Keep Life Simple
Choice to change, living to change.

To having reliable aesthetic sense to think "to be simple, and to want to live by choosing only thing which we really liked".
We collected "the beauty of business" that the traditional skill and modern sense harmonized with.

Stained glass stained glass
Beauty of the lapse of time that glass and light weave.
Gentle light and fantastic night.
[stained glass studio Miyake] ●Demonstration Itoigawa-shi, Niigata
Stained glass oriental lamp
(approximately 30* 25cm in height)
64,800 yen <item on display limit>

Clothes bamboo bags and clothes made from natural materials of bamboo bag, natural material
Is various; knit, and is daily livings by the skill and good-quality sewing.
[takekosai] Usuki-shi, Oita
Mat eyes knitting going hunting in the field bag
() X thickness 7.5cm to include rattan, horse-skin, approximately 48*41 (handle)
162,000 yen <1 limitation>