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Elegance Elegance
Product image
We let visitor first arrival 100 people of purchase do "premium original bag" in either among face powder of longtime seller, all rapudorushirizu products.
(all 27g/ six kinds)
For each 16,200 yen, refill for each 14,580 yen
(all 8.8g/ six kinds)
For each 10,800 yen, refill for each 9,720 yen
※ [Albion] handle at corner.
shu uemura shu uemura
Product image
Creamy teak of the natural finish which be superior to color development in clear, and melts into skin. In smooth feel of a material without stickiness, we give a feeling of natural complexion.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Glow on C (creamy powder)
(all 16 colors)
For each 2,700 yen
Product image
We can describe splash advance line in closely written letter with flexible waist between eyelashes delicately, too. It is hard to be blurred and finishes by heavy color development for a long time in deep eye.
(all four colors)
For each 2,376 yen
Product image
We add lustrous brightness only by skin being able to let slide quickly. We only let finish of base make adjust to jugal bones which want to attract light and complete summer bizarrerie Usu Kyn.
(all three colors of six colors of house limitation)
For each 4,968 yen
Yves Saint-Laurent Yves Saint Laurent
Product image
Waterproof mascara which gives voluminous feel that seems to make a sound with a rustle, and attracts eyes in eye. We bring about sexy impression with boldness powerfully.
WP zashokku
4,752 yen
Chrysanthemum flower CHICCA
Product image
Presto powder which was set to limited case of illustrator Kerrie Hess (Kelly Hess) design. While delicate mist lam charms skin in good quality, we give three-dimensional impression.
CHICCA X Kerrie Hess
(one kind of limitation)
6,480 yen [amount-limited]


Product image
Aging care * program that can start since we felt anxiety to skin regardless of sex and the generation. It is skin care to fix on tension skin with brightness that we did lively.
*It is care depending on age.
Thyme fighting
①Eye-care (15 ml) 7,020 yen
②Care (50 ml) 9,180 yen
③Salem (30 ml) 9,180 yen
④Mask (75 ml) 5,184 yen
Product image
Limited kit which can choose lotion removing the item on display of "ME" and make last joke, face wash of trial size, the class of older corners calmly on skin in total. With silk cotton.
※Photograph is an example.
ME kit
6,156-11,340 yen [amount-limited]
Product image
Myst that moisture care such as at the time of after makeup in the morning or make rectification in whereabouts can simplify. With citron & Nero re-no flavor letting feel refreshing feel like summer and calm dignity as for the feeling refreshingly.
Mist YN
(60 ml)
5,400 yen [amount-limited]


Product image
odetoware of flavor that is refreshing with Jushi of bergamot which takes solar light from collection "akuaaregoria" of fresh flavor, and grew is appearance.
Bergamot Calabria
(75 ml)
8,856 yen
Product image
Fragrance comes up in summer of limited bottle studded with graphical letters from "roduissei". Fruity flavor that is recommended in summer.
Summer eau de toilette
(100 ml)
9,504 yen [amount-limited]
(125 ml)
8,964 yen [amount-limited]
※ [ratoriedeparufamu] handle at corner.



[Chrysanthemum flower] radiantonudopuresutopauda
CHICC X Akerrie Hess
[Chrysanthemum flower] radiantonudopuresutopauda <br />CHICC X Akerrie Hess
■Under release limited number of than Wednesday, June 14
■The first-floor cosmetics [Chrysanthemum flower]
Lam face powder of the Impressionists giving upper feel of a material on skin by transparent brightness. While delicate mist lam charms skin in good quality as having totally oozed out from skin, it is Lucent powder of presto type to give three-dimensional impression.
By the natural finish which does not appear of a feeling of powder and innocence, we wrap skin in casual glitter.
Illustrator playing an active part in the world, attributive design of "Kelly Hess" give glory to package this summer.

