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sisley SISLEY
Product image
3in1 technical eyebrow pencil where pencil, high writer, brush became one. Is soft; describe, and the feeling deshinakayakana eyebrows can be regulated well.
(all three colors)
For each 6,480 yen
Product image
Gel mask of "apusoryupureshasuseru" aiming at refined beauty series. Comfortable skin can be regulated well for fresh and young usability.
(75 ml)
24,840 yen


[hakuho-do] powder teak writing brush for Hello Kitty carrying very much (70's) [amount-limited release]
[hakuho-do] Powder teak writing brush for Hello Kitty carrying very much (70's) [amount-limited release]
■The first-floor cosmetics
[hakuho-do] powder teak writing brush for Hello Kitty carrying very much (70's) [amount-limited release]
4,320 yen 
Powder teak writing brush for Hello Kitty carrying debuts at one size big size because of favorable reception!
As it is quality of hair with moderate waist, we can let we fit small irregularities, and powder adhere to skin.
It is convenient for carrying around in convenient one with cap.
©'76, '17 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S574309

※the number is limited,it may be sold out.
[dear mayuko] bath aroma extract bath salts hot blend 
[Deer Mayuko]
■The first-floor cosmetics
[dear mayuko]bath aromaextract 150 ml 3,456 yen
It isbath aroma essence which combined 100% natural essential oil with base with Toyama Bay deep-ocean water. Blend essential oil derived from plant including flower and herb luxuriously; is sericin moreIt is bath towel with moist moisture by combination.
Bathing charges of deep-ocean water including abundant mineral including calcium and magnesium in a good balance can use even perceptiveness skin.
Please enjoy feeling that both heart and body are relaxed with Rose, citron, three flavor of lavender.
※Humidity retention ingredient

[dear mayuko] bath salts hot blend 400 g 6,264 yen
Toyama Bay deep-ocean water salt and sericino combination. It is mineral bath salts which spicy plant ingredient was combined with. We warm body by bathing and promote sweat. Calcium, nutrition of the sea including magnesium are included in a good balance, and Toyama Bay deep-ocean water prevents drying of skin after sweat and gives wet moisture.
※Humidity retention ingredient

※the number is limited,it may be sold out.
[sisley] fitoburasshutsuisuto
[sisley] fitoburasshutsuisuto
■The first-floor cosmetics
All fitoburasshutsuisuto 7,020 yen four colors

Teak appears for "twist" of [sisley] series.
Grant good color development of cream teak and delicacy of powder teak with one; for make with hitonuride brightness and three-dimensional impression. There is skin care effect, too and gives skin moisture.
[sisley] UV care
[sisley] UV care new product
■The first-floor cosmetics 
SPF50, PA++++ 50 ml 31,320 yen
2 in 1 D treatment which had protection and treatment.

Be set to clear skin impression brightly and protect skin from ultraviolet ray and air pollution, urban environment including free radical well.
In addition, we give skin moisture and protect skin from drying such as ultraviolet ray, air-conditioning and fix smoothly with moisture.
We are sticky with light texture adjusting to skin with delicate, refreshing flavor straight and finish all feeling flexibly.
It is available as the makeup groundwork.

Formula in conformity to Asian skin.
Ultraviolet ray absorbent nonuse.
nonkomedojienikkufomyura *.
We can use for all skin types including sensitive skin.

*There is comedo toward all.
[SWISS PERFECTION] perfect lift Aic Rihm
■The first-floor cosmetics
Perfect lift Aic Rihm R5305 15 ml 38,880 yen

Aic Rihm of rank best in SWISS PERFECTION.
We total sensitive zone of eye in luxury feel of a material and care.
We give skin tension and moisture, and eye of flexible, dignified impression can be set.
[Deer Mayuko] sun protector spray
[Deer Mayuko]
■The first-floor cosmetics
[Deer Mayuko] sun protector spray (50 g) 3,672 yen

He/she fixes UV spray of dear mayuko which combined humidity retention ingredient "sericin" born from cocoon on skin with moisture while protecting skin from ultraviolet ray well.
There are few feelings of pressure and is available to face and whole body, hair for transparence specifications for the smooth feel.
Furthermore, burden to skin decreases as we microcapsulize all the UV cut ingredients.
Exclusive cleansing is not necessary.
We can drop in face wash and body soap having you usually use.

※Please apply to control kindly when we use for face after taking as palm once.
[sisley] ijiia
[sisley] ijiia
■The first-floor cosmetics
oduparufan with all hommage to special rose which fully took the sun in nature, and grew.
Sensual bouquet opens in efflation.

