[Reman] period limited sale

  • ■Wednesday, August 23 → 29th Tuesday
  • ■The first-floor Japanese and Western cake weekly nu under the ground

Both reason, person trouble and cover trouble hang representative product "wheat chocolate" of [Reman] which begins to cook cake of chocolate, and is 68 with ancestor and feature quality, luster, texture of chocolate.

It features can which treated pattern of picture, and product "roux Briand" who is popular in department store is assorted four kinds of chocolates.

From fondant screw Cui (one) 540 yen
It is new texture sweets which are not cookies which are not chocolate which "fondant screw Cui" fully kneads chocolate and baked in form of Clover which is symbol of "happiness".
You can enjoy moment nihorottotorokeru texture that you put in the mouth.
There are eight kinds of kinds of taste, and the contents become individually wrapping.
We offer with three, four, six from case with two and are available for gift-giving use.

[Reman] period limited sale

[Donq] cool; and melon

  • ■Wednesday, June 21 → Thursday, August 31
  • ■The first-floor Donq under the ground

It is-limited bread sweet in the summer to enjoy with style in the summer when cold cream was contained in melonpan.
It features light cream which is tasty while having body of fresh cream.
We offered all four kinds, milk vanilla melon chocolate, white peaches. Please try by all means.
Various tax-included 216 yen

[Donq] cool, and begin to sell melon!

[tsuoppu] news of bread special limited sale

  • ■Wednesday, September 6
  • ■Special event space in front of Dallmayr sales floor under the ground on the first floor 

We sell bread of popular shop [tsuoppu] of Matsudo.

※We sell in special event space in front of Dallmayr sales floor under the ground on the first floor from 3:00 p.m. with every day.
※It may limit purchase score.
※Number includes limit. Forgive knob of sellout.

<going to sell>
■On Wednesday, September 6, it is Wednesday for 20 days
※There is no sale in October.
■Wednesday, November 15
■Wednesday, December 13
■Wednesday, January 17
■Wednesday, February 21

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

[tsuoppu] news of bread special limited sale!

Food delivery to home "Rose kitchen" of Takashimaya

It is food delivery that "Rose kitchen" selects Takashimaya from perishables of errand to specialties and well-established taste every day, and had approximately 1,000 points of products of gooseberry.

"Those when we cannot go to shop favorite taste"
"We want to choose articles of Takashimaya quality slowly at home"

We had good-quality taste to affect such a visitor.
Please use.

For more information:
※You can see from PC, smartphone.

Food delivery to home "Rose kitchen" of Takashimaya

It is city from food 5:00

  • ■Every day from 5:00 p.m.
  • ■The first-floor food under the ground

A lot of discount starts "city at 5:00" every day in the first-floor food floor under the ground from 5:00 p.m.
We offer attributive quality from 5:00 p.m., good bargain product, newly made side dish, bread hot from the oven.

It is city from food 5:00

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