Event meeting place on the eighth floor

Event meeting place schedule

  • ※Closing time of the last day □Please refer to inner number.
  • ※We may change sainaiyo and closing time by circumstances.
    Approve beforehand.

Ladies' Wear variety sale

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 24th Tuesday
  • ■The eighth-floor event hall
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

Ladies' Wear variety sale

2017 new entrance to school school uniform acceptances society

  • ■Saturday, January 21 → Monday, March 13
  • ■Special event space on the eighth floor
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

As for the preparations for new school life, leave it to me in Yokohama Takashimaya.
We have favorable reception by certain quality and sewing every year.

In addition, we accept repair (getting out jacket length of a kimono sleeve, getting out pants skirt length, pants skirt waist soup stock) with growth at school in free of charge.
※As there is thing which there are not getting out length of a kimono sleeve of jacket, getting out length of skirt, West soup stock in some uniforms, ask sales floor person in charge in detail.
Repair product bring cleaning or washing to finished masenoue, the the sixth-floor school uniform section.
The days vary according to time, but please note that you may have for around three weeks.

▼List of handling schools (PDF) is this

■Dial for exclusive use of uniform: TEL (045) 313-7600
(until from February, 2017 to the end of May)
※The outside is Yokohama Takashimaya during the period mentioned above: Please refer to TEL (045) 311-5111.

・・・ ... ... ... ...

Here of Takashimaya school uniform is recommended!
The points collect by various cards of Takashimaya.

◆Data manage order contents, and we are supported until graduation by school uniform order system.
Histories of inquiry from visitor and the purchase support smoothly, too.

◆After-sale service
We accept repair such as getting out getting out getting out length of a kimono sleeve, skirt length, pants length, West soup stock in free of charge during attendance at school.
※Specifically, visit to sales floor person in charge.

2017 new entrance to school school uniform acceptances society

[notice] 2017 Takashimaya
We love Amur du chocolate - chocolate! ...

  • ■Thursday, January 26 → Tuesday, February 14
  • ■Special event space on the eighth floor
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

Festival of chocolate that selected taste gathers from the world.

(photograph 1.)
Silky chocolate which professional of honey deals with.
Store specializing in honey much-talked-about in Paris [Alexander shuterun].
Taste that chocolate which we added orange, coffee, Acacia, honey of lychee to is totally smooth like silk.
Please enjoy taste of first in Japan appearance.

[Alexander shuterun]
(with four) 2,160 yen
・Honey harmony
(with four) 2,160 yen

(photograph 2.)
Ability group to pursue new state of France.
M.O.F. which has many fans in FrancePatissier.
To will product which pursued new taste including "fuyumoa" using chocolate which performed smoking attention.
※French national best craftsman Prize

[Arnaud raeru]
Takashimaya special edition
(with six) 2,916 yen

(photograph 3.)
M.Splendid sweets by O.F. patissier.
Original chocolate which coated gimovu of refreshing flavor with four kinds of chocolate is world precedent release.
※French national best craftsman Prize

[Loran le Daniel]
Takashimaya-limited chocolate gimovu
(4 Motoiri) 2,376 yen

・・・ ... ☆★☆ ・・ ・ ...

▼Op-ed page is this place

We love 2017 Takashimaya<br /> Amur du chocolate - chocolate! ...

Takashimaya choice
Doll exhibition spot sale meeting

  • ■Until Friday, March 3
  • ■Special event space on the eighth floor
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

The Girl's Festival called "festival of the Dolls' Festival" (joshi) in hope of healthy growth and happiness of child is compendium of seasonal words in Japan ancient times to tie warm feeling with family all of you.
We offered recommended doll for celebration in Takashimaya.
From arrival at apparel doll appropriate for modern sensitivity that eminent scholar and popular writer dealt with to doll of solid structure that traditional, was lined, we introduce a lot.

[Hisashi Shimizu play product]
One set of arrival at apparel Imperial prince decoration (75*40* 32cm in height)
324,000 yen

<kids club members only>
Doll special treatment society

■Saturday, January 7 → 20th Friday
During exhibition period, we sell one set of doll to member of kids club of purchase in special price.

※In the case of the purchase, please show member's card.
※There is some exclusion product.

・・・ ... ☆★☆ ・・ ・ ...

▼Op-ed page is this place

Takashimaya choice doll exhibition spot sale meeting

[notice] Long-sleeved kimono exhibition

  • ■Thursday, January 26 → 30th Monday
  • ■The eighth-floor event hall
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

Of Takashimaya original long-sleeved kimono "anyone sleeve preference", commencing with new item, have in colored pattern diversity including complete set total set to be prepared from long-sleeved kimono, Fukuro Obi to dressing accessory.
Please find purchase privilege not to make any passing over at this opportunity of full loading.