30mL 10,800 yen
50mL 14,580 yen
100mL 23,760 yen
[Deer Mayuko] seat mask
[Deer Mayuko]
■The first-floor cosmetics
[Deer Mayuko] seat mask five /1 box 8,424 yen

We just adhere to skin by top and bottom separate type (it is for the top, and eye, nose, for everyday use are divided into chin, face line) and beauty ingredient sericin goes to every corner of stratum corneum and lasts and fixes to skin with a feeling of tension.
[Deer Mayuko] body scrub
[Deer Mayuko]
■The first-floor cosmetics
[Deer Mayuko] body scrub 200 g 5,184 yen
Type of flavor: yuruyuru/gorogoro/hirahira/uraura/powapowa

By four kinds of scrubs that are kind to skin and humidity retention ingredient (almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, honey) derived from plant, humidity retention ingredient sericin born from cocoon again, we polish up body as bald as an egg with moisture.
[La Prairie] interception Duo
[La Prairie] interception Duo
■The first-floor cosmetics
Interception Duo 50 ml (25 ml *2) 42,984 yen
Cream> for cream SPF30, PA+++/ night for <daytime
Thursday, June 1, 2017 release

We set business and two cream for night to one in the daytime and fix interception Duo to smooth skin with moisture by total care of morning and evening.
[sisley] black Rose skin cream
■The first-floor cosmetics
Black Rose skin cream 50mL 20,520 yen

It is new item from popular aging care * series "black Rose".
Cream which blended a lot of Rose extract of mellow flavor that we did including black Rose who satisfied heart and plant ingredient with skin in original formula, and was born.
In fresh and young, comfortable texture that drop of water splits open as soon as we put on skin.
Firm skin, lustrous skin filled with brightness can be regulated well plumply.   
*It is care depending on age
[Cle de Peau Bothe] rouge array bulldog n
[Cle de Peau Bothe]
■The first-floor cosmetics
All 12 colors of rouge array bulldog n <lipstick> for each 6,480 yen 
Friday, July 21 release

We are filled with soft confidence, and let's add lips.
From color to swing heart. From delicate luster. From deep red former curve to catch lips kindly.
And we surpass your expectation. Cle de Peau Bothe.
[POLA] B.A Ceram pre-sly trick Mina
■The first-floor cosmetics
"B.A Ceram pre-sly trick Mina" birth
Liquid cosmetics which aim at skin emitting feeling of life overflowing light

B.A Ceram pre-sly trick Mina [unregulated drug] 40mL 21,600 yen refill 40mL 20,520 yen
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 release 
[Cle de Peau Bothe] le fonds do tongue
[Cle de Peau Bothe]
■The first-floor cosmetics
Luxury supreme bliss. Le fonds do tongue.
Comfort as there is not of kind without stress of deluxe texture melting away is at all like skin care cream which is many functions. We brighten skin with fresh and young, natural beauty.
It is the luxury finish of non-experience to snuggle up to skin for feeling of happiness satisfied until heart.

Le fonds do tongue
<foundation> cream type SPF20, PA++
All seven colors of for each 32,400 yen
[est] esutozaroshon / esutozaemarujon / esutozapurotekushon
■The first-floor cosmetics
esutozaroshon 140 ml 6,480 yen
■Tuesday, September 5 release
Lotion which moisture follows in dry environment. Creature to strongly survive in salt lake of desert of pole drying combines ingredient "ekutoin" to bring about by oneself. On skin brightly firm to the depths (※ 1) of skin moisture.
※Humidity retention ingredient "ekutoin" combination

esutozaemarujon 80 ml 6,480 yen
■Tuesday, September 5 release
Emulsion which shuts in moisture for a long time. We adopt "the high penetration ceramide care manufacturing method", and plentiful humidity retention ingredient penetrates ※1. On skin brightly firm from drying with skin defense, moisture.

esutozapurotekushon 30 g 5,940 yen
■Tuesday, September 5 release
Emulsion for Japan and China where there are humidity retention and ultraviolet ray cut with one. We protect skin from Japanese-Chinese outside stimulation including ultraviolet ray and drying. Skin enriched from fresh and young texture continues.

