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Product image
We direct each eyelashes delicately without being flexible, and becoming lump. Waterproof type that upswing curl and beautiful long shot eyelashes which do not lose in sweat, water, tears either continue.
Lasting curl Blossom mascara WP
(all three colors of five colors of house limitation)
For each 3,240 yen
Product image
Face powder which gives warmth and three-dimensional impression, brightness on skin. In addition, we give skin luster as teak and highlight and finish on beautiful skin which blushed naturally.
 (all three kinds) for each 5,400 yen
 (all three kinds) for each 5,400 yen
Divan chinquapin GIVENCHY
Product image
Mist-formed lotion to give moisture quickly, and to prepare on fresh skin filled with brightness. Three kinds of flavor of Nero re-cassis citrus eases feeling.
Glow mist
(all three kinds of /50ml)
For each 2,700 yen
Product image
Powder of presto type that glitter of delicate mist lam gives upper feel of a material and three-dimensional impression on skin. A feeling of beautiful luster of foundation just holds stickiness in check.
With Happy 10th-limited design case
(all one kind)
6,480 yen [amount-limited]
La Prairie la prairie
Product image
Silky powder of gentle light to reflect light, and to create natural glow skin. Is familiar with skin while shading off curious part, in the finish filled with light.
irumineitingurusupauda 5245 ORGASM
3,456 yen [amount-limited]
Product image
We adapt ourselves to eye flexibly and finish in look with natural, colorful sense of fun. Everyday eye make is easily fun in pen point with waist thin.
Water paint: Ink
(all three colors of eight colors of house limitation)
For each 3,672 yen


Product image
We renew, and summer-limited aloe Kool is released. We combine three kinds of aloe seawife extract, and humidity retention gel of 97% of liquid cosmetics ingredients approaches summer skin.
Aqua collagen gel aloe is cool
(50 g)
4,536 yen [amount-limited]
sisley SISLEY
Product image
Cleansing milk of [HACCI] popularity of sense that we totally inquire into in liquid cosmetics comes up by flavor and design of limitation. We can enjoy flavor of honey & Rose.
Cleansing milk Lady in RED
(190 ml)
4,320 yen [amount-limited]
biiosenshiieru biossentiel
Citrus herb is fragrant,
Sunscreen gel milk
Image photograph

It is desperation stopping gel milk on day when flexible skin can be regulated well lightly while having UV cut effect to block ultraviolet ray strongly. It is refreshing flavor like summer.

Fragrance sun protection
Gel milk
(75g/SPF50+, PA++++)
3,024 yen [amount-limited]
Friday, June 1 release


jimichu JIMMY CHOO
Product image
New product of "laboratory series" to study skin of man, and to continue product development. We prevent friction and drying of shaving and can use for hair, skin care.
Grooming oil
(50 ml)
4,860 yen
Divan chinquapin GIVENCHY
Product image
On smooth finger street to every corner of scalp
Shampoo to wash clearly and conditioner to individualize hair color and luster, and to finish to good hair of unity beautifully.
①Scalp & hair
 Order range shampoo
 (250 ml) 3,240 yen
②Scalp & hair
 Order range conditioner
 (165 g) 3,564 yen
jimichu JIMMY CHOO
Product image
Refreshing, gentle flavor reminding of the happy childhood period debuts. It is recommended to woman who is obedient with innocence.
Eau de toilette
(100 ml) 15,120 yen



Laboratory series grooming oil
[ARAMIS] laboratory series grooming oil
■It is now on sale than Friday, June 1
■The first-floor cosmetics [ARAMIS]
Excellent grooming oil of the part of one 4 that product which <laboratory series> suggests newly digests until pre-shaving, shaving, hair, skin care.
Usefulness of oil is the touch light lightly while drawing to the maximum.

・Laboratory series grooming oil
(50mL) 4,860 yen
Limited skin care re-appearance of citron & Nero re-no flavor
[SUQQU] Limited skin care re-appearance of citron & Nero re-no flavor
■Under release limited number of than Friday, June 1
■The first-floor cosmetics [SUQQU]
Limited skin care of citron & Nero re-no flavor who was popular with the summer of last year comes up because of favorable reception again.
The professional "Azabu incense Miyabi temple" of flavor supervision.
Citron & Nero re-no flavor coexisting clear refreshing feel like summer and feminine soft dignity to base with flavor of the smell of incense-perfumed clothes.
Please enjoy refreshing flavor that modishness fused with tradition this summer.

(from the photograph left)
・ sentiddohaidoreitingumisuto YN
(60 ml) 5,400 yen
・sentiddomoisucharaijinguhandokurimu YN
(90 g, SPF25, PA+++) 4,320 yen
arutimyumpawaraijingukonsentoreto N
[Shiseido] arutimyumpawaraijingukonsentoreto N
■We are selling from Friday, June 1
■The first-floor cosmetics [Shiseido]
Beauty is strength.
We keep on protecting oneself of you.
We caught change of beauty awareness in the depths of heart of women quickly, and liquid cosmetics arutimyun which continued growing up renewed.
Beauty that is smooth, and is fresh and young, and is firm by oneself to skin full of waxes.

・SHISEIDO arutimyumpawaraijingukonsentoreto N <liquid cosmetics>
(50 ml of 12,960 yen, 30 ml of 8,640 yen, (refill) 50 ml 12,420 yen)
[organic John master]
Evening P shampoo N, L&A conditioner N debut
P shampoo N, L&A conditioner N makes its debut [organic John master] in evening
■We are selling from Thursday, June 7
■The first-floor cosmetics [organic John master]
Shampoo & conditioner of salon quality loved in [organic John master] most comes up with further usability and alms of plant again!
Mini-size kit is now on sale in commemoration of release, too.

・Evening P shampoo N (473 ml) 5,292 yen
・L&A conditioner N (473 ml) 7,452 yen

※236 ml of size is going to release the beginning of July.
[Dior] Reopening
[Dior] Reopening
■Saturday, June 9 opening
■The first-floor cosmetics [Dior]
[Dior] was reopened afresh.
As open memory, we present "Dior original porch" to customer of purchase more than tax-included 16,200 yen with Dior product.
As number is limited, please early.

"dioruadikutoripputinto" 3,888 yen
All 12 colors (house-only four colors, two colors of new colors) 
[CHICCA] radiantonudopuresutopauda
[CHICCA] radiantonudopuresutopauda
■Wednesday, June 13 release
■The first-floor cosmetics [CHICCA]
In commemoration of the tenth anniversary, case of limited presto powder is collaboration design with Frank Muller.
Lucent powder of presto type that glitter of delicate mist lam gives upper feel of a material and three-dimensional impression on skin.
Pink glitter with sense of fun mixes with sexy lavender and directs feminine skin.

・radiantonudopuresutopauda 6,480 yen
(with Happy 10th-limited design case limitation color, all one color)
・Brush 2,160 yen



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