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  • From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    ※There is period varying in some business hours.
SUPER point week
Introduction of Takashimaya application
Platinum David card

We give to all of you damaged by "2018 typhoon 21" and "2018 Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake" heartily.

Report of "July, 2018 heavy rain" stricken area support donation activity

Wednesday, September 19 issue
Bridal gift catalogue
Bridal ring collection


Aji Hyakusen
From all over the country of the whole country, we selected carefully for taste of long-established store and popular store. We introduce various tastes of this country.
◆List of Yonago Takashimaya <Aji Hyakusen> products ≫


It is Facebook page making with customer.


Gift-giving manner of Takashimaya
We introduce manner and tradition of present and in total suitable article.


Meeting of Takashimaya friend
Bonus monthly in 12-month savings!

We install automated external defibrillator.
Call to person in charge of neighborhood on use.


Under recruitment of e-mail magazine members
We send the latest information of store in e-mail magazine.


Under Takashimaya reward card enrollment acceptance!
The use of dining room, cafe has the points and is advantageous.

Recommended special feature of Yonago Takashimaya


Takashimaya fashion square
High sensitivity fashion mail order site for adult. Including Takashimaya handling brand, product of seretokushoppu is abundantly lineup, too!


Daisen-cho X Yonago Takashimaya
Carefully selected premium gourmet
We sell "souvenir" which person made Daisen-cho hometown tax can choose in online store.


Information for "Oyama brand" product

As for the TAKASHIMAYA ONLINE STORE on orchid store top, various items are prepared to foods, cosmetics, interior, miscellaneous goods including seasonal present including midsummer gift and the year-end present and various gifts from this.

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