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Product image
Six colors of new colors of teak color which can mix exquisite color freely placed to 9 blocks come up. In the finish in total favorite in feeling and fashion.
Mixed brush compact
More colors
(all five kinds of houses new one kind)
For each 4,860 yen
Yves Saint-Laurent Yves Saint Laurent
Product image
Lip which pure translucency of melty bamu and color of tinto which gradually develops maintain for a long term. Ingredient derived from plant gives moisture.
(all 12 colors)
For each 4,644 yen
Product image
Different four-colored eye color of feel of a material is dressed in eye beautifully. Organic tiger nuts oil * combination to be familiar with skin of eye quickly, and to moisturize.
*Humidity retention ingredient
biomoisuchuashado 4D
(all two colors)
For each 6,480 yen
Product image
Palette with brush of mat type with impact and sima ring type with tempting brightness. We direct three-dimensional impression and a feeling of glow.
NARS ist
(all two kinds)
For each 7,992 yen
Product image
The UV groundwork that Lancome's original "Urban protector" protects skin from ultraviolet ray and drying. Light reckoning feeling and natural cover power of water veil.
UV essence Peer BB
(all SPF50, PA++++/30ml/ two colors)
For each 6,264 yen 
Product image
Not only we are dressed smoothly, but also charm to form neatly and keep beauty. In impression refreshing with thin film film with a feeling of comfortable tightening.
Tight film foundation PRO
(all SPF32, PA+++/30g/ six colors)
For each 6,480 yen
shu uemura shu uemura
Product image
New fluid foundation of the finish which is translucent semi-matte with lustrous brightness. To skin which is smooth for the fresh and young feel.
Takashimaya precedent sale
Pedal skin fluid foundation
(all SPF20, PA++/30ml/ 11 colors)
For each 5,400 yen
episutemu episteme
Product image
We combine original ingredient which paid its attention to light of blue light with ultraviolet ray. While we make Japan and China, we keep skin in good health.
Stem science CC
(SPF31, PA+++/32g)
8,640 yen
Product image
New powder foundation which enables the finish with three-dimensional impression full of fluent luster and a feeling of tension. We are familiar and fit skin, and the beautiful finish lasts.
(all SPF20, PA++/9.5g/ six colors)
Set price for each 5,940 yen


Product image
Do whitening * in the daytime while preventing ultraviolet ray; medical use whitening * emulsion which brightens skin. To bi*hakuhada which continues filling nohitonuride, skin with moisture like mask in the morning, and shines.
*We suppress generation of melanin and are to prevent stain, freckles.
White Lucent oar
Dave rye toner N
(SPF50+, PA++++/50g/ unregulated drug)
6,480 yen
Product image
Advanced technique and sensitivity fused; "cis Prodigy river", is series. We realized moisture and coexistence of oil with lotion and balanced fluency of skin with the fresh and young touch.
Prodigy river cis lotion
(200 ml)
15,120 yen
sisley SISLEY
Product image
Multifunctional daily treatment which protection to protect skin in the daytime from ultraviolet ray while bright skin impression could be set with luster comprised. We can use as the make groundwork.
Daily D fence
(SPF50, PA++++/50ml)
31,320 yen
Product image
Whitening * liquid cosmetics of original composition ingredient (humidity retention ingredient) combination to fix on skin of bright impression that was clear by giving moisture. To skin care that prevents stain, and is bright.
*We suppress generation of melanin and are to prevent stain, freckles.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Why fatty tuna distrike blight express
(40ml/ unregulated drug)
16,200 yen
shimpyurute Sinn Pureté
Product image
UV protector of milk type to fix on fresh and young skin while protecting skin from ultraviolet ray. Flavor of lemongrass which is refreshing in 100% derived from nature.
UV milk protection
(SPF50+, PA++++/30ml)
4,104 yen
※We handle by John master organic select.
Product image
Prevent skin roughness by ultraviolet ray, and prepare skin; to "uniformly fair skin." We aim at bright skin impression with emulsion of whitening * active ingredient (vitamin C derivative) combination.
*We suppress generation of melanin and are to prevent stain, freckles.
Even better Milky lotion
(100ml/ unregulated drug)
7,452 yen
bobiiburaun BOBBI BROWN
Product image
We give moisture and fix on flexible skin while removing dirts of makeup and skin easily. Let alone night cleansing, we can use as morning face wash.
(200 ml)
4,860 yen
Product image
To Takashimaya-limited bottle of popular lotion "facial treatment essence" (230 ml), we set mini-size of beauty emulsion and seat mask one piece.
Facial treatment essence Rose design coffret
23,760 yen
Product image
Memorial product of the 70th anniversary of ORLANE. We are familiar with skin to be smooth, and to melt and wrap up cream which paid its attention to skin influence by environment by moisture.
B21 ekusutoraodinerukurimu
(50 ml) 28,080 yen