(to the ※ one angle layer)
*est original ingredient "ATP supiraru" new skin care series common combination
*Humidity retention ingredient: Lycoris squamigera culture essence ginger extract eucalyptus extract combination
[CHICCA] CHICCA view tyg low oil & essence 
■The first-floor cosmetics
CHICCA view tyg low oil & essence 9,504 yen
■Wednesday, September 13 release

In addition to essence giving "moisture to the corner layer", CHICCA adds oil making "para-sebaceous gland".
We fix the surface in pin and the bare skin beauty that is enlarged, and was seductive every day while being moistened by being moistened by skin care, and supplying if skin (the corner layer) is fluffy.
[sisley] shisureiyaintegurarukuremukonturudeyu
■The first-floor cosmetics
shisureiyaintegurarukuremukonturudeyu 15 ml 20,520 yen (amount-limited belonging to massage Tours)
■Friday, September 1 release
We give moisture in smooth texture like silk, and, from aging care * cream "cis layer integral bringing tension and luster," Aic Rihm is born.
Is versatile in eye zone; aging care *.
It is smooth, and skin with a feeling of tension can be regulated well. In addition, it is impressive with skin of the eye circumference brightly.

*It is care depending on age.
[Deer Mayuko] pumice
[Deer Mayuko]
■The first-floor cosmetics
[Deer Mayuko] pumice 1,296 yen

It is sericin in ... pumice. Heel and elbow are smooth slipperily; ...
We have skin care or life miscellaneous goods which combined humidity retention ingredient "sericin" born from cocoon in dear mayuko and suggest lifestyle to enjoy everyday living.

While when pumice which kneaded natural humidity retention ingredient "sericin" into has use for place worried about keratin including heel and elbow, being moistened; to slipperily smooth skin.

◆It is recommended to gift◆
It is recommended as present which worked of mind by fashion.

○We get this article wet to water or hot water and rub keratins which became hard such as heel, finger-tip lightly.
○You rinse out after use well, and you drain the water, and please be dried in good place of ventilation.

○We may injure skin when we rub at a time too much.
○Please avoid use to soft part of skin.
○When you do not go with a certain abnormal case and emergency skin to skin, please do not use to infants. 
○As there might be change of color, mold after use, please keep into the good shade of ventilation out of bathroom.
[La Prairie] SC apusorufira
[La Prairie]
■The first-floor cosmetics
SC apusorufira 60 ml 72,252 yen September 1, 2017 new sale

A feeling of tension that is glamourous on skin of adult.
It is new idea called volume (*1) treatment of tension. Special cream in commemoration of the skin caviar collection 30th anniversary is born.
We bring a feeling of tension that we assumed pin on skin for the rich touch that we combine new caviar ingredient "kyabiaapusoru" (*2) and stick to and fix to skin impression with the volume plumply.

(*1) Skin of plump feel of a material with moisture 
(*2) Skin caviar oil, skin caviar extract (*hadanarifun)
[Cle de Peau Bothe] le Ceram n (unregulated drug) liquid cosmetics
[Cle de Peau Bothe]
■The first-floor cosmetics
Le Ceram n (unregulated drug) liquid cosmetics 40 ml 27,000 yen

Opening of endless waking.
If original power wakes, skin shines more.
Liquid cosmetics which remind of talent of the endless beauty.
We can come across beauty of shining "Cle de Peau Bothe".
[delamer] delamer highest peak collection GENAISSANCE DE LA MER™
■The first-floor cosmetics
Delamer highest peak collection

jienesansudu La Mer ™ the eye and expression cream 15mL 47,520 yen
jienesansudu La Mer ™ the infuyuzudoroshon 150mL 31,320 yen
jienesansudu La Mer ™ the Ceram essence 30mL 77,760 yen
[Deer Mayuko] bus pillow
[Deer Mayuko]
■The first-floor cosmetics

[Deer Mayuko] bus pillow
Small size 25*17*5cm 4 pattern 3,888 yen (tax-included)
Medium size 36*26*7cm 3 pattern 7,344 yen (tax-included)

To bathtime and attendant of afternoon bass that comfortable heart feels relaxed. Small pipe material such as straw is clogged up in bag of good stretch material of growth, and hardness that is moderate in the softness remains. Slightly large medium size is usable as pillow in bed.

We sink bus pillow with splash once in bathtub and use in relationships of bathtub after soaking with hot water. A sense of stability increases to some extent as weight appears by soaking with hot water.

○Please dry in good place of ventilation after having squeezed moisture after use enough.

■Care method
Only hand-washing is possible. You dilute synthetic detergent, and please wash your hands with tepid water.
[La Prairie] eye care product
[La Prairie]
■The first-floor cosmetics
Skin caviar essence icon PLEX 15 ml 17,604 yen
Skin caviar Lux Aic Rihm 20 ml 41,688 yen

Sunday, October 1 → We present sample set and original pocket mirror to visitor who had you purchase eye care product targeted for La Prairie during period of Tuesday, October 31.

