The eighth-floor event hall

Meeting of the 69th east and west eminent scholar long-established store

  • ■Wednesday, March 29 → Monday, April 3
  • ■The eighth-floor event hall 
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

Gorgeous spring when Miyabi meets the best.

"Purple society" of Tokyo and "meeting not to give" of Kyoto. We hold traditional event of Takashimaya that East-West long-established stores compete with the skill for the beauty this spring. Please enjoy the best and the world of Miyabi where 36 well-known stores in all gather to one place.

Ginza Echigo-ya
Kimonos, obi founded in 1755
We reproduce *yuhatasen (kyokechizome) called fantastic technique in the present age. Is fantastic, and design that seems to appear by unique blur is deep; is tasteful.

sen menagoya Zone (100% of silk) 399,600 yen <item on display limit>

Will ma tortoise
Kimonos, obi founded in 1810
Seasonal flowers which do the calm spring arrival close, and begin to bloom beautifully in Ougi design.
On the gorgeous orange, we expressed by embroidery.

Thick silk goods nagoya Zone (100% of silk, dark red place) 205,200 yen <item on display limit>

[list of Tokyo purple society exhibition]
rei*oku (Kimonos, obi)
The world comes and sleeps (Kimonos, obi)
Ginza Echigo-ya (Kimonos, obi)
Akasaka Fukudaya (Kimonos, obi)
zen shop (footwear)
daiyaoku*honten (tabi, miscellaneous goods in Japanese dress)
Ginza Sekine (Ladies' Wear)
Yamatoya (jewel, bag)
Ginza Yoshinoya (Ladies' Shoes, Men's Shoes, Handbags)
Taira Yamada Ando (Lacquerware)
Ikenohata Kyoya (armor-back held-flag Furniture)
higashikana (earthenware)
Ginza Tanizawa (Bags, Handbags)
Ginza Bogue (hat)
Michiaki (having a Court post braid)
Horiguchi glass (Edo Kiriko)

[Kyoto list of meeting exhibition not to give]
oka good (we blow on Kyoto)
Will ma tortoise (Kimonos, obi)
Chiso (yuzen)
Jin Yashiro (sen, texture)
Itochu (footwear)
Irregularity field (Kimonos, obi)
Kawashima Textile Manufacturers (Nishijin brocade)
Wakamatsu (ability texture obi material)
Drill grouper (Ladies' Wear)
Incense bed (Handbags, blue-ribbon accessories)
Dragon good temple (Japanese Tea Ceremony Utensils)
Wrasse bower Ohara (ceramic art)
Aizan, Toyota temple (fragrance)
asobe (Lacquerware)
kyuwaki*ogian (folding fan)
Yasuda string of beads shop (Kyoto nenju)
Matsuya (Kyoto-doll)
West river (Kyoto bamboo work art, Kyoto bamboo blind)
Ai wave (Kyoto round fan)
Do quantity mountain temple; this (elegant stationery)

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Meeting of the 69th east and west eminent scholar long-established store

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