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Product image
Cover effect is free by tsuruntonameraka finish, too. Cream foundation which "we make in liquid cosmetics." Let alone making skin look beautiful, it is beautiful to the bare skin so as to use.
Mine L'Arc-en-Ciel Lee me foundation A
(all four-colored /SPF20, PA++)
Set price 7,020 yen
Product image
Moisture that beauty of "luster to change" is the same and rises more. Cream foundation which skin care ingredient became rich, and evolved [SUQQU].
Extra Rich glow cream foundation
(only in all seven colors of /30g/SPF15, PA++/004 SPF13, PA++)
For each 10,800 yen
Product image
We erase pore, shadow by irregularities of texture and direct translucent skin shining by light effect. We maintain translucency under various photoenvironment including night fluorescent lamp and sunlight.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
(all six colors of /25ml/SPF25, PA++)
For each 4,860 yen
Product image
By lick, three-dimensional makeup film of new development covers well and supports smile. We fit freely and article is good and covers beautifully. We repaint skillfully to expression jiwa.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
ekushia AL powder foundation EXTREME
(all six colors of /SPF25, PA++)
For each 12,960 yen
Product image
Mascara drawing presence of eye debuts. To look to stand out in elegance to be completed unconsciously still more.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Rush queen feh phosphorus elegance
(6.9 ml)
5,724 yen
Product image
[NARS] It is hard to be blurred by original technique and adheres to skin by vivid color development. Eye shadow which grants a feeling of omission and depth without needing technique.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Single eye shadow
(all 42 colors)
For each 2,700 yen


Product image
To woman sympathizing with thought to think, "we want to surpass oneself", and to "be valid beautifully flexibly." Base make, all 13 items until makeup debut from skin care this autumn.
[from the photograph left] Balancing lotion (all two kinds of /160㎖) for each 5,940 yen
Protection D emulsion (each all two kinds of / 40㎖/R: SPF30, PA++, Moi strike: SPF28, PA++) for each 6,804 yen
Treatment knight emulsion (all two kinds of /60㎖) 6,804 yen
※We handle on the eighth floor [chifure].
Product image
We reflect skin original power and meet skin appearance by moisture beautifully. Sticky shiny skin can be regulated well.
Beauty glow moisture essence Rich / fresh
(all two kinds of /125ml)
For each 7,020 yen
Product image
Medical liquid cosmetics which combined wrinkle improvement active ingredient "wrinkle niacin." Liquid cosmetics which changed into bamu form adhere to eye, lips, frame like pack and grant tension shiny skin.
iP. Shot advanced
(20g/ unregulated drug)
10,800 yen



[Yves Saint-Laurent] top-secret skin care line
[Yves Saint-Laurent] top-secret skin care line
■We are selling from Friday, September 7
■The first-floor cosmetics [Yves Saint-Laurent]
2STEP skin care in response to make brilliancy that make that was not only beautiful was decided on was born from top-secret at last.

(from the photograph top)
・Top-secret lotion (150 ml) 7,020 yen
Bubble formula that feeling is comfortable light. It is bubble lotion quenching skin.

・Moisture Eclat Rich (40 g) 8,640 yen
To sticky soft skin which brings heavy moisture at body such as cream, and is not sticky while being moistened and wants to continue touching.
[IPSA] ritekusucharingufandeishon
[IPSA] ritekusucharingufandeishon
■Friday, September 14 new sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [IPSA]
[IPSA] suggested "base make to reproduce a feeling of life of the bare skin" from founding.
It is aim in reproducing a feeling of life of the higher bare skin to erase skin noises such as shadows by irregularities of pore, texture this time.
It releases "ritekusucharingufandeishon" covering these shadows by light effect.

・ritekusucharingufandeishon 4,860 yen
(SPF25PA++, 25 ml, all six colors)
[LUNASOL] color primer color stick debuts
[LUNASOL] color primer color stick debuts
■9th 14th Friday new sale
■The first-floor cosmetics [LUNASOL]
It is the makeup groundwork to create water shiny skin while fixing color and feel of a material of skin.
We are familiar with skin for the comfortable fluent touch and fit like thin veil.
・Color primer 3,780 yen
(all two colors of 30mL SPF25 PA++) 

We add a feeling of complexion that oozes out while keeping translucency. Stick teak color which lets you feel brightness that oil produces to be until tension of skin.
・Color stick (all two colors) 3,240 yen
[RF28] period-limited event
[RF28] period-limited event
■Wednesday, September 19 → 28th Friday
■Cosmetics event space on the first floor
For founding 133 years, prestige skin care brand [RF28] of well-established cosmetics maker "Momodani order sky hall" original brand opens a store again.
Treatment intensive on summer skin which bathed in ultraviolet ray by vitamin C skin care.
We introduce "super VC160 essence lotion & gel" which combined three kinds of vitamin C * 1, three kinds of fullerene * 2.

*It is antioxidant ingredient of product 1
*It is humidity retention ingredient of product 2

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.



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