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List of social media formula accounts of SNS Takashimaya

Under Facebook page information update of Takashimaya! It is Facebook page making with customer. Good!" Of course please send this to opinion, request casually.

Each Takashimaya shop formula SNS account Terms of Use are this >

  • Nihonbashi store
  • Shinjuku store
  • Tamagawa shop
  • Tachikawa shop
  • Yokohama store
  • Konandai store
  • Omiya store
  • Oak shop
  • Takasaki shop
  • Osaka store
  • Sakai store
  • Senboku store
  • Kyoto store
  • rakuseiten
  • Gifu store
  • Okayama shop
  • Yoneko shop
  • JR Nagoya Takashimaya
  • Iyotetsu Takashimaya (Matsuyama)
  • Takashimaya online store
  • Takashimaya grad hiring
  • Takashimaya Hokkaido Fair
  • Trip of Zenkoku Meika that Takashimaya Japanese confectionery buyer field main tax goes
  • takashimayapasapakurabu
  • Takashimaya fashion square
  • Osaka fashion press
  • Osaka men
  • hamirun diary
  • Shinjuku art

Instagram of instagram Takashimaya

  • It is official account of Nihonbashi store Nihombashi Takashimaya.
  • It is official account of Shinjuku store Shinjuku Takashimaya.
  • It is official account of Tamagawa shop Tamagawa Takashimaya.
  • It is official account of Osaka store Osaka Takashimaya "TAKASHIMAYA FASHION LAB".
  • It is official account of Kyoto store Kyoto Takashimaya.
  • It is official account of Takashimaya to send beauty information including event of TAKASHIMAYA BEAUTY recommended cosmetics and each shop holding to.
  • It is official account of editing shop of Takashimaya suggesting natural & organic cosmetics and comfortable "way of living in the future" to total.
  • In official Instagram of STYLE & EDIT [STYLE & EDIT], we introduce stylish recommended items which buyer found in all parts of the world at any time.
  • We have feelings toward Shoemaison official fashion and are official account of shoes select corner "Shoe maison" of Takashimaya for woman enjoying fashion of step.
  • It is official account of "season style laboratory" to suggest from the Naoko Okusa supervision, Takashimaya of SEASON STYLE LAB stylist.
  • It is official account of denim select shop "denim-style laboratory" of DENIM STYLE LAB Takashimaya.
  • It is official account of men's select shop "CS case study" of Takashimaya to send season and item of new constant seller which we collected from CS case study home and abroad to.
  • CS kids
  • It is official account of Edit Corner "Salon le Chic SELECT" to send luxury that it is like Salon le Chic SELECT every day to.
  • Takashimaya Style Order salon
  • Patissieria
  • Well bi- field
  • Bijou Lounge
  • Tamagawa Takashimaya MEN
  • Tamagawa Takashimaya FOODS GALLERY
  • Foods maison Okayama
  • TAKASHIMAYA NIPPON thing is enough, and "NIPPON thing is enough", and Takashimaya is plan formula account. We introduce "NIPPON" which tradition and ima, Homo sapiens tying weave.
  • From Takashimaya representative office of lifestyle Sketch Paris and Milan, we send lifestyle and news.
  • It is official account of Takashimaya online store Takashimaya online store.