Specifically, visit to salesperson ground.
Present product has a limit to number. It should be finished as soon as we disappear.
[Shiseido] future solution LX
■The first-floor cosmetics
October 1, 2017 new sale
Shiseido future solution LX
We change mystery of nature to beauty.
While satisfying the five senses pleasantly; to skin full of fluent luster and feeling of plump tension.

Shiseido future solution LX extra Rich cleansing form e <face-wash form >134 g 5,400 yen
Shiseido future solution LX konsentoreitiddobaranshingusofuna e <humidity retention liquid> (unregulated drug) 170mL 12,960 yen
Shiseido future solution LX totarupurotekutibukurimu e <cream for the daytime> SPF20, PA++++ 51 g 29,160 yen
Shiseido future solution LX total R cream e <cream >50 g 34,560 yen
Shiseido future solution LX aiandorippukontoa R cream e <cream (for eye, lips) >17 g 16,200 yen
[Shiseido] Shiseido future solution LX totaruradiansufandeshon e <foundation>
■The first-floor cosmetics
October 1, 2017 new sale
It is all five colors of 33 g 12,960 yen SPF20, PA+++ (unregulated drug) solution LX totaruradiansufandeshon e <foundation> in Shiseido future

Foundation to prepare to fair skin full of brightness of life
We direct brightness and skin filled with brightness which seem to be full of light.
[Shiseido] Shiseido future solution LX totaruradiansurusupauda e <face powder>
■The first-floor cosmetics
Sunday, October 1, 2017 new sale
Shiseido future solution LX totaruradiansurusupauda e <face powder >10 g 8,640 yen

Ruth powder of the touch that is fluent by light car like delicate silk.
The finest skin such as jewel that the finish was polished up. We direct light skin which seems to be full of light by makeup effect.


[Clé de Peau Beauté]
■The first-floor cosmetics
Highest grade brand of Shiseido group where [Cle de Peau Bothe] was born with [Cle de Peau] of release as forerunner in 1996 in 1982.
Skin care to become the core of brand continued watching beauty of skin since birth consistently.
We evolve beauty theory over seven times until now while applying knowledge of the highest skin study.
We bring elation beating fast with whenever we use at moment to let you be familiar with skin and fix to shining skin every day.
[M A C]
■The first-floor cosmetics
We were founded by frank toss perception, frank Angelo in Toronto, Canada in 1984.
We perform contribution to society and it is made with product which does not do animal experiment and does recycling program, AIDS Foundation.
■The first-floor cosmetics
We are born in Japan, and, more than 35 years, SK-II pitera including ingredient (※) useful for skin with exquisite balance continues being loved.
Right "present from nature."
pitera fixes skin original work and is "secret key" to make beauty.
pitera holds secret to beauty of woman of every generation.
[shu uemura]
■The first-floor cosmetics
Brand which founded by legendary makeup artist, Shu Uemura known as pioneer of beauty world of Japan [shu uemura].
Artistic aesthetics and high professionalism challenge towards creation of every beauty based on concept, "beautiful makeup begins with the beautiful bare skin.".
[Joe Malone London]
■The first-floor cosmetics
Brand symbolizing British style in original flavor and elegant gifutogibingu [Joe Malone London]. We will express a certain unit-related flavor only for oneself through "fureguransukombainingu ™" which is philosophy of brand (stack pickles of flavor). Of course we put different flavor together, and flavor of Joe Malone London can make flavor like oneself alone. In flavor that adds twist of citrus system to be fragrant, and is refreshing of floral. We repeat spicy flavor and can change into flavor warm. We will express flavor to become signature only for oneself to feeling and atmosphere.
■The first-floor cosmetics
SWISS PERFECTION was born according to the name in high quality resort, Montreux of Switzerland.
It is cosmetic which gathers advanced technology of one of the world's best aging care facilities where we win world best spa many times, and lord noble and Hollywood star go to incognito, and was developed. We continue satisfying celebrities visiting spa now. ※Aging care is care depending on age.
[POLA] B.A lotion
■The first-floor cosmetics
POLA is brand supporting woman in advanced technology represented by aging care brand "B.A" and high hospitality.
We introduce product made up to one drop of drop carefully with care that fitted you. ※Aging care is care appropriate for age.
■The first-floor cosmetics
Shiseido which came which continued creating the beauty of the times by art and fusion of science ever since we were born in Ginza, Tokyo in 1872. By makeup to express charm of the person as skin care to do skin original work in good health, we draw inner beauty. We develop common product and image in country and area of whole world 88. We Shiseido deepens connection with visitors of the world.
■The first-floor cosmetics
Makeup writing brush of hakuho-do to lead to be finished that "it is easily certain quickly" just to let slide over skin lightly and goes just as want.

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