New sale item of August according to NEW FACE NAVI category

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  • SKIN CARE new sale skin care!
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sisley SISLEY
Product image
3in1 technical eyebrow pencil where pencil, high writer, brush became one. Is soft; describe, and the feeling deshinakayakana eyebrows can be regulated well.
(all three colors)
For each 6,480 yen
Product image
[MiMC]Special collection in commemoration of the tenth anniversary comes up. Eye color studded with natural diamond and tourmaline which we did into a powder form colors eye.
Jewel color powder
(all three colors)
For each 2,916 yen [amount-limited]
Product image
Foundation which is familiar with skin smoothly without letting you feel quality of being a powder, and is finished on soft mat. It is stick type of the dual end at light weight.
Velvet mat
Foundation stick
(all 13 colors)
For each 5,832 yen


Product image
"Transparence emulsion" which totally transparentized emulsion lotion. Moisture penetrates quickly to every corner of stratum corneum and gives heavy luster oozing out.
Moisture high mud lotion
(200 ml)
8,640 yen
Product image
Aging care * cream which approaches fair skin which does not lose to age. Ascertain skin type of oneself; effective care.
*Care depending on age
Target effect
(all 30g/ two kinds)
For each 9,720 yen
Product image
Liquid cosmetics of solstice pole that skipped feelings including ingredient and the touch so that the bare skin of woman was beautiful and was continued shining [Albion]. For the full-bodied touch, firm skin can be regulated well beautifully.
(40 ml)
41,040 yen
Product image
Gel mask of "apusoryupureshasuseru" aiming at refined beauty series. Comfortable skin can be regulated well for fresh and young usability.
(75 ml)
24,840 yen


Product image
Body oil to fix on brimming luster and skin with moisture in face quality at the same level as care. While is wrapped in sweet flavor and comfort; relaxation body care.
HACCI body oil
(155 ml)
14,040 yen
Fonds Taine FONTAINE
Product image
We realize a feeling of fitting as we forget to attach with custom tailoring quality to fit each one. With free after-sale service of price and relief set to every size.
※ The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Atelier qualite
(select order wig)
194,400-378,000 yen



[Estee Lauder]
[Estee Lauder]  pyuakaraenvirasshumaruchiefekutomasukara
■We are selling from Friday, October 6
■The first-floor cosmetics [Estee Lauder]
Mascara of new sale is item to let eyelashes are dramatic freely, and they change to one's preference of the day.
Formula controlling stack pickles and novel dual hybrid brush bring the maximum volume, curl, lift up, length, separate effect every lick.
Furthermore, waterproof type comes up, too. We design impression of eye freely and are mascara bringing the Estee Lauder's greatest impact every day.

"pyuakaraenvirasshumaruchiefekutomasukara" 4,320 yen
(all one color: 01 black)
[SUQQU] new moisture line debuts
[SUQQU] new moisture line debuts
■It is now on sale than Friday, October 6
■The first-floor cosmetics [SUQQU]
We meet skin of adults who is easy to become in various states such as drying, lack of tension by moisture to overflow like time when beating begins to move and continue more.
Lotion and cream which establish obstacle of one piece of moisture to be able to rely on in chilly season.
We change moisture that skin of adult wants to luster of skin.
It is two articles that moisture line, winter when [SUQQU] is new become impatient for.

Lotion for dry skin of adult.
・Moisture high mud lotion
(200mL) 8,640 yen

To the plump soft skin touch that help seems to come out in.
・Moisture Ceram cream
(30 g) 16,200 yen
[POLA] V rizoneitikkukurimu
[POLA] V rizoneitikkukurimu
■It is now on sale than Friday, October 6
■The first-floor cosmetics [POLA]
Positive impression, "V rizoneitekkukurimu" which wells up.
As for features and the feeling more positively.
For skin with being fluffy and three-dimensional impression.
Double function of milk and cream.
Feeling of penetration (※). to enter straight while being heavy
We wrap up easily and are the touch eased until heart.
The nothing coloration, allergic reaction test finished (allergy happens toward all.)
※To the corner layer

・V rizoneitikkukurimu (50 g) 62,640 yen
・Refill (50 g) 60,480 yen
[IPSA] premium line eye wrinkle mask cream kit
[IPSA] premium line eye wrinkle mask cream kit
■It is now on sale for a limited number than Friday, October 13
■The first-floor cosmetics [IPSA]
[IPSA] takes care of the eye circumference that is easy to feel drying in winter when temperature, humidity decreases intensively and releases limited Aic Rihm kit to fix in good-quality moisture and firm eye.
Granular capsule which coating ingredient and beauty ingredient with mask effect entered is set at hand treatment to give moisture to the "premium line eye wrinkle mask cream" item on display of combination and trial size and finger-tip of lotion form liquid cosmetics.

"Premium line eye wrinkle mask cream kit" 10,800 yen <limited number of>
・Premium line eye wrinkle mask cream (15 g of items on display)
・Premiere line lotion Ceram (30 ml of trial size)
・The thyme reset SR (hand treatment, item on display 70 g)
[Cle de Peau Bothe] introduction of fair skin oil
[Cle de Peau Bothe] introduction of fair skin oil
■Release limited number of on Saturday, October 21
■The first-floor cosmetics [Cle de Peau Bothe]
Fair skin oil which loves skin at luxury drop.
Blessing that oil is healthy from pink bottle.
Fair skin oil which brings beautiful brightness to hair on body let alone face.
We are familiar with all steps of usual care for elegant flavor and the fluent feel well.

・yuirureparaturisu [unregulated drug]
(item on display, 75 ml) 15,120 yen

[purchase present]
We present original porch which designed gorgeous color of holiday season toward the purchase in oil-formed liquid cosmetics "yuirureparaturisu". (limited number of)



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