"kikkaradiantonudopuresutopauda CHICCA X kerrie Hess" 6,480 yen
・radiantonudopuresutopauda 01
・All refill & case one kind
・Brush (separate sale) 2,160 yen 
[Cle de Peau Bothe] whitening liquid cosmetics kit
[Cle de Peau Bothe] whitening liquid cosmetics kit
■Under release limited number of than Wednesday, June 21
■The first-floor cosmetics [Cle de Peau Bothe]
We want to begin whitening care early on 1st. It is limitation, information for whitening liquid cosmetics kit now.
Whitening liquid cosmetics and the sun for body which met whole body by moisture did much-talked-about whitening liquid cosmetics of Cle de Peau Bothe who aimed at brightness such as diamond in viewpoint and baked on day to protect skin luxuriously and offered with stopping cream and set.
Brightness that of both face and body were clear at this opportunity.

"seramukonsantoreekurerushisankitto" 15,660-16,200 yen <limited number of>
・seramukonsantoreekurerushisan [unregulated drug] (whitening liquid cosmetics, item on display 40 ml)
・seramuekurerushisankoru [unregulated drug] (>, specially made size 30 ml for whitening liquid cosmetics <body)
・Objection UV day desperation stopping cream (SPF50+, PA++++ for face, body, specially made size 8 g)

※We include refill.
[Lancome] Base makeup kit
[Lancome]  Base makeup kit
■Under release limited number of than Friday, June 23
■The first-floor cosmetics [Lancome]
"Base makeup kit" <limited number of>
We present following three points toward the purchase more than 8,640 yen with makeup product including foundation you like.
・Lancome original porch
・Gross in love 385 (mini-size)
・bifashiruvisaju [swab cleansing] (30 ml)

・"UV essence Peer BB" 6,264 yen
(SPF50/PA++++, 30 ml, all two colors) 
・"Buran essence Peer cushion compact H" refill 5,616 yen, case 1,404 yen
(SPF50+/PA+++, 13 g, all five colors)
※Photograph is an example.
[Dr.Ci:Labo] Enrich lift set
[Dr.Ci:Labo]  Enrich lift set
■Under release limited number of than Friday, June 23
■The first-floor cosmetics [Dr.Ci:Labo] 
"Medical use sea water which gives dry skin moisture with ultraviolet ray and air-conditioner in "aqua in Dames introduction essence" popular "aqua collagen gel enrich lift EX"," even outing point sets 2 glad items at "enrich lift UV powder" which can easily take care of UV and this time.
Furthermore, we set mini-size of BB perfect cream which aimed at tension luster skin.

"Enrich lift set" 12,600 yen <limited number of>
・Aqua collagen gel enrich lift EX [multifunctional humidity retention gel] (item on display, 120 g)
・Aqua in Dames introduction essence [introduction ※ liquid cosmetics] (item on display, 50 ml)
・Enrich lift UV powder 50+ [day desperation stopping powder] (is belonging to the item on display, 3.5 g of puffs SPF50+, PA++++)
・Medical sea water (L) [mist-formed medical lotion] (item on display, 110 g) [unregulated drug]
・BB perfect cream enrich lift [multifunctional foundation] (mini-size, 7 g, SPF40, PA++++)

※The first step after face-wash
[Estee Lauder] double wear foundation set
[Estee Lauder] double wear foundation set
■Release limited number of than Friday, June 30
■The first-floor cosmetics [Estee Lauder]
Hair lotion foundation which gets great support as bestseller & longtime seller foundation since release of 2006.
Make keeping power that we repair, and morning skin such as earthenware follows in zero until night.
Lotion, mini-size of moisturizer enter the item on display of apparent double wear foundation, and surprising ability is attractive set with porch which it is easy to use so that time rises so as to see near.

"Double wear foundation set" 6,480 yen <limited number of>
・Double wear hair lotion foundation (the item on display)
・Microessence lotion (15 ml)
・Advance knight repair SR inferiority complex (7 ml)
・shupurimupurasutotarukurimu (6 g)
・Original porch
[Tom Ford beauty] opening
[Tom Ford beauty] opening
■Friday, June 30 opening
■The first-floor cosmetics [Tom Ford beauty]
Color collection such as eye, lip, nail which are sensual like luster,
Base makeup to make perfect skin, skin treatment of high function,
It is also fragrance of Tom Ford feelings.

Beauty brand that designer Tom Ford in pursuit of true luxury launched [Tom Ford beauty].
We are designed at the same time to make up feminine beauty enchanted by in collection of discerning cosmetics and perfume, quality of perfect man to keep each person's individuality alive.

[Tom Ford beauty] opens in Yokohama Takashimaya the first floor.



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