Product image
"Gucci Bamboo" was more modern and was romantic and was reborn. Flavor of Casablanca Lily and Woody floral that vanilla from Tahiti plays.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Gucci Bamboo limited edition
Eau De Parfum
(50 ml)
11,664 yen <limited number of>



[NARS] nazuisutoanfirutadochikuparetto II
[NARS] nazuisutoanfirutadochikuparetto II
■Under sale limited number of than Friday, February 17
■The first-floor cosmetics [nazu]
Brush of masutohavu six colors where what we set to mirror palette of limitation mixed new color and attributive color.
It is cool-down with look in soft pink and gold.
NARS original powder has high transparency in pigment Rich, and how about doing pirudoappu in shear, and enjoying color development?

・nazuisutoanfirutadochikuparetto II 7,992 yen
(from the upper section left)
CONQUEST (attributive color: Pastel peach), UNDEFETED (attributive color: veil pink), POWERPLAY (attributive color: vivid pink)
(from the lower berth left)
4066 (HOTSAND) (peach champagne), FAME (attributive color: pink umber), CANDID (attributive color: mauve raspberry)
[Chrysanthemum flower] furore immediate low solid foundation set
[Chrysanthemum flower] furore immediate low solid foundation set
■We are selling on a qualified scale from Wednesday, February 15
■The first-floor cosmetics [Chrysanthemum flower]
Limitation set of "oil seal" of the finish which does not spoil luster and translucency while there is superior cover power foundation.
To foundation and the item on display of case, we set the groundwork, foundation sponge, limitation with original porch.

[Chrysanthemum flower] furore immediate low solid foundation set 8,640 yen
・Furore immediate low solid foundation (item on display, all eight colors, SPF43 PA+++)
・Foundation case (the item on display)
・Foundation sponge (nothing)
・*2 pre-makeup fresh (3 g)
・Original bag
[Clinique] all rough shadow palettes
[Clinique] all rough shadow palettes
■We are selling on a qualified scale from Wednesday, February 15
■The first-floor cosmetics [Clinique]
Eye shadow palette of eight colors set.
To eye impression that anyone is easy, and is beautiful with one this.
From natural to eye where edge worked, beautiful eye easily comes true with one this.
It is vivid color development and beautiful eye shadow palette that eight colors were set of good Green of skin familiarity line.
With applicator.

・All rough shadow palette 5,832 yen
(#03ware everyware green)
[Estee Lauder]
[Estee Lauder] daburuueanudokusshonsutikkuradiantomekuappu
■We are selling from Friday, February 10
■The first-floor cosmetics [Estee Lauder]
From extreme popularity foundation of Estee Lauder, series of double wear, epoch-making item that brightness such as the bare skin and shiny skin were finished extremely in a short time was born.
Liquid foundation of one unique cushion sponge type.
In the finish which is Flores nude by simple step that only lets foundation that sponge shows be familiar on skin. We include high humidity retention effect in spite of being light texture, and comfort such as the all day second skin continues.

(all three colors) 5,940 yen  
[do La Mer] the introduction duct Lee collection
[do La Mer] the introduction duct Lee collection
■We are selling on a qualified scale from Friday, February 3
■The first-floor cosmetics [do La Mer]
Introduction duct Lee set with mast hub item of do La Mer.

To icon-like cream (objection De La Mer or the Moi's tea rising soft serve) of do La Mer, we set popular eye treatment, liquid cosmetics, popular lotion developed for Japanese skin, cleansing gel to wash at all.
It is set which you can try for a limited time.

The introduction duct Lee collection 16,200 yen <limited number of>
・Objection do La Mer (15 ml, attributive article size) or the Moi's tea rising soft serve (15 ml, attributive article size)
・The moisture lift conte Ase lamb (5 ml)
・The icon cent rate (3 ml)
・The treatment lotion (15 ml)
・The cleansing gel (30 ml)
・Original porch
[divan chinquapin] rouge Teru Ann day
[divan chinquapin] rouge Teru Ann day
■We are selling from Friday, February 3
■The first-floor cosmetics [divan chinquapin]
Luster of being of satin which caught pure, vivid color and light. Sensuality of lips which color and combination of feel of a material remind of.
Beautiful color that it was kept on choosing.
All 21 colors reflecting the image of view of the world of "forbidden lipstick" (rouge Teru Ann day).
We patronize external color of Japanese woman, and color kept on choosing to realize beauty inviting draws sensuality of the van chinquapin woman while harmonizing with skin.

Rouge Teru Ann day
(all 21 colors) 4,320 yen
※Only No. 25 is colored limitation



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