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Eyes (photograph) of Naoto Takenaka

  • ■Wednesday, October 10 → 29th Monday
  • ■The tenth-floor art gallery
    ※We are closed at 4:00 p.m. on the last day.

※By venue convenience, celebration flower declines.
Eyes of Naoto Takenaka
Naoto Takenaka who continues carrying out a more energetic activity as actor, movie director, musician.
We play unique position phantasmagorically and hit presence of the one and only.
Titled "eyes of Naoto Takenaka," we hold the first photo exhibition this time.
Many photographs which arrested thing which Takenaka looked at for the future of supervision of movie and stage performance, thing which we touched momentarily.
As for it, all the shooting is smartphones.
Photograph which we take in tablet which the person has for the future of trip and collected amounts than 10,000 pieces.

Man, Naoto Takenaka having many faces
We play sound and describe sentence and painting and act as guest professor of old school, Tama Art University and cannot take our eyes off activity of creator Naoto Takenaka in future either.

Also up-and-coming collaboration
We invite Mikiko Hibino to coordinates, display of photograph, venue constitution this time.
We deal with stage art in stage "meeting of Naoto Takenaka" (1992-2002) with Ryo Iwamatsu and Takenaka and, by supervision movie of Takenaka, are writing for title.
What kind of photo essay will be developed for different sensitivity of two people. Please expect.

1956, Kanagawa birth.
Tama Art University design department graphic design specialty is a graduate, and actor, movie director, musician play an active part widely.
In 1991, won federation of the 48th Venice International Film Festival international critic Prize, the 34th Blue Ribbon Award Actor in a Leading Role Award in first supervision movie "people of the incompetence", and is a lot of receiving a prize with supervision product, appearance product.
Supervision work extends to seven including "119" "Tokyo weather" "good-bye COLOR".
We played Hideyoshi of the leading role in NHK TV saga "Hideyoshi" (1996) and played Hideyoshi again in TV saga "schemer Kanbe" (2014).
"Actor should be poor" in recent book, and there are NHK publication new book, "continuing being incompetent" river appearance Publishing new company.
As for the latest CD, album by produce of Koji Tamaki has "mom and country beer".
Under Netflix original drama "gourmet of bandit" delivery.
DVD of stage bamboo straight plan third "Martian two people" carried out from this April is going to release this winter.

[gallery talk]
■Saturday, October 20 5:00 p.m. ...
■The tenth-floor art gallery
※By venue convenience, it may limit entrance. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Collection of pictures publication memory Kazuyuki Takishita exhibition

  • ■Wednesday, October 31 → Monday, November 12
  • ■The tenth-floor art gallery
    ※We are closed at 4:00 p.m. on the last day.

Creativity original in "figure of Momotaro" handed down as lifework from Japanese ancient times in motif and spirited artist who wrestles as series by image power.
Momotaro strengthening image of old tale does not let you appear daringly and it is rhythmical and describes ogre and animals by ogre glance to fill the humor.
We love professional wrestling and martial art and make use in movement and pose of ogre with work.
In commemoration of collection of pictures "JAPON:ISM2" to publish by now exhibition newly, to one place exhibition watches new item of figure of Momotaro including three pieces of megaflick "figure of Grand Sumo Tournament sumo wrestler - marine bioluminescence -" panels.

Work: "Figure of Grand Sumo Tournament sumo wrestler - marine bioluminescence -"
Three pieces of panels (left H162 X W72.7cm/ center H162 X W130cm/ right H162 X W72 .7cm)

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