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Divan chinquapin GIVENCHY
Product image
Lip gloss which gives plump three-dimensional impression and glitter fascinated by. In response to color and pH of lips to make use of individuality in, we change in color only for oneself.
Gross Ante Rudy
(all 12 colors)
For each 3,996 yen
r Estee Lauder ESTEE LAUDER
Product image
In the natural finish that skin itself became beautiful for the fresh and young light touch. The beautiful finish continues for a long time.
Double wear nude water
Fresh makeup
(all SPF30, PA++/30ml/ four colors)
For each 6,480 yen
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Product image
The feel soft with moisture not to let you feel quality of being a powder and drying by the original manufacturing method using plentiful beauty water. Skin and unified translucency totally last like the bare skin.
9,720 yen
Product image
In feel of a material of melty rare base, we create natural beauty such as genuine skin. Curious part is natural, and it grants skin with a feeling of cool omission while covering.
Smart skin white is rare
(all SPF40, PA++++/10g/ four colors)
For each 5,400 yen


bobiiburaun BOBBI BROWN
Product image
We give skin plentiful moisture and approach skin shining with luster. Smooth skin which we want to touch unintentionally can be regulated well.
Skin brei toner
(14 ml)
6,048 yen
Product image
We set two kinds of liquid cosmetics in conformity to each skin in the daytime to bottle of the double end at night. For a short term intensive liquid cosmetics which prepare skin smoothly, and give brightness.
Buran essence Peer double
The outlet rate D / night
(15 ml of D, 15 ml of knights)
15,120 yen
Dr.Ci:Labo Dr.Ci:Labo
Product image
All-in-one gel which combined penetration * fermentation collagen. We prepare skin which repeated age to firm skin.
*To the corner layer
Aqua collagen gel enrich lift EX
(50 g) 4,644 yen
(120 g) 8,964 yen


Product image
Translucent pretty flavor of crystal Bloom who expressed beautiful instant to shine in flowers. Fragrance hair mist which wraps up hair in veil of flavor.
Hair mist
(30 ml)
3,888 yen
Product image
Flavor that takes mellow essence of valuable flower "magnolia" in fragrance collection "supurendida" of flower which is Aiko Nic, and expressed beauty of flower itself is appearance.
Sensual Eau De Parfum
(50 ml) 13,068 yen
(100 ml) 18,684 yen



[Estee Lauder] winter season-limited "skates" motif appearance
[Estee Lauder] winter season-limited "skates" motif appearance
■Thursday, February 1 → 28th Wednesday
■The first-floor cosmetics [Estee Lauder]
From popular "monoguramingusabisu which can carve a seal to lipstick," winter season-limited "skates" motif is appearance.
To gift to Winter Olympics holding who is important for this age, do you not make only lipstick in the world?

・pyuakaraenvirippusutikku 4,320 yen

monoguramingu only in alphabet six characters.
In top one character, capital letter should be small letter as follows.
Style only for flowing script handle.
[Estee Lauder]
Double wear nude water fresh makeup
[Estee Lauder] double wear nude water fresh makeup
■It is now on sale than Friday, February 9
■The first-floor cosmetics [Estee Lauder]
From quite popular series of foundation "doubleware" of [Estee Lauder], new hair lotion foundation "doubleware nude water fresh makeup" is born.
Natural finish when it was like no make in circle not to feel weight at all and was, and skin itself became beautiful.
We prepared all four colors of shades which were correct in Japanese external color to be familiar with the bare skin in instant, and to unify while keeping healthy, lustrous skin without uneven coloring for up to 24 hours.

・Double wear nude water fresh makeup
(SPF30/PA++, 30 ml, all four colors) 6,480 yen
[CHICCA] foundation set 2018 SS
[CHICCA] foundation set 2018 SS
■Under sale limited number of than Wednesday, February 14
■The first-floor cosmetics [CHICCA]
[CHICCA], in commemoration of HAPPY 10th, release advantageous limited set of popular "oil seal" foundation.
It is fresh and young pre-makeup keeping a feeling of skin original luster to solid foundation (refill) and the item on display of case, exclusive sponge, advantageous set with original jewelry case that 10th is limited to HAPPY.
Please enjoy luster skin filled with bare skin beauty.

CHICCA foundation set 2018 SS 8,640 yen
・Flores glow solid foundation refill (the item on display)
・Solid foundation case (the item on display)
・ravisshinnguguroumeikuappubesufuresshu (3 g)
・Solid foundation sponge (nothing)
・Happy10th original jewelry case
Even better essence lotion set
[Clinique] even better essence lotion set
■We are selling on a qualified scale from Friday, February 16
■The first-floor cosmetics [Clinique]
Uniform whitening of same day release ※Limited set to be able to choose from lotion "even better brei teressence lotion" or moisture lotion "even better essence lotions" appears.
With set, it is face-wash form, uniform whitening ※There are emulsion of series, gift size of cream, and basic care is completed.
This spring is uniform whitening full of moisture and translucency ※Do you not aim at this?
※You suppress generation of melanin, and prevent stain freckles

Even better essence lotion set 4,644 yen - 7,560 yen
・Even better brei teressence lotion [unregulated drug] item on display, 200 ml
Or it is even better essence lotion item on display, 100 ml or 200 ml
・fomingufesharusopu (29 g)
・7 ml of even better brei terMilky lotions [unregulated drug]
・14 g of even better brei termoisture cream [unregulated drug]
・Clinique pop # 02
・Original porch
Ecological spring Discovery kit
[sisley] ecological spring Discovery kit
■Under sale limited number of than Saturday, February 17
■The first-floor cosmetics [sisley]
We fixed basics, texture of fair skin and, to the longtime seller beauty emulsion "ecological com pound" of [sisley] to prepare to healthy skin item on display, set mini-size of basic skin care 4 product including cleansing milk, lotion, humidity retention beauty emulsion and cream mask.
It is very recommended to person having you use [sisley] for the first time.

Ecological spring Discovery kit 15,660 yen
・Ecological com bound (item on display, 60 ml)
・riisuredemakian (30 ml)
・Floral tonic lotion (30 ml)
・Hydra global (4 ml)
・Black Rose cream mask (10 ml)
・Original porch



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