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Product image
One Rose who wore powder in package such as feeling of vintage jewel box which drifted. We can use powder for both teak and decollete.
9,180 yen
※Yokohama Takashimaya is (Monday, rest) release on January 2 for holiday on January 1 (Sunday/Holiday).
jibanshii GIVENCHY
Product image
High writer who is fresh and young like jewelry by light car. With light pink that is easy to adjust to skin in brightness and the translucent beautiful finish.
Memory form high writer
(30 g)
6,156 yen [amount-limited]
Product image
It is placement with four colors that are particular about color and feel of a material to color of skin, and were calculated. We are available to external color from all 15 kinds and describe natural shadow and raise impression of features more.
Designing face color palette
(all 15 kinds)
For each 6,264 yen
Product image
We grow lightly softly to melt away on lips and give fresh and young luster and pure color. New color reflecting the image of fresh flowers which took spring light, and bloomed.
Lip Blossom
(we defeat all 20 colors three colors of new colors)
For each 3,024 yen
Product image
-limited eye color of stick type which it was done inspire in fresh and young color of rainbow, and was born. Is familiar with eyelids straight, and delicate PEARL glitters; and in the deep finish.
Shear aqua stick Aizu
(five colors of limitation)
For each 3,240 yen [amount-limited]
Product image
Limitation product of color stick "the Maruti pull" which changes to powder when we put on skin, and is usable to cheeks and lip. Translucency is higher and directs delicate sima ring effect.
Shear pop Maruti pull
(three colors of limitation)
For each 5,184 yen [amount-limited]
Yves Saint-Laurent Yves Saint Laurent
Product image
Three colors of CC cream to deny place worried about skin such as pore, stain, uneven coloring, dullness with "color", and to prepare on *, the finest skin smooth smoothly is birth.
*It depends on makeup effect
Top-secret CC cream
(all SPF35, PA+++/40ml/ three colors)
For each 7,020 yen


Product image
We add five drops to everyday care *. Innovative liquid cosmetics are born. Fix texture; to glossy skin with a feeling of sticky tension.
*Skin care cream (except unregulated drug) of CLARINS
Booster E
(15 ml)
6,480 yen
※Yokohama Takashimaya is (Monday, rest) release on January 2 for holiday on January 1 (Sunday/Holiday).


Product image
From skin care to hair care, we realize moisture whenever we care for with kit which can enjoy charm of [HACCI] entirely. We set Acacia honey from Hungary this year.
HACCI' s New Year 2017
8,100 yen



■Now on sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [HACCI]
Skin be wrapped in flavor to demand heart, too….
Organic oil of supreme bliss that shut in flavor of rose tightly.
To beautiful skin which ticks away time beautifully, and is fascinating.
100% natural face oil "esukepion" is combination with balance best in natural vitamin E-rich organic sunflower seed oil (※) or aruganiasupinosa nuclear oil (※), rose extract (※) in honey (※).
We are familiar with skin in mellow texture quickly and give brightness and fluency such as velvet.

(30 ml) 11,880 yen

※Humidity retention ingredient
[Chrysanthemum flower] 2017 spring collection
[Chrysanthemum flower] 2017 spring collection
■Wednesday, January 18 new sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [Chrysanthemum flower]
Theme "Heart butterfly" of this spring of Chrysanthemum flower is collection such as treasure chest of girlhood.
Eye shadow which garnished pastel color with butterfly.
Glitter of jewel hides behind in both gross and eye color.
By translucent color development, the finish is light softly.
It is beginning of spring make to brighten quality of you.

1. All three kinds of "Chrysanthemum flower Mystic powder eye shadow" 5,940 yen (photograph: EX33-limited color)
2. All one color of "Chrysanthemum flower female Merrick gross on" 3,024 yen
3. All one color of "Chrysanthemum flower female Merrick wet lip oil" 3,456 yen
4. All two colors of "Chrysanthemum flower furore immediate low flash brush powder" 3,240 yen (photograph: 01) case 2,160 yen
5. All two colors of "Chrysanthemum flower furore immediate low flash brush" 3,240 yen (photograph: 02) case 2,160 yen
6. All two colors of "Chrysanthemum flower female Merrick lipstick" 4,104 yen (photograph: 33)
7. All one color of "Chrysanthemum flower female Merrick lip line stick" 3,024 yen
8. All one color of "Chrysanthemum flower Mystic software pencil eyeliner" 3,240 yen
9. All one color of "kikkanyuansukarariddo" 3,024 yen
[est] whitening hand cream
[est] whitening hand cream
■Now on sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [est]
Humidity retention and whitening (※) are hand cream made at a time.
To fascinating beautiful fair skin moist to fingertip.

"Whitening hand cream" [unregulated drug]
(50 g) 2,376 yen

※We control generation of melanin and prevent stain freckles
[POLA] wrinkle shot medical Ceram birth
[POLA] wrinkle shot medical Ceram birth
■Under sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [POLA]
It is liquid cosmetics of (※ 2) unregulated drug active ingredient "Neil one" to improve wrinkle (※ 1) combination.

"Wrinkle shot medical Ceram" [unregulated drug]
(20 g) 16,200 yen

※We improve 1 wrinkle: It has been examined effect evaluation determined in Japanese cosmetics society.
Wrinkle of the corner of the eye of 70% is improved in 12 weeks. Depth of wrinkle is up to 34% of improvement.

※2 Neil one ingredients name: Isopropyl oxo professional pill aminocarbonyl pyrrolidinecarbonyl methyl propylamino carbonyl benzoylaminoacetic acid Na trifluoride
[IPSA] designing face color palette
[IPSA] designing face color palette
■Under sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [IPSA]
"Designing face color palette" which IPSA gives features a feeling of life that we did lively by handling shadow, and raises one step of impression is appearance.
From 15 kinds of colors in conformity to one one unit skin, we recommend four-colored set which is good to oneself.
We adopt "transmission color development powder" and combined two kinds of powder and original oil which enabled delicate control of luminosity and chroma with all all colors to handle natural shadow, and even anyone can describe natural shadow.

"Designing face color palette"
(all color refill correspondence, 15 kinds) 6,264 yen



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