Tax Exemption Procedure

From 2018 July 1st, a part of the duty free policy will change.

Guidance of tax-refund procedure

  • After purchasing goods, the person who made the purchase visit the tax-refund counter within the same day.
  • ※Substitutes are not accepted

  • Necessary Items
  • ● Receipt of purchased goods
  • ● Passport of the person who made the purchase
  • (copies are unaccepted, must have a verification seal for landing)
    ※Crew members must have a crew member's landing permit
  • ● Purchased products
  • ※Consumables will be packaged and sealed, please bring the items to the Tax Refund Counter.
  • ● Credit card(only if used)
  • ※The name on the passport and credit card must be identical.

  • We will refund by cash (Japanese yen)only.
  • ※We will apply a 1.1% handling charge based on the price of the product subject to the tax exemption.

  • Please submit the document attached to
    your passport at the time of departure.
  • When you check your luggage, please inform
    your airline staff of your tax-free items at the check-in counter.
Consumables will be packaged and sealed
so please do not open until you depart.

Those eligible for tax-free procedure
Non-Japanese residents who has been in Japan less than 6 months.
(re-entry dates do not apply)
Application period
Only the day of purchase
Location for application
Tax refund counter
Tax-free items
If you do not meet the minimum purchase requirements
for General items and/or Consumables, these items
will not qualify as tax-free.
General goods
  • Bags, Shoes, Clothing,
    Watches, Accessories
  • Purchases of 5,000 JPY
    or more (excluding tax)
  • We will take a copy of your passport
    for spending of over 1 million JPY.
  • Purchased products must leave the country
    within 6 months after your arrival in Japan.
  • Cosmetics, Food, Beverages,
    Medicines, Stationery
  • ※a cosmetics case, brush and
    some of stationery is classified as
    the general goods
  • Purchases of between 5,000 JPY
    and 500,000 JPY (excluding tax)
  • Your consumables will be placed in
    an official sealed bag. Please bring
    the items to the Tax Refund Counter.
    Do not open until you depart.
  • Purchased products must leave the country
    within 30 days after the date of purchase.

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