reward card cannot use together.

Article 8 <usage of point service shopping ticket>

  • (1) Point service shopping ticket is available as shopping ticket of the amount of 1,000 yen equivalency.
  • (2) Point service shopping ticket is available only for payment in each Takashimaya store (except JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Iyotetsu Takashimaya, Takashimaya kids patio, overseas store).
  • (3) In the case of shopping less than 1,000 yen equivalency sum, point service shopping ticket cannot hand change. In addition, with point service shopping ticket and cash and other gift certificates cannot change.
  • (4) In the case of the purchase of thing which Takashimaya gift certificate, gift certificate common throughout department stores of the whole country, Takashimaya gift card, department store gift card, various cash vouchers (various tickets, stamp, stamp), metal such as gold and silver platinum, other we or each handling store appoints particularly, you cannot use point service shopping ticket.
  • (5) About amount of shopping ticket use minute that point service shopping ticket was used, we do not become a target of point.
  • (6) For theft, loss of point service shopping ticket, we do not bear the responsibility at all.

Article 9 <processing in purchase product returned goods>

  • (1) When we return purchase product, member shall show reward card.
  • (2) When purchase product is returned, point that we were already given shall be reduced. In addition, we may demand return of "point service shopping ticket" when it is returned goods after the "point service shopping ticket" issuance.
  • (3) We may pay the difference with cash by any chance when total point adversely affects.

Article 10 <change of report matter>

  • (1) When report matters such as address, the name, phone number that had you register are changed, please contact Takashimaya reward card counter of each handling store immediately.
  • (2) When there is not notification of change of report matter having you register, membership benefits such as grants of point may not be received.

Loss or theft> of Article 11 <member card

  • (1) When loss or theft of reward card occurs, please notify Takashimaya reward card counter of each handling store promptly.
  • (2) We do not bear all responsibility before having you notify by the above when "point service shopping ticket" is issued.

Article 12 <the loss of membership>

When member corresponds to the next matter, by our judgment, we may lose qualification of member.
In addition, accumulated point shall lapse with the loss of membership, and we shall not take responsibility even if the damage occurred to member in conjunction with the loss of membership.

  • (1) When we report falsehood at the time of the enrollment.
  • (2) When we judge that use state of reward card is not suitable.
  • (3) When, more than two years, there is not the use (point grant) of reward card.
  • (4) When we violate one of these terms.
  • (5) When we judge other us to be inappropriate as member.

Article 13 <withdrawal>

  • (1) We shall be able to resign from member at any time and apply to Takashimaya reward card counter of each handling store for withdrawal on withdrawal and shall return reward card.
  • (2) With the acceptance of withdrawal application, all the savings points shall become extinct.

Article 14 <change, etc. of terms>

Change revises service contents, system of these terms without notice or shall be able to abolish us by we announce or notifying member by method to judge that we are suitable without getting consent of member. In this case, use condition of service contents, system depends on member terms after change.

Article 15 <collection, possession, the use of personal information>

  • Member shall agree to handling as follows after necessary protection took a step in personal information (called "personal information" as follows) that we declared at the time of enrollment registration of member.
    (1) Kind of personal information that we acquire
    Full name, the date of birth, address, e-mail addresses such as phone numbers, matter which other members reported at the time of enrollment application, product purchase history.
    (2) We use personal information for the following purposes. But we shall cancel this in duties, administration when there was proposal of use cancellation from member as far as there is not trouble.
    1.Information for product information, living information, after-sale service, various special treatments by email from us.
    2.Offer of privilege, after-sale service.
    3.We offer personal information to joint use company within the use purpose mentioned above, and joint use company use this.
    (3) With joint use company saying in these terms, it becomes [joint use company (Takashimaya group)] of mention at these terms end.
    (4) We shall not use personal information that had you register of member other than purpose to fix for these terms.
    But the following cases are not these limits.
    1.When it is member and obtains consent in front.
    2.Case necessary to protect serious profit such as life, health, property of member.
    3.When disclosure, offer is necessary by other laws and ordinances.
    (5) We hold personal information of former member who lost withdrawal and membership for a certain period of time.

Article 16 <disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information>

  • (1) Member can request from us and joint use company to disclose personal information about self.
  • (2) We and joint use company shall accept correction or deletion without special circumstances immediately by any chance when registration contents were proved to be incorrectness or error.
    *In addition, please inform [reference about disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information] of mention of disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information at these terms end.

Article 17 <disagreement about the handling of personal information>

When member does not register matter necessary for application for enrollment or when we cannot consent about privacy policy to establish in these terms, we shall be able to cancel thing and membership to decline the enrollment.

Article 18 <disclaimers>

We shall not take responsibility without intention or gross error about the damage that member received with this service and offer of information of Article 15 in us unless these terms have particular fate.

Article 19 <other consent matters>

Member shall promise definitely that we do not correspond to antisocial power (gangster, gang-affiliated person concerned with company, racketeer) for the future when member wins at the present. In addition, member shall have to submit report to us within rational period when we suspend the use of card when it is suspected that member corresponds to these antisocial power concretely and can demand report about the matter concerned, and we demand the report.

[inquiry consultation counter]

Sending of advertisement trade rag, please inform Takashimaya reward card counter of each handling store of proposal of business guidance cancellation.

[joint use company (Takashimaya group)]

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[reference about disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information]

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    • Shinjuku store, Tachikawa shop customer service 03-5361-1111 (main)
    • Tamagawa shop customer service 03-3709-3111 (main)
    • Tachikawa shop general affairs department 042-525-2111 (main)
    • Yokohama store, Konandai store customer service 045-311-5111 (main)
    • Omiya store general affairs department 048-643-1111 (main)
    • Oak shop general affairs department 04-7144-1111 (main)
    • Osaka store, Sakai store, Senboku store customer service 06-6631-1101 (main)
    • Kyoto store, rakuseiten customer service 075-221-8811 (main)
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  • Yonago Takashimaya business promotion part 0859-22-1111 (main)

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