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Privacy policy of Takashimaya Co., Ltd.

Ⅰ. Personal information protection basic policy

We notice that high outlook on ethic and corporate activity are demanded from customer about protection of personal information (called "personal information" as follows) that we acquired as business condition properties and devise strict independence standard that stepped than laws and regulations let alone observing "law about protection of personal information" more, and Takashimaya Co., Ltd. (called "Takashimaya" as follows) observes this. In addition, because Takashimaya provides the best service, there must be and recognizes that we protect the information carefully with duty that is the most important to Takashimaya and manages personal information of customer according to policy that we raised particularly below safely and goes along purpose and uses definitely.

  • 1. We identify the use purpose beforehand on dealing with personal information of customer.
  • 2. Personal information of customer does not acquire information only for thing necessary for offer of service to customer more than required.
  • 3. When we acquire personal information from customer, we clarify the use purpose, and with consent of principle customer.
  • 4. When we use personal information of customer, we perform within the use purpose that customer gave agreement to.
  • 5. For risks such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information of customer and leak, is necessary and appropriate; take safety measures.
  • 6. We establish personal information protection manager to carry out personal information protection of customer thoroughly and try for appropriate management of personal information. In addition, so that try for education, enlightenment of employee, and plan uplift of personal information protection awareness, and safety management of personal information is planned, necessary in employees; and supervise appropriately.
  • 7. Need in trust so that safety management of personal information is planned when entrust with the handling of personal information of customer; and supervise appropriately.
  • 8. Except case necessary to protect serious profit such as rule of laws and ordinances or public life, property when we have agreement of customer about personal information of customer or, we do not provide to third party.
  • 9. We try to keep personal information of customer the correct and latest content. In addition, we establish "customer service" to cope with inquiry, consultation to support disclosure, correction, suspension of your personal information as far as it is rational.
  • 10. We review content of our policy continuously and try for the improvement.

Ⅱ. The handling of personal information that we acquired from customer

1. About use purpose of personal information

Product information, living information works on sales promotion such as information for various special treatments and Takashimaya uses personal information for sale service processing purposes such as handing over, delivery (delivery), after-sale service from order at hold, sales processing, repair processing, the future.

2. About item of personal information

Items of personal information that Takashimaya uses are as follows.
Full name, the date of birth, sex, address, phone number, FAX number, e-mail address, occupation, title, yearly income, product purchase history

3. About the joint use of personal information

(1) About the joint use with group companies
Takashimaya uses following group companies and personal information within the use purpose mentioned above jointly.
It is in Takasaki Takashimaya, Gifu Takashimaya, Okayama Takashimaya, Yonago Takashimaya, Central Japan Railway Takashimaya, Iyo iron Takashimaya, Toshin Development, fashion plaza sun rose, are tea corporation, foods and partners, Takashimaya supesukurieitsu, Takashimaya credit, A wisdom, select square, company century and company, Takashimaya insurance, Takashimaya Co., Ltd. facility, A & S Takashimaya duty free company, company good rib, Dear Mayuko, fair of Takashimaya Co., Ltd. friend, tap, Tamagawa culture Institute to live a life.
(2) About the joint use with business partner of some identification
Takashimaya uses specific business partner and personal information within the use purpose mentioned above jointly partly. About business partner using personal information jointly, we list business partner name (brand names) in documents having customer fill out in store.

4. About third party offer of personal information

Personal information may not do offer, disclosure to third party unless we correspond to either following.

  • (1) When we get prior agreement, consent of customer
  • (2) When, for business consignment company concluding confidential disclosure agreement about personal information, we consign the handling of personal information to the achievement of use purpose that we stated clearly to customer as far as it is necessary
    (credit card companies where delivery to home supplier who undertook product delivery e.g. with business consignment company, print company, credit card of address label for catalogue delivery were hoped for at the time of payment)
  • (3) When, for business partner of group companies using personal information jointly and some identification, we provide personal information as far as it is necessary for the achievement of use purpose that we exhibited to customer
  • (4) When there is inquiry for investigation into card abuse from credit card company
  • (5) When, based on laws and ordinances, you must accept offer

5. About disclosure, correction, suspension of personal information

When disclosure, correction, suspension of personal information buys (called "disclosure" as follows), we would appreciate your applying by Takashimaya predetermined document. In addition, on disclosing, and requesting, of once charge fee 500 yen (tax-included) on requesting. In addition, please note that you may take the actual expenses separately when you notify by mail about disclosure of personal information.

6. Inquiry windows when he/she applies for disclosure of inquiry about personal information and personal information by Takashimaya predetermined document are as follows.

  • Nihonbashi store customer service 03-3211-4111 (main)
  • Shinjuku store, Tachikawa shop customer service 03-5361-1111 (main)
  • Tamagawa shop customer service 03-3709-3111 (main)
  • Yokohama store, Konandai store customer service 045-311-5111 (main)
  • Omiya store general affairs department 048-643-1111 (main)
  • Oak shop general affairs department 04-7144-1111 (main)
  • Osaka store, Sakai store, Senboku store customer service 06-6631-1101 (main)
  • Kyoto store (rakuseitenfukumi mu) customer service 075-221-8811 (main)
  • Takasaki Takashimaya business promotion part 027-327-1111 (main)
  • Gifu Takashimaya business promotion part 058-264-1101 (main)
  • Okayama Takashimaya business promotion part 086-232-1111 (main)
  • Yonago Takashimaya business promotion part 0859-22-1111 (main)

Ⅲ. Guidance to customer who uses Takashimaya site and service

■ About cookies (cookie)

Because customer has you read more usefully at time logged in again in Takashimaya site (online store, Rose kitchen, ether Ron, Takashimaya homepage), customer sends data called cookies (cookie) distinguishing computer of use and may record in hard disk.
We can refuse receiving of cookies sent from Takashimaya site by changing setting of Web browser that customer uses. In this way, please note that service in Takashimaya site or Takashimaya site may not be available normally.

■ About log

Customer records information of the operation in form called access log about what was accessed in Takashimaya site to use for convenience improvement of future Takashimaya site, cause investigation when problem occurred by any chance and statistics, analysis processing about the use situation.

■ Immunity from responsibility about link

It becomes out of responsibility range of "privacy policy of Takashimaya Co., Ltd." and, in linked third party company in Takashimaya site, will follow privacy policy that the third party company sets. Takashimaya for these independent rules and activities any duty cannot take responsibility.

■ About SSL

In Takashimaya site, we subscribe and take measures using coding communication by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in page where equal personal information is transmitted and received in the case of questionnaire answer that outside third party communicates and cannot intercept personal information of members.

The above