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Hello baby salon

Hello Baby Salon (hello baby salon)

  • ■Hello baby salon on the fifth floor

Baby article sales floor was replaced with a new one widely and opened as "hello baby salon".
It is lineup in item which we put together in life scene from maternity, maternal supplies to 2 years old. Technical knowledge-rich consultant accepts consultation of selection of question about delivery, child care and article.

It was in sales floor which the child care scene that mediated in four zones of "delivery preparations" "house" "outside" "maternity", and had baby-related item was easy to image.
We support premama, mom and baby for total and propose in fashion & reliable safe item.

★Delivery preparations corner★
We had reliable safe underwear and Beds & Linen for newborn baby for total.
You can offer item which you want to prepare for before birth.

[Miki house]
Delivery preparations set 108,000 yen
It is set which attracted recommended items mainly on Beds & Linen and wear.

★Beat; zone★
Bed offers item to use in total in house in the scene including mumbling.

Trip trap chair 29,700 yen
Newborn set 12,960 yen
Stylish and functional chair of North European design which is usable from newborn baby to adult.

[sutokke] is brand which was born in Norway in 1932. It unfolded as "sutokkekona" in Nihonbashi Takashimaya, but, on opening of "hello baby salon", became first Japanese shop development aiming at world common product development.
It became easy to do shopping at the same time as sales floor area doubled, and stroller and baby Furniture, display items of cuddle string increased in shop development.

★osoto zone★
It is various in outer, item to use when going out including stroller.

[rhinoceros Beck's] MIOS (Mio's)
Seat frame set 79,920 yen
Canopy head cushion set 8,640 yen
At slim size of 50cm in width in the wicket of station smoothly.
As it is high seat of mesh material, it is comfortable in coming season.

[ray den & anei]
Two pieces of Suwa dollar set 4,104 yen
Only as bunting, awning, blanket, various how to use stroller including nursing cape are possible.

★Maternity corner★
We had inner outerware whom design and both of functionality comprised to stylish premama & mom.

[Wacoal maternity]
From before childbirth, after giving birth combined use brassiere 10,044 yen
Function bottom 14,040 yen for before childbirth

Baby rest room

  • ■Hello baby salon on the fifth floor

We offer baby rest room to be able to do shopping with child in peace.

★Milk formula corner★

There are pot and range, washing space.

★Diaper spare corner★

As diaper substitute is possible with standing, father can use without burden, too.

★Nursing corner★

There is individual space three rooms.

★Eat space★

Facing baby, we can eat.

Baby consultant

  • ■Hello baby salon on the fifth floor

Professional staff who received the child care training in nursery rooms of royal gift foundation nurturance hospital does advice about baby article, maternity article.
Call without reserve.

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Baby consultant

Kid' s Club (kids club)

  • ■Hello baby salon on the fifth floor

Membership system "kids club" of Takashimaya supporting family whom child until 12 years old comes to and one becoming mom from now on.
It is various and offers helpful information and privilege, pleasant event.
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Pretty baby

  • Hello baby salon on the fifth floor

A lot of contents to help child care! "Pretty baby" look at site supporting mom and daddy by all means.
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※Price displays for the total sum including consumption tax.