<who likes sleeve>
Total set 648,000 yen
Set contents: Long-sleeved kimono, Fukuro Obi, long undergarment, stack neckband, obi cord, obi bustle, Stoles, sandals bag set, accessory set for dressing

<< long-sleeved kimono exhibition >> during period
It is privilege to visitor of purchase in long-sleeved kimono

・<early order privilege> present gift card (for 10,000 yen) which is usable in Takashimaya
※It should be privilege to visitor of purchase more than tax-included 300,000 yen including long-sleeved kimono.

・We present hair set makeup, dressing special treatment ticket <we take before business>
■The eighth-floor Hatsuko garden pea beauty studio & aesthetics

・We present souvenir picture photography special treatment ticket <we take before business>
■The sixth-floor Yokohama Takashimaya photo studio

・Sewing charges special treatment of long-sleeved kimono, Fukuro Obi, long undergarment
・PEARL tone processing charges special treatment
・Care special treatment ticket presentation after wearing

[service menu in meeting place]
"Personal color diagnosis of the sum by traditional color person Yukino Yoshida"
■Afternoon of Saturday, January 28 from 1:00 to 4:00
List of colors of the sum suggests color of long-sleeved kimono becoming suitable.
The time required: Approximately 15 minutes per person
※As it does not need reservations, you may have to wait at the time of congestion.

"PEARL tone processing demonstration"
■Thursday, January 26 → 30th Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please talk with specialized person in charge of PEARL tone processing at this opportunity.

Long-sleeved kimono exhibition

Takashimaya interior Festival

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 24th Tuesday
  • ■The eighth-floor event hall
    ※We are closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day.

We change Furniture from "place of gathering".
Place where whole family gathers for kitchen and dining.
People who want to change living from kitchen reform increase.
We had good Furniture in such times.

<Hida, Takayama Furniture> five points of extension-type dining set
・Table (Japanese oak materials /155 - 180*85* 70cm in height) 165,240 yen
・*4 chair (Japanese oak materials, cloth tension /47 .5*54* height 77.5< sheet 43>cm in height) 32,940 yen

<Hokkaido, Asahikawa Furniture> Household Goods chest
(Japanese oak materials /120 .5*42* 79cm in height)

Product of this mark is particular about quality and price and is product which we offered.

Privilege of member of meeting of credit card Takashimaya friend of Takashimaya
We are sold in special price only for Furniture, carpet more by market price
※There is opening service product, other some exclusion product, too.
Specifically, ask sales floor person in charge.
※The purchase in Takashimaya online store is excluded.

Yokohama Takashimaya special plan
We leave and, interior replacement by purchase, are given free service
Free, during interior Festival period, take over Furniture, bed, carpet which became needless of similar kind, number at the time of product delivery only for visitor of purchase with Furniture, bed, carpet.
※There is product excluding partly. Specifically, ask sales floor person in charge.
※The purchase in Takashimaya online store is excluded.

・・・ ... ☆★☆ ・・ ・ ...

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Semiannual Takashimaya interior Festival

North hometown
Delicious thing City of Aomori

  • ■Wednesday, January 18 → 24th Tuesday
  • ■Basement event hall
    ※We are closed at 7:00 p.m. on the last day.

[Ichikawa apiary] honey
[Shingai store] straits dried cuttlefish
[odakane] Sanriku production seaweed
[Akabane-ya Isobe store] Ika-shiokara
[Nakamura farm] garlic
[kanese Takahashi kamaboko shop] Tsugaru squid minced meat
[seven folds of Hachinohe New City hotel fish and vegetables studios] tiger mackerel stick sushi
[Hirayama farm] apple juice
[Kimura farm] apple
[kanesho] cider vinegar, scallop soy sauce
[Kumagaya food] leaf walnut pickles
[hill senbei restaurant] hand baking bean senbei
[Torajiro store] chicken burdock Tsugaru deep frying
[the laboratory of southern part mulberry] light brown
[Charlie's jam] jam

North oldness and delicious thing City of Aomori

[notice] One article of rich no country one village
Visiting delicacies of Oita

  • ■Wednesday, January 25 → 31st Tuesday
  • ■Basement event hall
    ※We are closed at 7:00 p.m. on the last day.

[young Takezono of tea] and Manami tea
[the Tsukasaki terrapin main office] terrapin artefact
[discerning Oita] yuzu pepper
[weathercock class hen's egg] net existence spirit egg oil
[Kondo apiary] domestic variety of flowers honey
[three Sakae products] blue sprat
It is] nature carbonated water [I hate YOIYANA()
[natsuma shop] take; the sky
[Yoshino chicken meal preservation society] Yoshino chicken meal onigiri
[Nakamura Umezono] pickled plum
[Xavier Honpo Co., Ltd.] zabieru
[dirt tiger] dish simmered in torino liver
[takumi crepe shop of fisherman] crepe
[Kokonoe, Kusu agricultural cooperative] good luck 46 pickles

Visiting delicacies of rich no country one village one article Oita

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