Information for service

In Takashimaya, there is pay service that we happen at store and dress in thing.
As school where master of dressing "tells dressing of Kimonos" for the first time in Japan in 1964
Lecturers of "Institute of Kazuko Hattori Kimonos" who were born are in charge.
Please use.

Reservation Flows

1.We make a reservation of visit day over telephone [until three days ago]
On the hope date and time of dressing, we ask about type of Kimonos.

2.It is sending of reservation ticket [until the day before]
After the reservation decision, we fax dressing service reservation ticket.
To customer who does not have FAX, we confirm thing necessary for dressing, the date and time to make a reservation orally.

3.[one hour ago on that day] visit, dressing, the receipt of money
Ticket making a reservation on the day of the dressing brings one set of Kimonos, and please come to the store.
If there is thing which you do not have, on the day we sell in sales floor.
After the dressing, we easily advise conduct of Kimonos from person in charge of dressing.

List of charges
3,850 yen that includes yukata tax
6,050 yen that includes Homongi/semi-gala pattern/Iromuji/Komon/Tsumugi/men's things tax
※It is said that end of Fukuro Obi is only drum knot tying.
8,800 yen that includes Tomesode/long-sleeved kimono/graduation hakama/man formal dress tax
●Please forgive prior caretaker of baggage including Kimonos.
●On the day, in the case of cancellation, please note that you have 50% of rates.

Application contact information
Please claim to be matter of toll free number 0120-047-210 "pay dressing service".
The fifth floor of Takashimaya Kyoto store Kimonos section (reception hours: for from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

There are various privileges when we show with Kimonos look and has favorable reception from Kimonos fan
"Kimonos passport", autumn spring; became issuance twice a year, and the space was renovated, too.
For service "worn-out rescue" to cure worn-out free that is one of the privileges
We cope. Fixing that is brief even if you do not have "Kimonos passport"
As salesperson copes, please drop in casually.

※Please use after contacting beforehand. We may not cope in rush hours.
※Please note that you do not dress.

Kimonos kotogotomina Kimonos/clothes consultation corner

It is important with important kimono of customer for a long time,
There is corner accepting "kotogotomina" to have you catch carefully.
We inquire into circle and look at palm and are maintained drawing. As you heard various consultation about kimono including crafts correction and desperation fixing for makeover that the liver sleeping with chest revivifies, please use casually by all means.

Service reception desk contents

※You can see the details when we click service that there is of underline.

We inquire into circleDyeing substituteSpot remover, correctionXanthosis drawingCrafts correctionDesperation fixing
Wash, and put out/line without tension/finish/sweat;/mold last joke/sure fixing/
It is replaced lining exchange/sash padding
We give and prepare
Hold crest;/sewing fixing, dimensions fixing/crabbing/steaming/style
Kimonos renewal
Clothes cleaning
Gentleman, fujinjuiryohin
※The general laundry does not handle.

■Reception hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
※After reception hours, I take article and cope the next day.
※Maintenance and rate made by tailor vary according to the number of each type, degree, aging.

Kimonos maintenance, Kimonos renewal
It is this in detail kotogotomina [shikkai]>>

The "sum proper life" corner

We receive processing that can wear Kimonos easily more happily and heard.

Service reception desk contents

※You can see the details when we click service that there is of underline.
※Processing rate varies according to type, states of article.

Light sewing
It is processing that we just tie up original technique deohashoriotsukutteokunode string beforehand, and it is easy, and tailored Kimonos can wear neatly.
Obi made with cherry tree
It is processing to do in structure zone without cutting your obi.

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