The eighth-floor event hall

Semiannual men's sale Festival
[simultaneous holding] Men's wear Custom-made two sale

  • ■Wednesday, April 26 → Monday, May 8
  • ■The eighth-floor event hall
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

[semiannual men's sale Festival]

From Men's Suits yoridori two 29,100 yen
[yard goods made in Italy] from use jacket one 31,320 yen

[men's wear Custom-made two sale]

We prepare comfortable Suits fitting body of visitor in certain technique by domestic sewing.
Please try few comfort in ready-made Suits.

From orthodox school Suits, polish jacket second place 59,400 yen
From discerning yard goods Takashimaya original [Owari yard goods] use Custom-made Suits two 85,320 yen created through domestic famous production center and joint development of Takashimaya
From Custom-made Slacks two 28,080 yen
From Custom-made formal suit one 42,660 yen
※We accept Custom-made formal suit from the first place.
In addition, we take order by combination with Suits jacket.

■Opening service only for Wednesday, April 26
Custom-made Suits two 51,840 yen (20 limits)

■From afternoon of Friday, April 28 3:00
Premium Friday plan Custom-made jacket one 27,000 yen (20 limits)

■April 29 (Saturday, celebration) .30 days Sunday, Saturday, May 6 .7 days Sunday
Use of import yard goods Custom-made Suits one 54,000 yen (every day 30th place limit)

[simultaneous holding] << gentleman order-made shirts two pieces sale >>
We sew custom tailoring shirt which just matched body.
Collar type, cuff type, button color, arrangement including original embroidery are freedom. Please try at this opportunity.

From order-made shirts two pieces 14,040 yen
※Two designs such as neckband type, cuff types become acceptance with the same model.

※Custom-made order-made shirts have the completion for approximately four weeks.
※Direct sewing, single are tailored, and they are all prices.
※There is paid thing on lining, button, too.
※There is thing that optional rate is changed partly including stitch and the best.
※It may cost optional rate depending on design partly.
※As the number of articles, dough necessary length of cloth have limit, forgive knob of sellout.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※It should be order from the second place per person (except one-limited article, four circle).
※Price displays for the total sum including consumption tax.

Semiannual men's sale Festival <br> [simultaneous holding] men's wear Custom-made two sale

Worth buttocks Zorro re-great adventure exhibition of the 30th anniversary

  • ■Wednesday, April 26 → Monday, May 8
  • ■The eighth-floor hall

■Walk-in from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (7:30 p.m. closing)
※The last day until 5:30 p.m. (6:00 p.m. closing).
■Admission <tax-included>: Free of charge lower than general 800 yen, university, high school student 600 yen, junior high student

Develop great adventure with main character, Zorro re-ga friend of fox to be mischievous king; "buy, re-buttocks Zorro", is series. Vol. 1 was published in 1987, and this series that continued attracting children reached the 30th anniversary at last.
We display the valuable original pictures more than 150 points while looking back on the history of past great adventure in commemoration of the 30th anniversary by book exhibition. Furthermore, we are studded with "treasure" which attracted Zorro re-ga everywhere and can sense view of the world of work bodily.
Let alone child, Zorro re-world who can enjoy in whole family opens curtain.

Sponsorship: "Worth buttocks Zorro re-great adventure exhibition" executive committee
The original: Yutaka Hara
Special cooperation: Poplar company
Cooperation: BN pictures, Asia temple, Kyoko Hara
Plan production: Toei
© Yutaka Hara / poplar company

[selling advance ticket until Tuesday, April 25!]
Advance ticket <tax-included> with "worth buttocks Zorro re-nofushigi batch:" General 800 yen, university, high school student 600 yen, pair ticket 1,500 yen
We are selling in "Fami port" of setting in FamilyMart shop until Tuesday, April 25.
※For more information:>>
※"Worth buttocks Zorro re-nofushigi batch" should be handing over at exhibition hall entrance.

Worth buttocks Zorro re-great adventure exhibition of the 30th anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the foundation book flower arrangement art exhibition

  • ■Wednesday, May 10 → 17th Wednesday
  • ■8 kaisai halls
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

・First exhibition: Wednesday, May 10 .11 days Thursday
・Second exhibition: Friday, May 12 .13 days Saturday
・Third exhibition: Sunday, May 14 .15 days Monday
・Fourth exhibition: Tuesday, May 16 .17 days Wednesday

■The walk-in: From 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (7:30 p.m. closing)
※But Thursday, May 11 .13 days Saturday .15 days Monday .17 days Wednesday until 5:30 p.m. (6:00 p.m. closing)

■Admission (tax-included): 1,000 yen ※Free of charge lower than high school student

Sponsorship: Japan flower arrangement Arts Council
Support: Yomiuri Shimbun

Japanese flower arrangement Arts Council was founded in November, 1966 by representative of national various fashions group (223 130 schools) and invited memorable year of the 50th anniversary.

Promotion told the honorary president about Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamatsu, Her Imperial Highness Princess Hitachi and had instruction to further development. We act for spread of flower arrangement art enlightenment from Datong solidarity as cultural organization authorized by public interest incorporated foundation having member of 4,200 300 schools after 50 years.

It is bright, and representative writer of 1,062 195 schools shows the collected studies of flower arrangement art to book exhibition holding in commemoration of the 50th anniversary under the theme of "let dream of half a century bloom" and can see step and crop for 50 years with photograph panel.
We give new sense of beauty to long tradition, and further flowers flower.
We guide to have you have a look by all means.

[the 50th anniversary of the foundation book flower arrangement art exhibition] special site is this place>>>
※You can see with PC, tablet smartphone.

The 50th anniversary of the foundation book flower arrangement art exhibition

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