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Product image
[PAUL & JOE] Popular foundation is renewed. We realize further moisture and the translucent beautiful finish. Melt away with juwa; and to smooth shiny skin.
Eclat tongue gel foundation N
(all SPF25, PA++/12g/ five colors) 
Set price for each 6,264 yen
Product image
Mascara which grants eyelashes which open like Ougi while giving the volume and length. Waterproof type debuts.
4,536 yen
Divan chinquapin GIVENCHY
Product image
Liquid foundation to receive light while being the finish which is mat, and to give off natural luster, and to totally finish on skin such as velvet.
matishimu velvet fluid
(all SPF20, PA+++/30ml/ five colors) 
For each 7,668 yen
bobiiburaun BOBBI BROWN
Product image
Long wear cream shadow stick becomes the dual end and appears for a limited number. Double making the most of gradation and highlight
It is easily finished with one.
Long wear dual end cream
Shadow stick
(six kinds of limitation)
For each 4,320 yen [amount-limited]
Product image
With pencil of the smooth, creamy feel, color of the finish which is velvet maintains for a long term. Lip make is easily completed for usability such as pencil.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Velvet mat lip pencil
(we defeat all 26 colors ten colors of new colors)
For each 3,456 yen
Yves Saint-Laurent Yves Saint Laurent
Product image
May up base to fix the surface uniformly lightly while protecting skin from ultraviolet ray or dust which are powerful enemy of shining fair skin, and giving moisture.
Blank Tulle UV50
(all SPF50, PA++++/30ml/ two colors)
For each 7,020 yen
Product image
Mineral powder and sunscreen of powder type made of liquid cosmetics ingredients derived from plant that UV care is possible from make again and again in the daytime. We quench summer skin, and the surface is dry.
Super mineral powder
Sunscreen B
(all two colors)
For each 6,480 yen [attributive quality in the spring and summer]
Product image
Shiny lip which colors lips in fragrance and dim Flavour full slightly. New color comes up with a limitation of amount.
(three colors of limitation)
For each 3,888 yen [amount-limited]


Product image
Limited kit which set desperation stopping emulsion (30 ml), medical use whitening * mask (unregulated drug /2 piece), original air conditioner bag on medical use whitening * liquid cosmetics (unregulated drug /50ml), day.
*We suppress generation of melanin, and whitening is to prevent stain, freckles.
Whitening kit
17,820 yen [amount-limited]
Dr.Ci:Labo Dr.Ci:Labo
Product image
It is skin straightGood fresh and young gel of penetration to pass, and to be familiar with meets skin which repeated age by moisture and fixes to set smooth luster skin of texture.
※To stratum corneum
VC100 gel
(120 g)
7,560 yen
Product image
UV mist of non-chemical that is easy for skin on the basis of sunscreen milk and water to shut out environmental damage such as ultraviolet ray, and to be moistened by superior humidity retention effect, and to fix on skin with luster.
①HACCI aqua UV
(SPF50⁺, PA++++/30g)
5,184 yen
(SPF30, PA+++/80ml)
7,992 yen
※②Chisel [amount-limited]


Fonds Taine FONTANE
Product image
We adopt thin, soft new material. Furthermore, we introduce antibacterial deodorization function and improve clean feeling. It is partial wig which you can put on for more natural feeling in natural feel of a material.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
(top peace /VE129)
83,160 yen [amount-limited]
Pen tension cancer Penhaligon's
Product image
It is inspiration from moonlight for goddess, three days of month of Greek myth. Romantic, delicate flavor of floral citrus which Better Orange and Juniper berry are fragrant lightly, and stands.
Luna eau de toilette
(100 ml)
23,760 yen
※We handle at lah avian Ede pal femme corner.
Product image
Liftman Sur of body care icon is reborn as body fitting and aims at firm skin more clearly. Is smooth so as to continue using; to skin with a feeling of elasticity.
Body fitting
(200 g)
8,640 yen



[do La Mer]
The; re-vita- rising Hyde rating Ceram
[do La Mer] <br /> the; re-vita- rising Hyde rating Ceram
■Under sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [do La Mer]
Ceram such as cloud which attracted minute drops of water in new product "the re-vita- rising Hyde rating Ceram" of do La Mer which paid the attention to moisture balance, and was developed.
It is filled with plentiful moisture and moisture when we let you be familiar with skin, and miracle Brosses ™ (※) is sent to every corner of skin stratum corneum.
Skin is smooth plumply; to yawarakaku, impression that became healthy, and did lively all day.

