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Hello baby salon

We mediate in four zones of the "maternity" that imaged child care scene "delivery preparations" "house" "outside",
It is sales floor which had baby-related item.
We support premama, mom and baby for total and propose in fashion & reliable safe item.


Inner outerware whom design and both of functionality comprised in stylish premama was enriched.


[Wacoal maternity]

From 2Way mammy Bra 9,180 yen
※Price varies according to size.
Pregnant woman zone (underwear type) 10,800 yen

Delivery preparations

We had reliable safe underwear and Beds & Linen for newborn baby for total. You can offer item which you want to prepare for before birth.


Delivery preparations set 108,000 yen
It is set which attracted recommended items mainly on Beds & Linen and wear.


We had convenient item which played an active part in the scene that ate, and was idle widely. Gift item which is most suitable for celebration of delivery is substantial.



Trip trap chair 29,700 yen
Newborn set 12,960 yen
Stylish and functional chair of North European design which is usable from newborn baby to adult.

The outside

Goods which could go out happily including wear which was good to outing and high-performance stroller were enriched. We suggest good item in coming outing season.

The outside

[rhinoceros Beck's]

MIOS (Mio's) stroller 88,560 yen
It is comfortable on high seat of mesh material even in the summer. We enabled opening and shutting, independence storing with one hand.

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Information for service

Baby rest room

  • ■Hello baby salon on the fifth floor
  • We offer baby rest room to be able to do shopping with child in peace.

    Milk formula corner
    There are pot and range, washing space.

    Diaper spare corner
    As diaper substitute is possible with standing, father can use without burden, too.

    Nursing corner
    There is individual space three rooms.

    Eat space
    Facing baby, we can eat.

Baby consultant

  • ■Hello baby salon on the fifth floor
  • Professional staff who received the child care training in nursery rooms of royal gift foundation nurturance hospital does advice about baby article, maternity article.
    Call without reserve.

    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Baby consultant

[day care service] Nursery room (it completely needs reservations)

  • ■Nursery room on the fifth floor 
  • Day care service to have father during child care, mother enjoy shopping and meal slowly.
    You can enjoy play that you matched with child. As visit is possible, please feel free to contact.
    ※It completely needs reservations.

    <target age> six months - 6 years old after birth 

    [reservation, inquiry] 
    kindanettowaku secretariat (03) 6415-8271
    Reception hours: From Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (we take a rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

[day care service] Welcome to nursery room

Kids space to touch while playing parent and child, and to bring up

  • ■The fifth-floor toy
  • Space that can play toy which we matched with cozy space and growth of child in parent and child with baby freely.
    Between shopping, please spend rich time in parent and child.

Kids space to touch while playing parent and child, and to bring up

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