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Rainbow bridge Airport full-line type department store located in Old north area soon. We have a lot of good-quality products including Japanese product of company direct import.


From 10:00 to 21:30 (we do on regular holiday)

Event information

Wednesday, August 29 → Tuesday, September 11

Autumn fashion sale
■The seventh-floor event hall
Ladies' Wear, Ladies' Shoes, general sale of men's wear.

Wednesday, September 12 → Tuesday, October 9

Luxury fashion sale of the fifth anniversary of the opening
■The seventh-floor event hall
We offer fashion item of famous brand at reasonable price.

Friday, September 21 → Tuesday, September 25

Lucky bag of the fifth anniversary of the opening
■Each floor
We offer approximately 600 kinds of lucky bags in commemoration of the opening fifth anniversary in all the buildings including lucky bag of price in connection with "5".

※Title, contents of event may be changed by convenience.

Access, the location

The location: Shanghai Changning District rainbow bridge road 1438 (deep red jewel road X 玛 *ro) in China

It is directly connected to ikarasukiro (Ely roux) station Exit 3 in subway Route 10 for approximately 20 minutes by rainbow bridge Airport.
You have subway Route 2 take from urahigashikuuko, and please change to Route 10 at Nanjing eastern province (naan gin Don roux) station.