The; re-vita- rising Hyde rating Ceram
(30 ml) 29,160 yen

※Original humidity retention ingredient consisting of seaweed
[Estee Lauder] entrance to school, season-limited "cherry tree" which is a graduate motif appearance
[Estee Lauder] entrance to school, season-limited "cherry tree" which is a graduate motif appearance
■Wednesday, March 15 → Sunday, May 14
■The first-floor cosmetics [Estee Lauder]
From popular "monoguramingusabisu which can carve a seal to lipstick," entrance to school, season-limited "cherry tree" which is a graduate motif is appearance!
To gift to important person, do you not prepare only lipstick into the world?
We carve a seal by service by letter you like to purchase product immediately on the spot.
In addition, pyuakaraembiirippusutikku came to be able to carve a seal for a limited time, too.

・Pure color crystal shear lipstick 3,996 yen
・Pure color lipstick 3,996 yen
・pyuakaraembiirippusutikku 4,212 yen
・pyuakaraembiishainrippusutikku 4,212 yen

※monoguramingu only in alphabet eight characters.
In one character of last part, capital letter should be small letter as follows.
[NARS] velvet mat lip pencil
[NARS] velvet mat lip pencil
■We are selling from Friday, March 17
■The first-floor cosmetics [nazu]
This innovative jumbo lip pencil realizes color development that we did by simple application when we ride usability and lipstick well.
For the smooth, creamy feel, color maintains for a long term.
From pretty pink, it is prepared to color that is vivid red, dark with boldness and can challenge every style.
New ten colors are added this time and are all development with 26 colors.

Velvet mat lip pencil 3,456 yen
(all ten colors of new colors additional 26 colors)
[Albion] ekusajuhowaitohowaitojieneretokitto
[Albion]  ekusajuhowaitohowaitojieneretokitto
■Under release limited number of than Saturday, March 18
■The first-floor cosmetics [Albion]
It is mini-size of emulsion and lotion, limitation kit with cotton to the item on display of medical use whitening liquid cosmetics "howaitojienereto" to fix to translucent light skin while filling skin with rich moisture.
Please try advantageous kit which ekusajuhowaito can try at line by all means.

"ekusajuhowaitohowaitojieneretokitto" 5,400 yen <limited number of>
・40 ml of howaitojienereto <medical whitening liquid cosmetics> [unregulated drug], item on display
・30 g of pure white milk II <medical whitening emulsion> [unregulated drug]
・30 ml of white up lotion II <medical whitening lotion> [unregulated drug]
・With facial cotton L (software) ten pieces

※Whitening is to suppress generation of melanin, and to prevent stain freckles by desperation on day.
※It is said that the purchase is to one per person.
[shu uemura] spring oil campaign
[shu uemura] spring oil campaign
■We are selling from Friday, March 24
■The first-floor cosmetics [shu uemura]
We hold advantageous "spring oil campaign 2017" of cleansing oil of shu uemura extreme popularity.
Six kinds of cleansing oil selectable in skin condition, flavor and texture.

[purchase present]
・We present 15 ml of cleansing oil four toward the purchase in cleansing oil 450 ml (8,316 yen - 12,420 yen) either.
・We present cleansing oil 4 ml sachet for eight times toward the purchase in cleansing oil 150 ml (3,132 yen - 4,752 yen) either.

※It should be finished as soon as we disappear.



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